Chapter 77 : Abnormality of the PR Department

“This is my benefactor, I was nearly knocked down by a car earlier and this uncle pulled me back.” TangTang spoke honestly.


Seeing that the bodyguards revealed such serious expressions, TangTang didn’t conceal anything and narrated what had happened. When she mentioned the scene where there was danger, several of the bodyguards broke out in cold sweat. If she was really knocked to death by the car, there would be no need for them to continue in this profession, even trying to scrape a living would be difficult!

Little Yong looked at Yang Chen strangely, walked up to him and said, “Thank you for saving my family’s Miss, Mr. Yang, is it possible for us to invite you to follow us back, so that our Master could express his gratitude?”

The meaning behind those words was without a doubt suspicion towards Yang Chen’s motives; perhaps he was in cahoots with those malefactors and was putting on a show to gain their trust.

How could Yang Chen not understand this? Without even mentioning how he didn’t have the time to waste on them, even if he did have the time, he wouldn’t be so bored so as to go explain anything to them. While waving his hand he said, “I know what you guys are thinking, this matter is unrelated to me, whoever your family’s Master offended, go find that person instead, all I did was save this girl’s life while passing by, don’t put the blame on me.”

Little Yong’s brows wrinkled, “Mr. Yang, if you have a clear conscience, then you shouldn’t fear meeting my family’s Master.”

Yang Chen laughed and said, “This has nothing to do with fear, on what basis do I have to meet your family’s Master just because he said so? Why don’t you call him to come meet me, and I’ll speak to him.”

“Mr. Yang, if you aren’t willing to cooperate, don’t blame me for being impolite!” Little Yong saw that Yang Chen wasn’t willing to leave with them, and felt his suspicions grow towards this man.

When the other bodyguards saw that their leader intended to use force, they immediately surrounded Yang Chen, not permitting him to leave, they all wore fiendish expressions filled with hostility.

At this moment, TangTang who was standing by the side couldn’t watch anymore, “Big bro Little Yong, what kind of attitude is this! Why are you making things difficult for Yang Chen when he saved me, if he really wanted to harm me, shouldn’t he just let the car run me over!?”

“A little girl is more intelligent than all of you.” Yang Chen sighed and said.

Little Yong wore a respectful face and said, “Miss might not know this, but many people utilize such methods to get close to the target in exchange for an even bigger benefit. Miss shouldn’t make things awkward for us.”

Yang Chen laughed out loud, “You’ve watched too many movies like ‘Internal Affairs’ and ‘Born to Be King’ haven’t you? I don’t have the time to care about a pack of retards like you, get out of the way before you regret it.”

“That would have to depend on Mr. Yang’s abilities.” Little Yong said, then commanded everybody, “Tie him up and bring him back!”

“You’re all courting death……”

Yang Chen was truly angered. Originally, seeing that they were on a main street, he didn’t want to show off in front of so many passersby, but this pack of fools were obviously moths heading into the fire.

Without waiting for the bodyguards to approach, Yang Chen tossed the cigarette butt away, his incredible arm strength made the cigarette butt seem like a small bullet, fiercely smashing into the forehead of the bodyguard right in front!

Just being attacked by the cigarette butt made the bodyguard see stars, and clumsily fall onto the ground.

Yang Chen’s hands didn’t stay idle, as he drew circles to stretch them. So that his movements wouldn’t seem too shocking, he used some karate movements that seemed easy to perform, while the might of his attacks remained as astonishing as before. When his hands came into contact with the bodyguards’ punches and kicks, the bodyguards either had their bones break or their flesh bruised to the point of being unable to get up.

If it wasn’t for the last half a year of restraining his true nature, Yang Chen suspected that he would have already killed them all.

The shock Little Yong felt in his heart was difficult to express. Naturally, he knew how strong his subordinates were, it was easy for them to fight one on one against black belt karate experts. How can this man’s simple-looking karate moves embody such a terrifying strength!?

“Sure enough, you aren’t an ordinary person……” Little Yong broke out in cold sweat, and pulled the stunned TangTang behind him.

Yang Chen stared at Little Yong as if he was staring at a moron, he coldly laughed and said, “That’s right, I’m not an ordinary person, I want to harm your family’s Miss. What about it? Can you beat me? You can’t even protect yourself, yet you want to protect your family’s Miss, can you stop joking?”

“Even in death I wouldn’t let you harm my family’s Miss!” Little Yong tightened all the muscles in his body, and said to TangTang behind him, “Miss, quickly run, this person is extremely dangerous!”

TangTang anxiously replied, “Big bro Little Yong stop fighting! You guys can’t beat him, and Yang Chen won’t hurt me!”

It was the first time Yang Chen felt the urge to kill someone just because a person didn’t know how to use his brain. Rolling his eyes, he made an angry smile, “Although I know that when we call others idiots, we have to think about whether or not we ourselves are the idiots, I have to admit that some people like you are asking for a scolding, for you are a goddamn idiot!”

Yang Chen pointed his middle finger at the nervous Little Yong, then shook his head, and turned to leave. The rest of the passersby pointed their fingers to blame, yet nobody blocked Yang Chen’s path.

Seeing that Yang Chen didn’t intend to make a move, Little Yong breathed a breath of relief, and hurriedly supported TangTang towards the Toyota van, saying, “Miss quickly get in, it would be terrible if that man comes back! We must leave this place at once!”

TangTang looked speechlessly at Little Yong who perspired profusely. She facepalmed, lamented and said, “Big Bro Little Yong, has there truly been nobody who told you how silly you are in the past?”

Being asked such a question out of the blue, Little Yong nodded, and replied, “There hasn’t, is something the matter Miss?”

