Chapter 76: Pregnant Teenager

That’s right, the young lady here was the pitiful girl who was nearly frightened to death by Yang Chen when she drove a Porsche 911. If he remembered correctly, her name was TangTang. It was just that she dyed her hair back to black, and changed into more ordinary-looking clothes, along with a hairstyle like an obedient child, causing him to be unable to recognize her.

“What do you mean by disguising as a student? I’m a high school student through and through, and also a student of YiZhong since middle school. I guess I’m too radiant for your dog-like eyes!” TangTang stuck out her tongue.

Yang Chen didn’t deny this, pouted and said, “So what’s the matter?”

“How can you be like this with such an impatient face? A beauty took the initiative to start a conversation with you, can’t you act more gentlemanly? You make it seem as though I’m a debt collector here to chase a debt!”

“We are people of different worlds, if there’s something you want to say, say it, if you need to fart, let it out.” Yang Chen had no interest in conversing with a bossy rich girl like her. That day, she made him angry and didn’t even apologize, so he naturally wouldn’t be polite.


TangTang grinded her teeth in anger. Previously she had seen Yang Chen’s godly driving skills, and his master-like style of martial arts when beating up people, therefore she was full of curiosity and wanted to befriend him. But she never expected this man to not show any appreciation towards her show of favor. Who does he think he is? Does he really think I’m scared of him?


TangTang who had never met such treatment before felt a burst of resentment in her heart, but while knowing that there was no way she was a match against this fella physically, and that even if she called for help it would just be like sending him punching bags. She changed her perspective, and suddenly thought of a sly idea……

After making her decision, TangTang’s big and clear eyes gradually became misty, then her complexion seemed to turn pale. On her face tears flowed down as she sobbed, looking aggrieved and helpless.

“What happened?” Yang Chen was puzzled. It can’t be possible that this brat’s ability to receive blows are so low, right? I haven’t even scolded her, yet she’s already crying?

Yet TangTang was ‘sobbing’ while wiping away the tears. Suddenly, in view of all passersby, she wailed with a sharp voice, “Yang Chen! You heartless man! Throwing me away after I got pregnant! You don’t have a conscience! Waa……”

Yang Chen was baffled, while all of the people on the streets bemusedly halted, and unanimously looked towards TangTang who bitterly shouted, with peculiar expressions.

All of a sudden, TangTang charged forward and hugged Yang Chen’s waist, she wailed and rocked Yang Chen back and forth at the same time, as if her emotions were incredibly agitated.

“Wu wu…… Don’t leave me Yang Chen! Don’t abandon the child and me, what am I to do if you leave? Will our child be fatherless from the moment it’s born…… Wu wu…… Are you going to be so heartless, to kick me away since you have a new lover…… Wu wu……”

TangTang cried like her organs were being torn apart, while the people in the surroundings began to point and blame, a number of motherly and aunt-like figures revealed faces of sympathy and remorse, sighing deeply. As for the rest, they looked at Yang Chen with disdain and hatred.

Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, this brat was truly adept at creating problems, how could such a thing be randomly joked about? However, someone who is bare-footed isn’t afraid of those wearing shoes (meaning fearless), he never cared about his reputation from the start, what was there to be afraid of?

With a random thought, Yang Chen executed his plan. He suddenly stretched his hands to hug TangTang who was stuck to his chest, the exquisiteness and flexibility of the young girl’s soft waist could clearly be felt even with clothes in-between, and with more so the firmness and tightness that older women don’t, feeling great to the touch.

TangTang felt Yang Chen’s ardent hands holding onto her waist, and couldn’t help but shiver, she scolded “pervert” in her heart, but didn’t yield. She continued to sob, and yelled “Don’t abandon me and the child……”

The passersby were all rowdy in discussion, they were outraged by the injustice received by the “pregnant teenager” TangTang.

“How can youngsters be like this these days……”

“I think this girl is really pitiful, she’s so young, how is she going to live in the future?”

“Lad, you must take responsibility for your actions, toying with a girl like that will incur the wrath of heaven!”

“Girl, don’t be scared, I’ll bring you to the hospital, the surgery takes 10 minutes……”


Yang Chen couldn’t be bothered, with a devilish smile he held TangTang in his embrace with one hand, pressing her onto himself so that she can’t break away, while his other hand suddenly moved towards TangTang’s chest!

The teenage girl’s puberty was already in the budding stage. He covered its entirety with a hand; it was just enough to cover a whole palm, the flexibility and softness of it made Yang Chen knead it in relish.


TangTang cried out, as if she received and electric shock, she didn’t expect that in front of such a big crowd in public, this man remained unfazed, and even had the mood to take advantage of her. She couldn’t help but blush as if her face was burning.

TangTang began to struggle, trying to get away from Yang Chen’s embrace, but how could she have enough strength to break free? She could only feel Yang Chen’s hand on her chest unceasingly toying with it. A certain private part of hers already had a little reaction, her cherry lips slightly opened as she tenderly panted, her bones felt as soft as water.

Yang Chen was overjoyed, he didn’t expect her to be so sensitive, so much so that she could barely endure this amount of stimulation.

The surrounding passersby were all speechless, previously this pair of man and woman were still in a scene of a “wretched drama” yet all of a sudden, the girl was in the man’s arms blushing without any movement, allowing the man to touch wherever!?

TangTang noticed the various kinds of strange expressions on everybody’s faces, she felt like an exhibitionist in the middle of the streets, as if everything was seen. She nearly cried from panic.

“You…… Let me go……” TangTang spoke with an imploring tone.

