Chapter 615Unreasonable Old Woman

Liu Mingyu had her phone ready, and upon Yang Chen’s agreement immediately dialed the police hotline.

Curly Hair Wolf and his group were in no means intimidated by the call. They watched curiously, looking forward to see what games Yang Chen was playing.

Once Liu Mingyu was connected to the east district police department she recounted the gist of the incident. After giving a detailed address of her exact location, she turned to stare at Yang Chen.

She knew that for Yang Chen, nothing was beyond his capabilities. But in the presence of thugs like these, the bright-minded Liu Mingyu realized quickly that Zhu Kangyu was the mastermind behind this. What she could not comprehend however was how a person once head over heels for her, would do something so despicable against her. If anything, this would only make her despise him more.

Zhao Haili along with her other old schoolmates had not left the scene due to their fear of Curly Hair Wolf and his gang of thugs. Despite how wealthy or powerful they were, staying out of confrontations like these were their safest options. Not to mention setting themselves behind the scenes made grounds for a fair opportunity to observe how things would play out.

“Yang Chen, are we expecting a fight?” Liu Mingyu anxiously whispered to him.

Yang Chen—who was the crux of the issue—was contemplating whether or not he should have a smoke. After all, waiting for the police time and time again was a tedious task. But once he heard what she had said, he burst into laughter. “Why? Are you waiting for your man to flex his abilities?”

“Look I’m dead serious okay, let’s keep this low profile alright? I know you are capable of amazing things but that doesn’t mean I will not worry,” Liu Mingyu said, frowning.

Yang Chen brushed it off with a smile. He’d rather not explain to her that his true intention was to settle this once and for all. Safety was never his point of concern.

It was a pity that this incident happened in the east district, so the police department was not within Cai Yan’s jurisdiction. Otherwise, everything would’ve been over before it had even started.

Curly Hair Wolf and the gang dragged the obese little man to the back and ordered a henchman to watch over him. The rest of the gang each lit a joint as they circled the entrance of the association building, effectively cutting off all the exits as they anticipated the arrival of the police.

Zhu Kangyu gave a show of concern as he came forward and started to speak, “Mr. Yang, I know this matter might be rather complicated. I don’t think I am in a position to speak but I do have however several favors. Why don’t I get someone to settle this matter for us instead?”

Everyone watched as Zhu Kangyu faked empathy in this situation, disgusted from within but still gave their upfront applauds. Two-faced reactions started to ring from the crowd. Some even took it upon themselves to yell, “Class Monitor you have such a good heart!”

Yang Chen faked some laughter and said, “Well that’s not really needed. I can handle the police myself. How about you… Been busy recently?”

Yang Chen’s nonsensical question caught Zhu Kangyu off-guard. It took him a while before he recollected himself and replied, “Well like I said, I have been quite busy these days. Anything the matter Mr Yang?”

“Oh, not really, just that I’d suggest you Minister Zhu to delegate some responsibility to other people else things may get too delayed,” Yang Chen politely mentioned.

Zhu Kangyu who was caught in the wind, eventually decided to take Yang Chen’s words as a joke and responded with a shake of the head.

The one with more genuine intentions on the other hand came running by. Zhao Haili who had made her way to the management returned. She furiously snapped, “Mingyu, I went to look for the security and managers in the centre just now, and everyone was present! The worst part? They acted like none of that was their business. They even had the galls to tell us to deal with it ourselves!”

Liu Mingyu sighed inside. It was too obvious that all these people were connected to Zhu Kangyu. For a man of his age to reach executive levels, his family background was certainly of an unusual type. And among the ones present, the only person that could demand a fancy venue like this one to disregard their customers was none other than him.

Right then two police sedans drove towards the building and stopped right in front of the entrance. Following their arrival, several policemen led by a middle-aged flat top police officer stepped out of their vehicles.

It had only been five minutes since the call was made and the police were already here at the venue. This kind of efficiency caught everyone present by surprise, which led many to speculate if they were pre-informed.

“May I know who made the call?” the middle-aged police officer commanded to the masses in a stern manner.

