Chapter 569Mistresses Over Wife

After he left the president’s office, Yang Chen felt light-headed.

Lin Ruoxi’s stunt did really drive him insane!

This woman was sure that he wouldn’t treat her harshly and destroy her career, so she gave him a choice he had to make.

Not only that, she even expressed her love for him more than once, more times than she ever had in the past year.

There was a saying that went, whoever confesses first is always on the short end of the relationship!

Obviously, I can’t give up just like that! Where am I going to hide my face if I do?

Yang Chen felt like a dog that was chained up with a collar. No matter how hard he tried to take it off, he couldn’t shrug off Lin Ruoxi’s hold over him because her grip was just too tight!

“I can only imagine the troubles that the future may hold…” Yang Chen was down, but there was no one for him to vent at. He looked at the clock and saw that it was already noon. But he didn’t bother to invite Lin Ruoxi for lunch. Not to mention, Lin Ruoxi was busy looking at the drawings for the expansion of her resort. She would definitely laugh at how pathetic he seemed.

After much thought, Yang Chen concluded that changing her mind was going to take some time and effort. He was quite troubled at the thought. Though he had so much talent in cultivation, he was helpless when dealing with relationship troubles. If he could transfer some of his other talents into this, he might have been able to subdue Lin Ruoxi long ago!

Shaking his head and sighing, Yang Chen went to the elevator. He didn’t go home, but chose to go down one floor.

At floor below the CEO’s office in the Yu Lei building, there were only a few offices. Among these, Mo Qianni and Li Minghe’s offices were here. They were the both vice presidents.

Yang Chen decided that it was high time he visited his woman.

When he was in Paris, he received a call from Ma Guifang, his mother-in-law. Yang Chen went back to China and had a lot of things to deal with and had no time to take care of Ma Guifang’s matter. He knew that he would have to meet her soon and treat her to a good meal. After all, he had already ‘eaten’ her precious daughter already, so it would be far too disrespectful of him not to meet with his elder!

He missed Mo Qianni, whom he hadn’t met for more than a week. He was definitely more confident facing her than his cold-hearted wife.

He knocked onto Mo Qianni’s door, wondering if she had gone for lunch.

Luckily, a familiar voice answered, “Come in.”

Yang Chen was surprised. He turned the door handle, sneaked in, and locked the door from the inside.

Mo Qianni was looking through a proposal for a project when she jumped at the sound of the door being locked. She thought it was a robber. However, she glanced at him and saw that it was Yang Chen.

Her pair of dazzling eyes showed traces of doubt, followed by delightful surprise.

“Why are you here?” Mo Qianni stood up and asked joyfully, “Weren’t you only coming back the day after tomorrow?”

Yang Chen remained silent. He then walked up to Mo Qianni with an evil smile. He was amazed by how attractive Mo Qianni was under his good care.

Her skin was fair and smooth like a newborn baby’s. She was a lot more alluring than the alpha woman he’d just met.

She was wearing her casual office coat with a white lace blouse. The blouse was stretched tight around her chest. The knee-length skirt and her open-toe high heels were black in color too. Her fair, curvy legs were showing off their form.

Yang Chen sighed and circled her.

Mo Qianni blushed from his weird look. She pouted and asked, “What are you looking at? What’s wrong with me?”

“Little Qianqian, dress more casually at work,” Yang Chen said.

Mo Qianni looked at her attire with confusion. “Isn’t this casual? I intentionally chose clothes that are easy to match.”

“Not that kind of ‘casual’. Just… you look too seductive. I’ll be jealous if anyone else sees you like this.” Yang Chen shook his head as if he was hurting.

Mo Qianni giggled and bit her lips. “I’m going to keep dressing up like this since you so kindly mentioned it to me. So if you don’t want others to stare, keep an eye on me.”

Yang Chen squinted at her and hugged her tightly. “Mo Qianni, how is it possible for you to grow more beautiful each day?”

Mo Qianni blushed from his praise. However, it was a pretty sweet compliment. “Can’t you come up with something original? There are literally a million ways to compliment a woman and you chose the least romantic one.”

“I ain’t got no time for romantics.” Yang Chen was upset.

“What are you rushing for? Can’t you spare just a few minutes of your day for me?” Mo Qianni was unpleasant and looked at him with disdain.

Yang Chen grinned and stole a kiss on her cherry lips!

“I am anxious to get intimate with you, Little Qianqian. I haven’t done it for more than a week, and you dressed so tastily. Forgive me if I cannot hold it in!”

Yang Chen ignored her resistance and stuffed his hand into her blouse and grabbed onto the soft lumps within. His other hand plunged into the back of her skirt and took hold of her butt, pinching it joyfully.

Mo Qianni felt like a peach being juiced. She stared at Yang Chen with her pair of gleaming eyes and puffed shyly while thumping on his chest.

