Don’t Care About Even My Own Father

Through a floor-to-ceiling window, the warm afternoon sunlight shone upon a white-themed living hall of a seaside villa located in the south of Zhonghai.

On the large beige sofa was Liu Qingshan, sat there with his hair neatly combed. Wearing a pair of reading glasses, he was reading the biographies of famous and successful people.

Madam Liu who was far past her prime, made green tea and served it to her husband. After putting down the tray, she complained, “Qingshan, you’ve been reading for the past few hours already. When will it be enough?”

Liu Qingshan flipped yet another page. “Why is a peaceful reading session bad?”

“It is rare for you to feel at peace, but it is only ever quiet for me here at home,” said Madam Liu in dissatisfaction. “When Mingyu was still here, there was at least a woman whom I could talk to. Now that you’re back, and Mingyu has left, you barely spend two seconds of your day talking to me.”

“What about Minghao?” asked Liu Qingshan.

“When have I ever been able to rely on that kid? He’s always nowhere to be found,” Madam Liu said, displeased.

Liu Qingshan frowned. Since he did indeed accumulate quite the amount of guilt for his wife over the years, there was nothing left for him to say. At last, he closed his book with a smile. “Alright, alright. I’ll stop reading and talk to you for a bit.”

Madam Liu instantly revealed joy on her face. It could be seen that she was easily content.

When Madam Liu wanted to speak, Liu Qingshan’s phone on the coffee table rang.

Madam Liu picked the phone up and looked at the display. Joy immediately surfaced in his eyes. “Eh, it’s Yang Chen. This son-in-law of ours hasn’t called us before, has he?”

Liu Qingshan raised his brow and said, “He wouldn’t call us for nothing. Hoping that he would call for pleasantries is more difficult than getting into heaven. I just hope whatever this is, it doesn’t cause me too much trouble.”

“Why are you always this negative? While Yu’er and Yang Chen don’t have an ordinary relationship, he is still our son-in-law. Could we still see him as a stranger?” Madam Liu spoke as she passed the phone to her husband.

Liu Qingshan sighed and picked up the call. “What do you need?”

In the interrogation room, Yang Chen hesitated for a while. “Uncle, although I shouldn’t start with demands since I rarely call, you will have to excuse me this time. Is one of your men called Gao Yue? He has fair skin and looks around forty years old. He doesn’t have beard, and his spectacles make it obvious that he’s a bad guy.”

“Gao Yue?” Liu Qingshan was wondering why Yang Chen suddenly asked so. “He’s one of my assistants I personally brought up in the past few years. He has shadowed me for quite sometime now. A lot of tasks in Zhonghai are handled by him.”

“Ah, that’s him then.” After getting confirmation, Yang Chen briefly explained Gao Yue’s crime. “He’s now in the police station’s interrogation room. I’m calling you to inform you of his imprisonment. Uncle, don’t get involved, since you won’t end up bailing him out anyway. I just didn’t want our relationship to be worsened by this fellow.”

Ever since Liu Qingshan started running the underground syndicates in Beijing, no one dared to challenge him like Yang Chen did. Instantly filled with anger, he said, “So you’re trying to imprison my man and ask me to sit quietly and watch while that happens?”

Yang Chen replied, “There were certain topics that I believe were best left unspoken. I don’t believe you’re in the dark about Gao Yue’s doings. If something like this were to slip under your eyes, then you don’t qualify to be their leader. So, you must then be his partner in crime. However, I know that it’s inevitable for the underworld to hold a thing or two which can’t be shown in public. I’ll still call you ‘uncle’ for Mingyu.

“I don’t know how you guys do it in Beijing, but in Zhonghai, I’d advise you to stay away from contaminating our environment. I originally thought that nothing major would take place for Green Dragon Society to come into Zhonghai, but that apparently isn’t the case.

“I’m not a good man, but I’d rather kill than force female students into prostitution. Rose wouldn’t like to hear that something of this sort had happened in her territory. I’ll tell Rose that Red Thorns Society will stop the partnership with Green Dragon Society. You guys should move on elsewhere to continue your work, but you’re not allowed to move under my watch. I also don’t wish for Mingyu to be this upset when you or I break the news to her.”