Before Liu Mingyu got her chance to speak, Curly Hair Wolf hurriedly found his way to the officer and pleaded, “Officer, I demand justice for my brother. These people almost had my brother crashed and murdered!”

“What nonsense are you spouting about! Just go ahead and die, will you?” Zhao Haili held no punches.

“Shut up bitch it’s none of your businesses!” another thug taunted.

“Shut it! What’s unjust is not decided by who talks the loudest. Can the victim and the instigator please step forward? We will conduct interrogations back at the station,” the police office declared.

“It’s this punk! He crashed into my brother Old Fatty and broke his arm. Still he chooses to ignore his mistake and play innocent!” Curly Hair Wolf furiously pointed at Yang Chen.

The officer was stern as he ordered the policeman next to him. “Lock him up and take him back to the station.”

“Wait!” Liu Mingyu was enraged by the decision. “How can you just arrest someone like that? Just from what he said? You didn’t even hear from us!”

The police officer gave a soulless grin and said, “Look Miss, I can sue you for obstructing civil prosecution just for doing that. We will judge his intentions at the police station. Why? Are you worried that the evidence would go against him? Is that why you’re opposing this arrest right now?”

“It’s quite obvious that this arrest is one without proof! How dare you call yourselves policemen!” Zhao Huili furiously rebuked.

Right when the police officer was noticeably irritated by the resistance, Yang Chen stood out from the crowd to clear the air. With a smile, he spoke, “Alright guys let’s cut the chatter. It’s no big deal for me to go to the police station again. It’s not like its my first time. Let’s go.”

Amidst all the talking, Yang Chen took the initiative and made his way to the policeman.

“Bring the handcuffs and lock me up… ugh… it’s only been a few days since I got out of custody. It’s such a shame to have to go back. It sure seems like I’m fated to forever be in police stations…”

Yang Chen appeared rather indifferent as he mumbled away, as if it was just it was just another day for him, which left the rest speechless.

Liu Mingyu nervously hurled herself forward and held Yang Chen tight. She shook her head and said, “Don’t go with them. I can call my dad. He will definitely know how to deal with this. If you really do go with them who knows what they’d do to you?”

The police officer was offended by her words. Furious, he said, “Excuse me Miss, but I have to warn you to speak carefully. Need I remind you that defamation is a crime?”

Liu Mingyu’s usual mild-mannered nature was nowhere to be seen at this moment. She glared at the officer and snapped, “If you arrest my man today, I’ll make sure your position will be vacant by tomorrow!”

Liu Mingyu was pushed to her limits. This day was not turning out like she had hoped. Yang Chen was originally told to come along for her own selfish intentions, to defend her against Zhu Kangyu. But not only was he made to do numerous shots of alcohol, he even ended up as a victim of Zhu Kangyu’s dirty scheme. Liu Mingyu felt riddled with guilt.

As a result, regardless of how reluctant she was to risk her father’s mob background, Liu Mingyu made up her mind to defend Yang Chen.

The officer was not threatened by that, instead he gave a cold smile as he said, “Why should I care about your threats when I’m abiding the law? Move! Or else you will be coming along!”

Yang Chen patted Liu Mingyu on her shoulder, a subtle acknowledgement that everything was going to be fine. Liu Mingyu’s sudden explosion of emotions filled his heart with warmth. It was his first time witnessing Liu Mingyu this heated before. She was yelling and taunting like what he assumed an ‘unreasonable old woman’ would do…

Yang Chen abruptly cleared his throat, as he looked towards the emptiness of the centre’s top left corner and shouted, “Still enjoying the show? You guys really want to see me in the police custody again, don’t you? Or do you think you could evade me?”

Everyone shifted their focus to the direction Yang Chen was staring at. Besides a few parked cars, there was not a single silhouette to be found.

Is Yang Chen hallucinating? many of them thought.

However, after several moments two figures, one taller and the other one shorter, with light footsteps trotted out from a corner and casually strolled towards them.

One was a big and bulky man, while the other was a modest and elegant girl. Nobody present at the scene knew who they were, but they were exactly the duo sent by Yellow Flame Iron Brigade to observe Yang Chen’s whereabouts—Sky Dragon and Ye Zi. Copyright 2016 - 2024