Chapter 616Yes

Sky Dragon and Ye Zi were both called out by Yang Chen just like that, and they had no choice but show themselves.

They had initially planned to observe the situation in the shadows. As long as Yang Chen was not in any serious trouble they would have preferred not to interfere.

If Yang Chen was brought to the police station, they would go directly to the police station and bail him out. End of story.

But as it turned out, Yang Chen decided to resolve the issue now. He even went so far as to say that he would personally fetch them should they be unwilling to come forth.

Sky Dragon and Ye Zi thought to themselves that if they couldn’t even hide their existence from Yang Chen—there was no way they were going to escape his grip. They might as well reveal themselves obediently to save themselves the embarrassment.

The two of them were posed to keep Yang Chen under surveillance. But in reality they were there to keep any situation Yang Chen was in from escalating. Restricting Yang Chen’s freedom would be a mad man’s dream.

The scene went quiet in an instant. Nobody recognized Sky Dragon and Ye Zi nor understood their purpose of being there. They couldn’t even figure out how Yang Chen knew they were there.

Liu Mingyu was not at all surprised. She knew that Yang Chen had many secrets. She reckoned that they were there to protect Yang Chen. After all, Yang Chen did have the background of the Yang clan. She was correct to a certain degree.

“Who are you chaps?” the officer asked in discontentment.

Sky Dragon did not speak. He took out a tiny leatherback book colored in a dark olive green from his jacket pocket. On the cover of the book, there was a steel seal with the pattern of sickle-axe and fork. The emblem looked sophisticated.

The tiny book was placed in front of the officer. The officer frowned and inspected it carefully. At first, he was clueless as to its significance. But when he looked at the line below it, his face became stiff in an instant.

Everyone noticed that the police officer’s facial expression became petrified that they were curious about what Sky Dragon had pulled out. But Ye Zi conveniently blocked the public’s view from the content of the book.

The few policemen who stood behind were all stunned on the spot after reading the book. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

“The se—security bureau?”

The police officer was almost petrified, and murmured these words under his breath in disbelief.

He initially wondered if he was dreaming. Even if he couldn’t right now verify the authenticity of the badge, the words on top were almost like a phrase one could only imagine! Could it be a fake? The officer soon dismissed such a thought as impersonating a member of the security bureau would mean death. However tough a person was, no one would go toe to toe with the country.

Who would fake a badge of the Security Bureau to get out of sticky situations? It would be more convincing to lie about having a senior official as one’s father. Besides, the both of them appeared in manners that were very covert. It seemed like they were indeed agents of some sort in hiding.

Sky Dragon asked in a deep voice, “Do you require any further authentication?”

The officer shook his head violently. He said, “Of course not. There’s no need for that. You… Oh no, Chief! I believe the chief!”

It was deserving for one of the security bureau to be called ‘chief’ at a place like that. The officer sure was quick to respond.

Sky Dragon took his badge and stuffed it back into his pocket without causing a scene. Although the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade was a special branch in the bureau, it was still within the bureau. Hence he still had a badge to prove his identity. To deal with these people, Yellow Flame Iron Brigade’s badge wouldn’t have been nearly as effective.

“Matters concerning Mr Yang is not within your jurisdiction. If there is nothing else, leave now,” Sky Dragon said directly.

The police officer hesitated slightly as the task of retrieving Yang Chen was delegated to him. He did not expect things to have turned out this way. He definitely did not expect two members serving crucial roles in the country to turn up. But yet he tried to say something only to see Sky Dragon’s face turn cold. He then immediately saluted and said, “Yes, Chief!”

The officer turned back and waved his hand. “Retreat!”

As the drama finally came to a close, the crowd was left more puzzled than ever. Who were these two mysterious people whom the police held with such high regard? At the same time, many started to look at Yang Chen in a different light. Was Yang Chen really just an employee of Yu Lei International? How could a person possess such fearsome powers that even the police had to yield?

Zhu Kangyu, however, bit his gum as he was afraid to act rashly in face of this situation. Yang Chen was young yet had such power. Zhu Kangyu knew better than to fight a battle with no winning guarantee. The identities of these people were still unknown to him. And Yang Chen’s background was definitely suspicious. He decided to investigate first before making a step.

Curly Hair Wolf hid in a corner in fear. Him along with the rest of his men dared not take action in fear of provoking the two people.

The police were retreating, but Yang Chen stopped them.

“Hold your horses. Who let you leave? The convict has not been arrested yet.”

When everyone heard what Yang Chen said, they looked at him without a word. What a vengeful guy, they thought.

The police officers stiffened their bodies. They turned to look at Yang Chen, then looked at Sky Dragon, and did not know whom to listen to.

Sky Dragon smiled bitterly. He went over to Yang Chen and whispered, “Come on Yang Chen, you have nothing to lose. Let’s not make this a big deal.”