Yang Chen lowered his head, and blew a breath of hot air into TangTang’s crystal-like ear, “You’re already a woman who bears my child, so what if the child’s father touches a little?”

“I…… I no longer dare, I’m wrong…… Yang Chen please let me go…… Uncle…… I beg you……” Previously, TangTang pretended to cry, but this time she was truly washing her face with tears. She initially wanted to teach him a lesson, yet the result was that she was hugged, had her breasts attacked, and lost all of her face!

Yang Chen coldly laughed, “Since you’re young and lacking discipline, I’ll discipline you in place of your parents.”

With that said, Yang Chen released TangTang, but made a loud smack onto the girl’s butt.


The loud sound made TangTang who was blushing in shame want to burrow her face into the ground, there were tears in her eyes while she bit her lips, despite how aggrieved she appeared, she didn’t dare to fight back, for fear that this uncle might molest her again.

TangTang hurriedly took a few steps back, and tearfully looked at Yang Chen before hatefully saying, “Yang Chen, today’s score, I will definitely settle it!”

“As you please.” Yang Chen was annoyed by this senseless teenage girl, he stuck a hand into his pocket, planning to pull out a cigarette to smoke, then return home.

But right at this moment, in the middle of the road, a black Chevrolet car suddenly deviated away from the lane it was on, and entered the other lane, driving in the wrong direction.

At this moment there were no cars in the reverse direction, and the black Chevrolet car fiercely increased its speed, its engine roared, heading straight towards the position TangTang stood!

The black car was like an artillery shell that was fired on the streets, in a blink of an eye it was about to knock into the teenage girl who was still wiping away her tears on the roadside!

Several passersby who were about to leave noticed this scene, and loudly alarmed.

“Young lady be careful!!”

TangTang bewilderedly took a look behind her, the black car that had appeared behind her in a flash was like a pouncing lion, frightening her with its brandished claws and bared fangs!

TangTang didn’t have the time to make the appropriate reaction and get away before she saw the black car about to crash into her. In that instant, TangTang clearly felt that she was going to be mysteriously run over to death like this!

But at the same time, TangTang suddenly felt a strong force hugging onto her waist, then she felt her body involuntarily lift off the ground, and her vision spin!

In the eyes of those in the surroundings, a different scene appeared, all they saw was Yang Chen abruptly taking action from where he stood, like a white afterimage, nobody was able to clearly see the trajectory of his movements before he had already moved TangTang away to the sidewalk!

The black Chevrolet continued charging forward, then quickly forced its way back into the lane it was originally on, as if it was just swerving in and out of its lane just to overtake!

TangTang’s heart was still hanging from her throat, after she came to the realization that she was safe, she blankly looked at Yang Chen, “I…… I thought I was about to die.”

“I’d advise you not to get on the streets in the future, otherwise you wouldn’t even know you were run over to death by a car.” Yang Chen nonchalantly stuck a cigarette into his mouth, and ignited his lighter.

The surrounding people were already clapping, they admired Yang Chen’s valiant actions. They were very curious as to how Yang Chen moved so quickly though.

TangTang calmed her nerves, then patted her chest with a little lingering fear left, “How frightening, if it wasn’t for you, I’d be dead. Say it, how do you want me to repay you?”

“As long as you don’t create trouble for me I’d thank the heavens.” Yang Chen was done speaking, shook his head and prepared to leave.

TangTang didn’t allow this, she went up to pull Yang Chen back, “That won’t do, you must give me your phone number at the very least, I’ll treat you to a meal some time, if you don’t give it to me…… I…… I’ll keep following you like this!”

Yang Chen was helpless, and could only give TangTang his phone number. TangTang even called it once to make sure it was correct before brightly smiling.

“Alright, I’ve got cram class and I’m about to be late, goodbye for now, I’ll treat you to a meal when I’m free.” TangTang waved goodbye, it seemed like her mood wasn’t completely ruined by what was nearly an accident.

However, after TangTang took a few steps, a silver Toyota van stopped by the side of the road, and several robust men wearing black suits hastily walked over.

“Miss, are you alright!?”

A man who wasn’t tall, wore sunglasses, headphones and microphone with a neat appearance, seemed to be their leader. The moment he got off the van he caringly asked TangTang, and examined TangTang from top to bottom, fearing that she had received any harm.

TangTang impatiently pouted, “Big bro Little Yong, how many times have I told you, I’m just going to cram class, there’s no need for so many people to follow me.”

“Miss, these days Zhong Hai isn’t safe, Master is merely worried about your safety, which is why he called us to protect you. You must understand your father’s painstaking effort, and stop playing schemes to shake us off, if by any chance we aren’t by your side and something happens to you, how are we going to answer to Master!?” The man who was addressed as Big bro Little Yong advised.

Watching this scene, Yang Chen was rather surprised. In present day, in a large city like Zhong Hai the number of rich people aren’t few, while there are even more people who drive expensive cars, but to be able to hire so many bodyguards to protect a little girl, there aren’t that many who could do so. At the very least, somebody like that must at least have a certain social status, otherwise who would go through the trouble to persecute his family?

“Fine fine.” TangTang interrupted Little Yong, “I know you guys are doing your duty, but I just don’t like so many people following me. Since you guys are so adamant, you can do as you please.”

TangTang turned back and waved at Yang Chen, revealing a smile like the sun, “Uncle, you’re not allowed to disappear, you must pick up the phone when I call you, okay?”

Yang Chen blew a ring of smoke, and nodded.

Big bro Little Yong and the other bodyguards vigilantly glanced at Yang Chen, “Miss, this person is?” Copyright 2016 - 2024