“Are you trying to die? How dare you do this to me without even talking first?! Get away from me! Let—ouch! Don’t pinch that spot!”

Yang Chen ignored her peevish words and shut her mouth with a passionate kiss.

Yang Chen finally stopped after Mo Qianni nearly lost her breath. He placed her body on the abnormally long office desk ready to move on.

She begged Yang Chen and said, “Please… don’t do it at the office… We’re at the company…”

It’s even more exciting to do it at the office! Yang Chen smiled evilly. “Little Qianqian, didn’t you watch what happened to Mingyu that time? She obediently had fun with me at the office for almost an hour. If she can, why can’t you?”

Mo Qianni flashed back to the time when she found her man fooling around with another girl. She couldn’t contain her embarrassment knowing they did it at the office, and Yang Chen even revealed their relationship after that. How could she forget about it?

“You, how dare you…” She knew that the man was purposely teasing her. She couldn’t help but accept him in order to not lose out to Liu Mingyu.

How dare that fox do it at the office? They even did it for an hour! Mo Qianni was going crazy, but slowly losing her grip on her will.

“Then… take it slowly…” She sighed in her heart, I’ll just satisfy him and let him be as ridiculous as he can. Liu Mingyu started it, she wanted to finish it. It wasn’t because she wanted to be shameless.

Yang Chen was overjoyed from those four words. He flipped her body over quickly without an ounce of restraint or hesitation. He lifted up her short black skirt and plunged himself into her!

Although he had done it with both Catherine and Lilith in Paris and twice with An Xin after he returned, he had yet to fulfil his desire and was ready to take on more.

Additionally, the women around him came in different flavors. Mo Qianni was intelligently sexy, and An Xin was sassy and flirty. The only way he could fully appreciate them is by using his body.

After the mess, Yang Chen sat on her sofa while Mo Qianni laid on top of him. Her body was shaking from the aftermath of their little office exercise.

Yang Chen touched her soft shoulders and gave her forehead a kiss. “Let’s tidy up and visit Mother. I’ll be buying dinner today. It’s been some time since i’ve last met her, so I want to treat her to a good meal.”

She definitely understood that the ‘mother’ he mentioned was her mother. Although they couldn’t be husband and wife, as long as Yang Chen willing to call her mother as he did, she was content.

“It’s still a little early for dinner. Hubby, you haven’t told me why you came back early. Have you finished settling matters in Europe?”

“Why else? I came back to help An Xin out. I came to you after her issue was dealt with,” said Yang Chen.

Mo Qianni knew it was An Xin. She purposely went to greet Yang Chen and An Xin with Liu Mingyu after knowing she became Yang Chen’s new secretary. Even though Lin Ruoxi and Liu Mingyu were not familiar with An Xin, Mo Qianni knew that she was probably more or less important to him, as Yang Chen had brought her back from Hokkaido.

She gave it some thought and asked, “Is An Xin alright now?” She chose not to question on the problem.

Yang Chen nodded. “ Yeah. Even if there will be trouble in the future, I’m here. Don’t worry.”

”True… I know you’re impressive, so I didn’t ask too much. All is well as long as everyone else is doing fine.” She smiled with a slight sense of pride. She then thought about another thing and asked, “How about Ruoxi? Did she come back with you?”

Yang Chen felt an impending headache whenever he heard Lin Ruoxi’s name. He smiled wryly and said, “Nope, she arrived one day later than me. She is already here and came to work just now.”

Noticing Yang Chen’s weird expression, she grinned. “What’s with that look? No offence, but I was just thinking about discussing the recent project proposal with her. Why do you seem annoyed at her name? Did you have a fight?”

Yang Chen rolled his eyes on the nosy woman. It’s one thing if it were just a small fight, but the recent matters were far too serious.

Right after that, Yang Chen retorted, “Little Qianqian, what’s the proposal that you wanted to discuss Ruoxi about?”

She was curious why Yang Chen was interested in the proposal as he used to be a useless chair-warmer. “Before Ruoxi went to Paris, she asked me to look for tourist resorts and entertainment companies around Zhonghai. She ordered me to look for potential companies that are in financial or bad management situations. She plans to takeover and run the business herself

“I have a handful of nearly bankrupt tourist resorts. Since she has a much better businesses sense than I do, we’ll buy the companies based on her picks. Our company does have more cash than we need anyways,” said Mo Qianni.

She said that with a sense of pride as the company wouldn’t be successful without Lin Ruoxi’s guidance.

However, Yang Chen’s face grew bitterly scornful after hearing from Mo Qianni. He never thought that Lin Ruoxi had planned for the conversation just now even before Paris. Everything was under her control, no matter what he did, he would never affect her plan in the first place.

Seeing Yang Chen’s expression turn darker, she was unsure if she said something wrong.

Yang Chen had a long sigh and said weakly, “Little Qianqian, I don’t know what to do anymore. Can you please tell me how I should deal with this?” Copyright 2016 - 2023