Chapter 540Apollo

“A partnership?” mocked Yang Chen. He then pondered with his head lowered for a short while, asking, “I’m curious to see what you have thought up. What do you need me as a partner for?”

Apollo answered, “In the entire island, the only person whom I’m interested in talking to is you, Hades. If you’re willing to stand by my side, I’ll let you rule half of Europe should my plan succeed. Of course, Europe is only a stepping stone to the world. When we finish expanding the Realm of Gods to the rest of the world, we shall stand as equals while enjoying the entire world together. How’s that for a plan.”

Apollo’s tone and gaze were obviously full of excitement and craze.

Following his speech, everyone on the island took a deep breath subconsciously.

Apollo was planning on taking over the world?!

“Haha…” While everyone had their brows tightly furrowed, Yang Chen couldn’t hold back from laughing for whatever reason. He laughed so hard that he almost started tearing up.

“What are you laughing for, Hades?” asked Apollo in displease.

Yang Chen waved his hand. “Nah, it’s nothing. I’m marveling at your ambition. Compared to my ideal lifestyle of going through each day peacefully, I get the feeling that I’m rather pathetic.”

“Humph. In this rotten and filthy world, only by performing a baptism of blood to the people who just care about money and their own benefits, will they truly be free from their current shackles of like. Hades, whether or not you understand is none of my business; I don’t expect anyone to understand it. All I want to know is whether you accept it,” Apollo said before turning to look at Lin Ruoxi and the others who were unconscious on the deck.

Yang Chen refrained from laughing. “Tell me how then would you like us to cooperate.”

Everyone on the island looked at Yang Chen anxiously after he raised the question. Having witnessed Yang Chen getting rid of the Vatican’s six-winged angels singlehandedly, the ones who had intended to take revenge were well aware that they wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

Should Yang Chen really agree to team up with Apollo, the people on the island would most likely end up dead!

“How direct!” praised Apollo. “All I have is one simple request. I need you to protect my friends from the Vatican including Cardinal Cruyff and Gabriel; and Deputy Director Fodessa as well, I have plans for him.”

Fodessa who had previously panicked was shocked. He muttered, “Wh—what do you need…”

Apollo thought for a while before answering, “Proceed to the central underground laboratory and retrieve the ‘end’ button before using it outside the affected area.”

“What?!” exclaimed Fodessa as he fell on the ground. Despite being a burly man, his legs had softened upon listening to Apollo’s command.

Storm Lola frowned. “Deputy Director Fodessa, what’s the end button?”

Fodessa swallowed his saliva audibly, saying, “It’s… it’s the main switch to trigger a… nuclear explosion at the base…”


Almost everyone there paled instantly. They quickly understood Apollo’s intentions.

It was common for unpleasant events to take place at military bases, like being intruded by enemies. Thus, to prevent leaking confidential information to the enemy, implementing a self-destruction mode was crucial.

The button had the potential to destroy the military base, sinking the entire island, while the surrounding area within a radius of tens of kilometers would be affected as well. Nuclear bombs were unlike those of atomic after all—they were much more devastating than ordinary ones!

Being one of the three major countries with nuclear technology, France could easily sink an entire island!

Apollo then said, “Hades, the people there on the island are no different from ants to you. You may kill them by your hands should you prefer to do so. I just want to let the entire world know my dominance.”

“In your dreams…” The silhouette who had been standing still suddenly vanished!

The figure of Nurarihyon from Takamagahara flashed before emerging behind Fodessa. His blade Nenekirimaru was just like a silver light, slashing from above, right at Fodessa’s head!

Clunk! Before the blade could be flung downward, it was gripped by a person’s hand!

“Why so impatient?” It was unknown when Yang Chen had appeared behind Nurarihyon, let alone him clutching the katana with his bare hand!

Nurarihyon said coldly, “Do you expect me to only strike when he gets the detonator?!”

“Pluto! Are you so selfish that you’re willing to sacrifice the world’s population just for your woman?!” asked Lola.

“Humph. From the beginning I knew what kind of demon this man was. Don’t beg him anymore. Let’s join forces to kill him and Fodessa, before battling Apollo!” yelled Prince.

However, Prince’s speech was ineffective. Even his teammates from the Sword in the Stone looked distressed.

Having witnessed Yang Chen’s power, they knew that their lives would only end sooner should they strike together.

“Mirror of Purity…” murmured Nurarihyon before his figure suddenly disappeared like a ripple, slipping away from Yang Chen’s hand!

Yang Chen sighed, “It’s this weird technique again. Do you really believe that I am powerless against that move?”