Liu Qingshan smacked the sofa violently when he listened to Yang Chen’s tone. Furiously, he yelled, “You dare bring Mingyu into this? Since you know that I’m Mingyu’s father, why are you helping others to go against me?! No one in the underworld can be completely clean of drugs and sex. This is nothing significant, but you’re demanding the assistant whom I had spent so much time on to be sent to prison?!”

Yang Chen’s voice instantly turned cold. “It’s exactly because you’re Mingyu’s father that I didn’t get you killed as well. Let me make it clear. Liu Mingyu is my woman, isn’t because her father is called Liu Qingshan, but her man is Yang Chen!

“I give you recognition and call you ‘uncle’. If I don’t, you’re nothing more than fart. I don’t even fucking care about my own father. What makes you think I will help my father-in-law? Don’t force me to handle this personally!”

Yang Chen hung up the call immediately after he finished talking before shutting off his phone and putting it back into the pocket.

Gao Yue was dumbstruck. Pointing at Yang Chen, as his voice shivered, he stammered, “Yo—you’re… you’re Boss’s son-in-law, Young Master Yang Chen?”

Cai Yan who stood behind Yang Chen, however, pouted in displeasure. She could tell from his conversation that the lady of Green Dragon Society was one of his women as well. Why does this fellow have women everywhere? she thought.

Yang Chen wasn’t in the mood to talk to Gao Yue. In a dull manner, he said, “I believe you are aware of the situation. Go to prison quietly. Even your boss can’t save you now. If you intend to pull any tricks, I will personally break your neck”

Despite having been involved in murder before, Gao Yue clearly felt that Yang Chen’s eyes contained a depthless, suffocating pressure, with a killing intent much thicker than others! In addition to his conversation with Liu Qingshan earlier, it was obvious that Yang Chen didn’t fear him at all, not to mention he only let Liu Qingshan live because of Liu Mingyu. Hence, Gao Yue didn’t seem to be able to rely on Liu Qingshan anymore!

However, Gao Yue was still determined not to accept his fate of being imprisoned and having his assets confiscated. Thus, he forced a smile and said, “Yo—Young Master, this is the first time in my life that I’m this silly. I was deceived by my men. Everyone makes mistakes… Cou—could you forgive me this time?”

“Stop talking nonsense. No man is this talkative.” Yang Chen frowned and turned around to Cai Yna. “Let him sign a confession statement, and write everything needed. Do whatever you have to. You may tell me about your elder sister afterwards.”

After Yang Chen finished speaking, he left the interrogation room himself.

Gao Yue wanted to continue pleading, but he had no clue how to proceed. Clenching his teeth, ignoring where he was, he took his phone out and called Liu Qingshan.

Even if Liu Qingshan didn’t seem to be able to help, he had to try and hope for the best.

When the call was connected, Gao Yue instantly yelled, “Boss! You have to save me! I—I will be send into prison soon. Who would be of your assistance then…”

Liu Qingshan’s eyes were burning while his face paled. “You’re nothing but a failure. Piss off to the prison!”

After the shout, Liu Qingshan ended the call.

Madam Liu slightly panicked to see her husband this mad, not to mention it was caused by Yang Chen. “Qingshan, please don’t do this. Yang Chen is actually kind-hearted. He’s one of our own after all, don’t keep it in your heart…”

“Humph. It’s good that he’s kind-hearted… he’s indeed one of our own…” Liu Qingshen clenched his teeth, well aware that he could not touch Yang Chen.

Actually, he found out long ago that he couldn’t comprehend Yang Chen’s capabilities. However, he originally thought that he could rely on Yang Chen for help because of his daughte’s presence.

Unexpectedly, when it came to the matter of principle, Yang Chen wouldn’t care whom he was faced with. Moreover, should he refuse to step back, Yang Chen wouldn’t hold back as well!

Don’t care about your own father… Liu Qingshan was so pissed that he started laughing. At last, he laughed so hard like a maniac that the sofa moved. Even Madam Liu found him strange, for she didn’t know if her husband was enraged or delighted. Copyright 2016 - 2023