Chapter 586Don’t You

Cai Yan felt a little uneasy as she watched Yang Chen deal with the problem so easily. She was moved by how swift and direct her man was, but she found it hard to accept him doing her job for her. She felt incapable if someone else solved her problems for her.

However, Cai Yan knew that she couldn’t argue with Yang Chen because of that. It was rare enough for him to willingly come over to apologize. A little extra help with a difficult case wouldn’t hurt.

As a result, Cai Yan vented all her negative emotions on Gao Yue who was dispirited. Calling two policemen over, she charged Gao Yue and the others for the laws he had broken one by one in addition to printing two copies of confession statements.

Although Gao Yue’s lawyer came, he refrained from doing anything after hearing that Liu Qingshan had not intended to bail Gao Yue out. Thus, he turned around and left swiftly.

At the end of the day, Gao Yue worked under the syndicate leader, Liu Qingshan. It was Liu Qingshan who ultimately decided on his destiny.

Without someone to depend on, Gao Yue had to sign on the papers. His eyes were filled with hatred and resentment which terrified the other policemen in the station.

The criminal looked as if he was cursing the policemen’s eighteen generations of ancestors. Cai Yan had seen gazes like this in her life before. She wouldn’t have joined the police force if she was timid. After dealing with the procedures, she ordered the policemen to bring Gao Yue for detention as he awaited the lawsuit.

When Cai Yan finally returned, she saw Yang Chen waiting for her at the parking area. He had a cigarette in his mouth. He looked to be in deep thought. Leaning against the car, he stared at the road outside the police station absentmindedly.

Cai Yan was clueless as to why Yang Chen had revealed such a look. Ever since she met him, he had always been straightforward and shameless. This was a new look that Cai Yan was not used to.

“Are you having a headache as you wonder what explanation you should give to the lady from Green Dragon Society?” Cai Yan asked before leaning against the car as well.

“Huh?” Yang Chen almost didn’t get it. He soon knew that Cai Yan was referring to Liu Mingyu. Shaking his head with a smile, he asked, “What’s there to feel troubled about? If Mingyu finds out, I’ll tell the truth. If she doesn’t, there’s no need for me to bring it up.”

“Oh, she’s called Liu Mingyu? How did you get to know her? I remember that Green Dragon Society is a syndicate with origins from Beijing, isn’t it?” asked Cai Yan curiously. She was really curious about how this man had women everywhere.

Yang Chen pouted and threw his cigarette into the ashtray. “I knew her from Yu Lei. She used to be my colleague. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we developed this kind of relationship. I’m not a hungry wolf who constantly seek out prey. It really happened unknowingly.”

“Unknowingly,” said Cai Yan with sourness. “What’s Ruoxi doing? How did you ‘unknowingly’ get close to a woman under her watch?”

“Why do I smell so much vinegar?” Yang Chen smiled. “I didn’t know my Cai Yan was a vinegar jar.”

[TL note: It is commonly said in Chinese that a person is eating vinegar when jealous.]

Cai Yan rolled her eyes. “Do you expect me to not get jealous when yet another woman of yours was revealed out of the blue? Had I tried to feign ignorance, I would be hypocritical.”

“You’re indeed the highly regarded Chief Cai. You wouldn’t allow any sand in your eyes.” Yang Chen found her straightforwardness funny. No matter how much time had passed, and what has happened to the both of them, Cai Yan would always be the same. She spoke with no filter.

Gloomily, Cai Yan asked, “Why are you laughing? What’s so funny about it? My heart has gotten half-frozen already. I sometimes wonder how many women you actually have, but I’m afraid I would go crazy after hearing the answer. How infuriating!”

“Don’t ask then. You’ll find out sooner or later anyway.” Yang Chen himself was trying his best to avoid that topic. He asked, “What did you say about your elder sister? I’m still waiting for you to tell me.”

Cai Yan knew that beating around the bush was futile. Sighing, she said, “My elder sister… is getting married.”

“What?!” Yang Chen widened his mouth, doubting his own hearing. Cai Ning’s getting married? he thought.

“I was just informed about that as well, and I reacted the same way you did. I got it from my mom, so it is one hundred percent reliable,” Cai Yan said sorrowfully.

Yang Chen frowned. “Who’s Flower Rain getting married to?”

“A big mouth coward. I believe you’ve seen him before. His codename in Dragon Group is Yong Ye.” Cai Yan sounded really displeased.

Yang Chen remembered that fellow for sure. In the past few times they had met, he noticed that Yong Ye was obviously trying hard in getting Cai Ning. However, since he was overly incompetent and cowardly, he had always behaved like a tortoise in its shell. Yang Chen couldn’t understand why Cai Ning would marry him.

As Yang Chen furrowed his brows, Cai Yan held a complex gaze. Softly, she asked, “You don’t like the fact that Elder Sister’s getting married, do you?”

Yang Chen felt his heart shiver. He dared not look at Cai Ning in her eyes, as he suddenly felt that he indeed wasn’t too happy about it.

It was a mixture of feelings—emptiness, sorrow, resentment, and helplessness.

Yang Chen quickly thought of what Cai Yan said a few hours ago. Cai Ning’s marriage seemed to have involved him somehow. He suddenly realized something and asked, “Is she doing that to take responsibility for Zeng Mao’s murder on my behalf?”

Cai Yan lowered her head while she drew circles on the ground with her foot. “Since she’s a core member of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, she has to lead by example. Committing a crime while being fully aware of the law made her result in a more severe punishment.”

“Did she get punished?” Yang Chen asked in worry.