“There is now! Idiot!!!” TangTang shouted, and she left to do her own business without turning back.

With only Little Yong alone, he helplessly watched her leave; he looked at his brothers on the ground, then looked again at TangTang walking off into the distance. He was at a loss as to what to do next.

As Monday rolled around, Yang Chen once again carried the hot and steaming breakfasts into the office. After buying breakfasts so many times, he had accumulated practical experience; such as which stall gives more meat, which stall’s noodle were good, and even which stall added more water into their soymilk.

These small details might be negligible things to ordinary people, but Yang Chen who enjoyed a simple life had a great time doing such things. Despite being different, this brought the same satisfaction as selling mutton skewers, after all practice makes perfect.

Of course, if such thoughts were spoken aloud, it would definitely invite disdain from others once again.

Zhang Cai, who arrived a little late, seemed to be in a good mood. She had a slightly heat curled hairdo, with a round and beautiful face; she wore a blue dress with shoulder straps, white net stockings, along with her small sexy waist and plump butt swaying with her body. At the place where the short skirt clung to her frame, a vague view of her rear cleavage could be seen.

After giving Yang Chen a sweet smile, she picked up a bag of soup dumplings. With some hesitation, Zhang Cai picked up 2 youtiaos, and said, “Thanks for bringing such a sumptuous breakfast everyday, I’ve already gained 2 kilograms from eating it.”

Yang Chen bit a shaobing and suggested, “The new item, dried preserved vegetable shaobing, tastes pretty good, I bought some today, you can try one.”

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“It’s better if it is left for you to eat, I don’t like to eat shaobing.”

On the side, Zhao Hongyan teased, “Zhang Cai, if you keep increasing the amount you eat for breakfast, your husband might not want you anymore.”

“Hmph, if my husband doesn’t want me anymore. I can find another, how could this young woman be worried about no men wanting her?” Zhang Cai proudly joked, looked at Yang Chen, and gleamingly said, “Isn’t that right, Big Brother Yang?”

Hearing the words “Big Brother Yang” from Zhang Cai nearly made Yang Chen choke on his food, he hurried to nod, “Right right, if he doesn’t want his wife, I’d want her.”

“Lecher.” Zhao Hongyan jokingly scolded.

Right at this moment, a short and skinny figure suddenly walked to Yang Chen’s side, and courteously asked, “Yang Chen, I need to bother you for a moment.”

The one who walked over was the one who rarely spoke in the office, Chen Bo. This man who grew in a way that could match a lady could be considered to be someone out of the ordinary in Public Relations department.

“What’s the matter?” Yang Chen smiled and asked.

Chen Bo’s face suddenly blushed a little, like he was very shy, and he stammered, “There’s something I need to trouble you with.”

“What is it?” Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Chen Bo mustered his courage and said, “I heard that you have a car, I want you to help me pick up my sister from the train station. I’m not familiar with the roads in Zhong Hai, and it’s also my sister’s first time coming to Zhong Hai, I’m afraid of being scammed if we take a taxi, moreover it’s too expensive, so I’d like to ask if you have the time.” At the end of his words, his voice was so low that it was almost impossible to hear.

“For such a small matter do you need to make it seem so difficult to say?” Yang Chen smiled and said, “Say it, which day? I’m free everyday.”

Chen Bo revealed a grateful smile, “Right, on this Wednesday, the train arrives in the afternoon, sorry to trouble you!”

“When the time comes just call out to me then.” Yang Chen agreed.

When the other PR ladies who sat a little closer saw this scene, they revealed astonishment, because it was too rare to see Chen Bo take the initiative to ask somebody for help.

After Chen Bo returned to his seat, Yang Chen continued playing some games, however it was no longer the Pokemon flash game, it was instead a jumping game like Super Mario Bros, controlling a small person in various settings to eat fruits.

This scene was seen by several female colleagues, and they were once more speechless towards Yang Chen.

Not long after, Mo Qianni, who wore a black suit, white dress shirt, and carried a light brown Chanel bag gracefully walked over. She picked up a bag of soy milk and vegetable buns from Yang Chen’s table, said “thank you” and returned back to her office.

“Yang Chen, have you noticed that our department head’s complexion doesn’t seem to be good? She seems pretty haggard, did she just experience a break up?” Zhao Hongyan suddenly leaned over and said.

Yang Chen seemed to have something in mind as he gazed at her office, and made a relaxed smile saying, “How would I know? However, her attitude is much better than before, at least she knows to say thanks when she takes her breakfast.” He continued to play as he spoke, ignoring Zhao Hongyan who was gossiping beside him.

After playing for the whole morning, he followed the 3 ladies into the canteen for lunch. The fellow male comrades in Yu Lei International were pretty harmonious, after all there were beauties everywhere, so things like vying over a beauty doesn’t happen. Yang Chen had already gradually entered the social circles in this company, and was able to greet and be greeted by quite a number of people.

After lunch, Yang Chen took an afternoon nap, then once again went back to game for a while, then it was time to get off work.

Following the passing of summer, the temperatures began to drop. It was evening time, and the sun hung on the horizon, its golden lights scattered all over Zhong Hai, causing the whole city to look like a sea of red.

The city’s concrete jungle seemed like a maple forest in autumn, appearing dazzling to the eye.

While driving the BMW that he was getting more and more familiar with onto the highway, Yang Chen listened to the traffic news on the radio, and wondered if Wang Ma had prepared anything delicious in the villa at Dragon Garden.

But not long after, Yang Chen felt that there was something amiss, this was a sense fostered from many years of special experiences. When Yang Chen glanced at the car in his rear-view mirror, he immediately sneered. Copyright 2016 - 2024