Chapter 570Kill Myself for You

Yang Chen’s downcast appearance unnerved Mo Qianni as she had never seen him frustrated to this level. Who could make him feel so helpless?

“Hubby, what’s going on? What’s bothering you?” Mo Qianni asked with concern.

Yang Chen wryly smiled, and briefly told her that even though the conflict between An Xin and Lin Ruoxi was settled, Lin Ruoxi still gave him the ‘one-year ultimatum’.

Mo Qianni was a smart woman; she was even acknowledged by the old CEO of Yu Lei, who trusted her and her skills into managing such a large company. Therefore, she could roughly understand what was going on after Yang Chen’s brief explanation.

After hearing from him, Mo Qianni finally understood the reason why Yang Chen was so blue. Although her heart was conflicted with emotions, she found Yang Chen’s current state rather humorous and couldn’t help but feel the urge to tease him.

“Haha… Only Lin Ruoxi can affect you like this. You should’ve learned your lesson for being such a playboy!” Mo Qianni tapped her finger on Yang Chen’s forehead.

Yang Chen held Mo Qianni’s body tightly with one hand and put the other on the bulge of her chest. He then snapped, “How dare you disrespect me? I’ll push you on the sofa and show you what I’m made of!”

Mo Qianni shrank and pouted. “All you know to do is bully me. Ruoxi’s the one who messed with you, not me.”

“If this trick worked on her, I would have used it already. As you know, our exalted CEO is a bad-tempered person. She is as stubborn as an ox, and I don’t dare to mess with her. The only one who can change her mind is herself. That’s the reason why my head hurts.” Yang Chen felt that his brain was about to explode.

Mo Qianni’s eyes twitched as she asked, “So what are you going to choose, Hubby? Ruoxi… or us?”

Yang Chen glared at her. “Ridiculous. If I chose to give you up for her, why would I bother with coming down here and looking for you? Why would I be so anxious about our mother?”

“At least you still have a conscience,” Mo Qianni drew a circle on Yang Chen’s chest, and said, “If you dare to abandon me, I will… kill myself for you to witness my pain!”

Yang Chen drew a cold breath and shook the beautiful woman in his arms as he reprimanded, “What are you saying?! I was just asking you for advice to handle the tricky choice that Ruoxi gave me. Your threat has only made things worse. Who said it was your turn to drive me crazy?”

Mo Qianni pouted. “What should I do then? Are you going to give up on Ruoxi? Are you willing to? If you do, you would’ve divorced her long ago! And you do know that I knew Ruoxi for years. If it wasn’t you, it wouldn’t be awkward between us. After you showed up, our friendship has only soured. I don’t want to let her down anymore.

“Even though Ruoxi has her own reasons for letting me be with you, no one can deny the fact that I still have an immoral relationship with you, her husband. Even if she didn’t break our friendship, I feel sorry for her. How can I possibly scheme with you against her? Not only that, she’s an intelligent woman despite how quiet she usually is. Anything I can think of must have crossed her mind long ago.”

Yang Chen sighed. Indeed, it was impossible to ask Mo Qianni to help him. He then patted her on the shoulder, pretending like nothing has happened.

The two then had a flirty conversation before getting up from the sofa.

Mo Qianni tidied her clothes and chased Yang Chen out of her office. Since she knew that Lin Ruoxi had returned to the company, she planned to hand over the proposal earlier and discuss it in detail.

Although her love life was very important to her, her career was also just as important. After all, her ‘husband’ was someone else’s most of the time, but her career was hers and hers alone.

After the two agreed to leave together in the evening, Yang Chen took the elevator to the floor where the public relations department was located.

He was here to meet Zhao Hongyan and other female colleagues whom he had not seen for a long time. More importantly, he wanted to see what Liu Mingyu was up to.

Liu Mingyu became the mistress of the underworld after Liu Qingshan, her father, united the gangs of Zhonghai and rejoined his wife and daughter.

However, Liu Mingyu was not interested in the benefits that came with her status. Instead, she was quite opposed to her status. Perhaps she had matured much quicker than her age, and was mentally tougher than other women, which allowed her to come to terms with Liu Qingshan’s background more easily.

Yang Chen met a lot of female colleagues in the office only to realize that he didn’t recognise many of them. Yu Lei International was expanding quickly, so older employees were promoted to new places as managers—they had been replaced by new people.