Cai Yan shook her head. “She was going to the military court when she returned to Beijing. Zeng Mao isn’t just an ordinary person. Many people who are related to the Zeng clan are influential individuals in the government. Although our Cai clan was able to assist slightly, she had come out to take responsibility, so we had no way of covering it up.

“Afterwards my mom was worried that Elder Sister would be given a death sentence, so she thought of Yong Ye’s family.”

Following Cai Yan’s narration, Yang Chen slowly understood the situation.

Back then, to prevent Yang Chen from facing more problems than he already had, Cai Ning bore the responsibility of assassinating Zeng Mao.

As the Zeng clan was immensely authoritative in Beijing, it was impossible for the Cai clan to grant Cai Ning protection. Although Cai Yuncheng had become the general of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, ignoring the fact that his identity had to be kept hidden, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference regardless.

Being one of the core members of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, Cai Ning belonged to the country’s security bureau. Thus, she basically broke the law knowingly.

Since Cai Ning could be given a death sentence by the military court, her father Cai Yuncheng got incredibly worried, while her mother Jiang Shan sought for help from all their connections.

However, not only was Cai Ning’s criminal charge unforgivable, the people she had offended weren’t easily dealt with. Without absolute power, no one would dare to help Cai Ning overwrite her responsibility.

At last, being left with no choice, Jiang Shan thought of Yong Ye who had gone after her daughter Cai Ning for years. Although he himself wasn’t a prominent figure, his parents Li Xin and Guo Yali were both high ranking officials in the governmental hierarchy. More importantly, Yong Ye’s family was associated through marriage to the Li clan, one of the four major clans!

[TL note: Yong Ye (永夜) means Eternal Night. His real surname is ‘Li’.]

Being the true leader of the country’s security bureau, if the Li clan was willing to ask for a favor, to dismiss Cai Ning’s charge based on her years of contribution for the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, the military court would reconsider their sentence. Furthermore, no matter how arrogant the Zeng clan was, they would have to draw the line when it came to the Li clan!

When Jiang Shan paid a visit to Yong Ye’s family, his parents considered their request heavily. They were willing to step in, with the condition that Cai Ning had to marry their son.

According to how they put it, should Cai Ning become the Li clan’s daughter-in-law, everything would naturally fall into place.

Having found her last strand of hope, Jiang Shan accepted their conditions without hesitation. However, since a wedding couldn’t just be arranged anytime, she agreed to let Cai Ning and Yong Ye register their marriage first. The ceremony could come later.

Cai Yuncheng had no objections when he was informed of that decision. He too knew that he had no ability to protect his daughter, while the only people who could help were major clans like the Li’s. Having his daughter married into a major clan, would be far better than sending her to prison or death.

Having been a cold and quiet lady, Cai Ning didn’t stop her mother from seeking help. Just like that, silently, her marriage with Yong Ye was set, after which Yong Ye’s family did provide assistance. They informed the Li clan that they were now associated with the Cai clan through marriage, so the Li clan naturally didn’t mind pulling some back-door tricks.

The Cai clan wasn’t an insignificant one by any means. With the Li clan controlling the military court, they didn’t mind if the Zeng clan had lost Zeng Mao, as the clan to them was overly insignificant. Moreover, Cai Yuncheng was a lot more important in their eyes, secretly being the general of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade in addition to holding a decently high military rank.

Hence, the Li clan only had to pull a couple strings to completely block Cai Ning’s case off. No one dared to bring it up after that.

Of course, they would only truly prevent Cai Ning from getting sued after her wedding with Yong Ye, just in case.

Currently, Yang Chen had no emotions on his face. He finally understood why Cai Yan said Cai Ning was suffering in Beijing.

Cai Ning had obviously been annoyed by Yong Ye, but she was left with no alternatives but marry him.

Even if Cai Ning wasn’t in prison because of that, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference to her.

Yang Chen recalled the afternoon when Cai Ning stood right in front of him, firing a Soul-mourning Needle to end Zeng Mao’s life. When the woman revealed that bright smile of hers, she must’ve been aware of the consequences she would face.

Yang Chen’s heart was filled with a burning rage. He knew that Cai Ning only did so back then wasn’t because she was worried that he wouldn’t be able to hold off the Zeng clan. She was worried about the consequences that he would face instead. That would turn into an even larger problem, giving rise to various chain reactions, affecting many others, causing irreversible damage everywhere.

However, Yang Chen wasn’t at all bothered. It was a responsibility he should have borne since the beginning. Even if he had to slay Zeng Mao and his clan, in addition to the other clans from Beijing, there was no reason for Cai Ning, a member for the country’s security bureau, to receive the consequences in his place. Not to mention she was also innocent!

Yang Chen didn’t like to be protected, but he knew that Cai Ning seemed to have stopped a storm for him.

“If your elder sister doesn’t like Yong Ye, she shouldn’t have to marry him. If anyone dares to touch her, they would have to go through me,” Yang Chen said with a low voice as he suppressed his fury.

Cai Yan seemed to have expected such a reaction from him. Smiling, she said, “If that’s the case, Elder Sister will not agree. Instead, she will immediately hold the wedding with Yong Ye.”

“Why?” Yang Chen raised his head in confusion.

Sorrow filled Cai Yan’s eyes. “Although I didn’t see for myself how it all happened, I believe Elder Sister wishes for you not to be involved in the matter.”

Yang Chen remained silent. He knew that it was totally possible for Cai Ning to marry Yong Ye while ignoring everything else, based on her personality.

Cai Yan noticed the disappointment in Yang Chen’s eyes, and felt a heartache. Turning around her slender figure, she let out a pathetic smile, asking, “You like my elder sister, don’t you?” Copyright 2016 - 2023