Smiling, Yang Chen said, “I saved you two from embarrassment by not making a move. You can’t possibly allow them to get away with wronging me, can you? Besides, my woman is now angry. Do you know what will happen when a woman is angry? They get wrinkles and that’s a great deal.”

Ye Zi, who was listening to Yang Chen, rolled her eyes. “Brother Yang, what kind of reasoning is this? Why can’t you forget about it?”

Yang Chen shook his finger, squinted, and said, “In the whole Zhonghai, only the Red Thorns Society and the Green Dragon Society rule the underworld. The Red Thorns Society is the dominant group. So where then is this Curly Hair Wolf guy from? This must be made clear. And who was the one who prevented the security from doing anything? Also, who contacted the police beforehand? If all these things are linked up, it’s not just a matter of someone setting me up. This guy, or these people, involved the police, the authorities, and the mafia. What’s even more puzzling is, why would such a small matter make the east district police interfere?”

Sky Dragon and Ye Zi looked at each other. They failed to analyse the situation to that degree. According to Yang Chen’s explanation, there was indeed a dark scheme behind these events.

Yang Chen yawned and pointed his finger at Curly Hair Wolf, who no longer had a shred of arrogance left.

Curly Hair Wolf turned pale at the sight of Yang Chen’s face. He finally understood that Yang Chen was in control here. He had unfortunately gotten himself into trouble instead!

“Which organization do you belong to? As far as I know, Red Thorn Society does not condone such behaviour.“ Yang Chen believed that Rose’s underlings would not commit dirty work. Even if the economy was bad, they would still be able to collect protection fees secretly.

Sure enough, Curly Hair Wolf whispered, “I… I am from the White Wolf Society. ”

A sudden realisation dawned upon Yang Chen—this area was close to Su Province, so it was understandable that the territory was indistinct. Besides, people don’t walk around with a note sticking on their forehead. No one would know which society one belonged to when walking down the street.

Remembering that Rose had been severely beaten by those from the White Wolf Society, a malicious intent surged through Yang Chen’s head. But it left as quick as it came. That guy was just a small fry. There was no need to take it out on him.

“Who ordered you to frame me?”

Curly Hair Wolf fell to his knees immediately and cried, “Brother, please have mercy! I’m just an insignificant pawn. I don’t know what’s going on at all.”

“Do you think you can get away with this just by saying that?” Sky Dragon responded. Things were definitely not as simple as they seemed. The security bureau had the responsibility to ensure social stability and maintain order. He too was quite curious as to the mastermind behind this plan.

Liu Mingyu’s classmates watched the drama excitedly. They didn’t realize that Liu Mingyu’s seemingly rogue boyfriend came from a good background and possibly held more power than Zhu Kangyu.

Zhao Haili was most surprised. Yang Chen had shocked her again and again. But the more she thought about it, the less complicated it became. Liu Mingyu was the school belle. How was it possible that such a beautiful girl would choose a man who couldn’t do better in life than her? Therefore, at that moment she only looked at Liu Mingyu, her close friend, with envy and felt lucky to know her.

Zhu Kangyu was the most uneasy person on scene. He wanted to leave the place immediately, but if he did, it would appear as if he was fleeing from his crime. Thus he chose to keep watching and waiting.

Curly Hair Wolf cried out in tears as mucus flowed from his nose. “Brother, I really know nothing! I was just ordered by my head to play along with the police officers here. I don’t know anything else!”

“You… What are you bullshitting about?” Since the cat was out of the bag, the policeman was not going to sit and take the hit. His face reddened and he shouted, “Don’t listen to him, Chief! I was just here on duty. I only came here after receiving a notice from the chief officer—”

Once the word took wing, the officer immediately covered his own mouth.

The chief officer’s notice? Since when did such a small case warrant a notice from the chief officer himself?

Almost everyone there subconsciously guessed who was ultimately behind this. Sky Dragon and Ye Zi were both judicial officials of the state. The thing they disliked most was the abuse of power. They immediately decided that they could not let such a matter slide so easily. After all, as so many people had already witnessed this, the country’s reputation would be smeared should the news spread.

Liu Mingyu also finally understood the reason why Yang Chen made her call the police. He must have wanted to expose these revelations from the start. As he had made her worried and angry for nothing, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

“Now it’s probably clear that some people not only colluded with the White Wolf Society, but also with the police. Such a person is as despicable as they come.” Yang Chen seemingly unintentionally turned his head to Zhu Kangyu’s direction. The latter who looked like a frozen vegetable. He then smiled and asked, “Minister Zhu, who do you think would have such ability?”

“This… I don’t know either. Hehe… ” Zhu Kangyu let out a forced smile.

“Minister Zhu, do you believe that such a person should be arrested and punished severely by the law?” Yang Chen asked again.

Zhu Kangyu went silent for a long time. The corner of his mouth twitched a little, before he reluctantly smiled and nodded. “Yes.” Copyright 2016 - 2023