Fortunately, Zhang Cai and several other seniors were still there. When they met Yang Chen, they greeted him happily. Many of the new employees were not familiar with Yang Chen. But when they found out he was the director of the entertainment branch, many of them began to try and curry favour from him. Their moves impressed Yang Chen. Girls nowadays are pretty daring, aren’t they? I like it a lot.

Yang Chen looked around and noticed that Zhao Hongyan, with whom he had a special relationship with, was not there. He asked Zhang Cai, “Where did Hongyan go? Did she go to another department?”

Zhang Cai said, “You don’t know?”

“Know what?”

Zhang Cai was surprised. “I thought that Hongyan would’ve told you given how close you guys are. Hongyan has resigned a while ago so she’s no longer working with us.”

“Resigned?” Yang Chen said, “Why did she resign all of a sudden?” He suspected that the family of her ex-husband had interfered again.

Zhang Cai replied regretfully, “It’s because Hongyan’s father was discharged from the hospital. The family needs someone to take care of him. Her family owns a glutinous rice ball business and their store had just had its opening day not too long ago. She wanted to help her brother with it so she resigned. We miss having her here. After Hongyan left, the other senior members here started to leave too.”

Yang Chen recalled that Zhao Hongyan’s father mentioned something about managing to find a kidney donor and getting ready for the transplant. It was no surprise that he was discharged after this long.

I wonder how her family is doing now. A divorced woman who returned home to take care of her father and help with the family business. But what of her own future?

She’s not getting any younger. I wonder if she can find a good man to settle down with.

Yang Chen sighed, bid Zhang Cai and the others farewell, and entered Liu Mingyu’s office.

Yang Chen was quite ashamed of himself after realising how good a work ethic his women had.

Liu Mingyu’s shoulder-length hair had been tied up, and the purple dye on her hair faded back to black. She was dressed in a brown spring dress with a red and white bow tie that added to her energetic appearance. She donned a pair of black-framed glasses that fit her delicate appearance.

Just like Mo Qianni, she was busy with her work. When Yang Chen entered the office, she was somewhat stunned. She then looked at him for a while and smiled. “Why did you come without telling me in advance?”

Yang Chen looked a little downtrodden. How can a woman younger than 30 act so calmly after seeing her man whom she had not met in such a long time? Her demeanor can rival that of Tang Wan!

“You don’t have to toil away so hard. Your father has enough money to ensure that you will live well for the rest of your life and then some. As your man, I have enough money to sustain you too. Don’t regret if your hair turns white from all the work…” Yang Chen approached her from behind and put both his hands on her shoulders gently to give her a slight massage.

Liu Mingyu did not stop Yang Chen’s kind gesture. She grinned and shook her head. “I don’t like to use my father’s money.”

“It seems that you care about your father’s underworld background. Actually, it’s no big deal. For everything in this world, there is an opposite, same goes for money… The money might not have come from a proper source, but your father had still earned it regardless. He hopes that you will have a good life with your brother. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone back home to you when he was in the middle of his plan to unify the underworld,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“I know. I’m just not used to it.” Liu Mingyu turned around with a smile. “What happened to you today? Every time we meet, you tend to be really touchy. Don’t tell me you are starting to act righteous. You even asked me about my family.”

With a serious look, he said, “Do I look like that kind of guy who only thinks of touching women? My dear Mingyu, you are wrong. I always put your happiness first!”

I will never tell you that I just did it with my Little Qianqian. If I weren’t feeling so down, my hands would have been in an entirely different place…

Liu Mingyu couldn’t help but glance at Yang Chen with disbelief. “My parents often ask me about how it’s working out between us. After I said that we haven’t seen each other for a few days, my dad got very angry.”

“Look at you,” Yang Chen said with a dry laugh, “You were too honest, couldn’t you deflect his questions for me? I have been quite busy lately, and haven’t found myself with any free time. You should know how busy I am as the person in charge of Start of Yu Lei, don’t you? Now that I’m finally free, shall we ask my parents-in-law to meet some day?”

Meanwhile, Yang Chen thought, This Liu Qingshan can be really tough sometimes. He even got his daughter to tell me about this. Why not come directly to me if he really wants to meet me?! Why am I playing the role of a good son-in-law all of a sudden after returning to the country?

Liu Mingyu however felt rather moved and was about to say something, but she immediately thought of something else after she heard a knock at the office door. Liu Mingyu gave Yang Chen a cold look before she said, “Come in.” Copyright 2016 - 2024