The next second, Yang Chen extended one of his arms out slightly to his left, stopping Nurarihyon’s silhouette, which was swinging his blade downward, midair!

Astonished, Nurarihyon stared at Yang Chen in disbelief. Earlier on the cruise, it was clear that Yang Chen failed to notice his presence, in addition to Yang Chen casting a technique affecting an area, instead toward him specifically. So how did Yang Chen manage to see him through now so easily?!

He wasn’t taking me seriously earlier, was he?! thought Nurarihyon in agony.

Yang Chen smirked. “I’ve surrounded the area using Xiantian True Qi. Although your aura is undetectable, I’m able to feel the movement of True Qi, thus revealing even the slightest movement from you.”

“I must admit that I had indeed underestimate your ability. The power of a god is indeed beyond our simple comprehension,” said Nurarihyon in dissatisfaction. “So it means that you’re able to kill all of us here even without Fodessa triggering the destruction?”

“No!” Before Yang Chen spoke, Gabriel took a step forward. “Not all of us. His Majesty Apollo said that we of the Vatican holds the sacred duty of enlightening the new world. The people who are supposed to stay on this island are you, not us.”

This time, Sauron and the others who had absolute faith in Yang Chen all looked at him nervously.

No one would choose to foolishly escape at this moment. They knew that it was impossible for them to steer clear of the blast even if they were at top speed, unless their speed was comparable to that of a fighter aircraft!

Furthermore, if Yang Chen really intended to stop them, they wouldn’t be able to flee at all!

“Fodessa, what are you hesitating for? Your child and wife are waiting for you.” Apollo asked seriously, “Also, Hades, my patience is running out. You need to think wisely as your woman is in my hands. Compared to her, aren’t the people on the island simply worthless organisms?”

Yang Chen ignored Apollo’s question. He squatted down and tapped Fodessa’s shoulder. “Deputy Director Fodessa, I want to know what you think.”

Fodessa’s face was covered in sweat. He grabbed the ground so hard that his fingers started bleeding. Soon, resolution and agony filled his face…

“I won’t detonate the bomb!”


Everyone on the island, including the ones from the Vatican, was surprised by Fodessa’s answer.

“You fool! What are you talking about?! What do these people even mean to you? You would abandon your family for them?!”

The person who spoke was none other than Cardinal Cruyff who had regained awareness. His arrogance earlier also returned. However, he looked really pale as he had depleted his energy earlier.

Yang Chen, however, let out a satisfied smile and nodded his head.

Fodessa stood up and said to Apollo on the screen, “I refuse, Apollo. You won’t be able to control me using my wife and son! I, Fodessa, am unlike the despicable, corrupt scums who would act in the name of God!

“That’s right. I’m just a mixed Frenchman given birth by a Nazi and a French betrayer. I may be a disgraceful bastard in the eyes of many.

“But I have decided to live righteously for the rest of my life. My current position is earned via my achievements to the military by risking my life. I could lower my head to the nobles, but I will never lose the glory of a French army!

“I won’t allow my son, even if it could allow him to live, to live and have a cowardly father who was only able to survive because he decided to betray his country and sacrifice the lives of others!” cried Fodessa solemnly, his eyes full of warm tears.

Many of people present were astonished. Their eyes were even filled with regret and respect.

Even Nurarihyon who had intended to kill Fodessa earlier kept his katana silently.

On the monitor, fury could be seen in Apollo’s eyes. “Do you know what this means? Deputy Director Fodessa, do you think the ending will change just because you refuse to set off the detonation?”

After Apollo finished speaking, he showed a black, palm-sized, remote-control-like object!

The emergence of the item made Fodessa stagger backward in fear. “Wh—why do you…”

“Did you think the only detonator is on the island? I’ve long gotten my hands on one already, but I wanted to let you live as a gift of my appreciation. Now, it sure looks like you don’t deserve to live.” Apollo shook his head before turning to Yang Chen. “Hades, since Fodessa isn’t willing to live, bring just the Vatican away from the island, and let the others stay.”

Yang Chen remained quiet. He turned his head around to look at Cruyff, Gabriel, and the others who held the look of victory on their faces.

Yang Chen walked toward them, shocking everybody else.

“Haha, Your Majesty Pluto, you are making the right choices.” Although Cruyff was defeated, he was pleased to see Yang Chen being threatened.

“Oh, is it…” Yang Chen came to the old man and grinned.

Before Cruyff was able to speak again, Yang Chen’s hand covered Cruyff’s head—SPLAT!

A crisp sound echoed; as if a fruit was crushed, blood-red objects to fly all over the place—Cruyff’s head had been smashed into pieces! Copyright 2016 - 2023