Chapter 539The Longbow

Each of the words spoken by Yang Chen was no different from a nail directly hammered into not only Cruyff’s heart, but everyone else present as well!

The moment everyone present witnessed Yang Chen walking out of the terrifying strike completely unharmed, only then did they truly understand the power of a god!

The two six-winged angels had coincidentally depleted their energy and time of descent. The two holy bodies fell from the sky, turning back to ordinary blonde young men who were squatting on the ground and trying to catch their breath from all that has happened.

It became clear to everyone that the Vatican had lost.

Seeing that Cruyff turned inattentive, Yang Chen knew that the old man had lost his courage to even utter a word. Shaking his head, he raised his left hand, prepared to break the old man’s skull.

“Stop!” yelled Gabriel out of a sudden.

Yang Chen turned around and asked, “Need anything? Or would you like to die first and spare yourself from seeing your elder die?”

Faced with Yang Chen’s untroubled expression, Gabriel subconsciously took a step back. The tall soldier from Crusaders felt that he was just like a duckweed in the water, floating about without dependence.

“Yo—Your Majesty Pluto, you shall not kill Cardinal, or you will regret your actions later!” Gabriel had depleted all his energy just to speak that sentence.

Yang Chen turned his head back to glance at Cruyff who looked like a soulless corpse, before looking at the incredibly nervous Gabriel again. As his eyes shone, he flung Cruyff’s body aside and said, “Enlighten me. What is it then that I will regret?

Gabriel suddenly had some courage, as Yang Chen seemed restrained in a way.

Gabriel tried to stay calm before saying, “Your Majesty Pluto didn’t come to Europe alone this time, did you?”

Yang Chen pretended to be shocked. Smiling, he said, “You guys have done your investigation well. That’s right, I came here with my woman.”

“Since that’s the case, Your Majesty Pluto, do you know where Miss Lin currently is?” asked Garbriel expectantly.

Yang Chen squinted his eyes. “You even found out her origin; no wonder you managed to secure the role as leader. You seem to be more composed than this cardinal Cruyff—at least you still have a voice in a time like this. To be honest, I have no clue where she is, but I think she’s waiting for my return in Paris now.”

Gabriel appeared to have regained confidence. “That might not be entirely true.”

Yang Chen’s face turned cold. “What do you mean?”

“Your Majesty Pluto shall find out soon,” Gabriel spoke as he took out a pocket-sized communication device which looked rather like bluetooth headphones. Quietly, he put them on his head.

Currently, most people had left the venue long ago. The battle had gotten out of hand after all. The admittedly weak individuals dared not risk their lives by staying there. Hence, a lot of them had run back to the cruise Louis XVI, ready to leave the island.

As a result, only ten or so people from the strongest organizations were left in the enormous conference hall which had turned into a post-battle ruin.

These people, including Yang Chen, looked at Gabriel in confusion since he had put on a communication device to communicate with an unknown party.

“You’ve seen the current situation, haven’t you?” asked Gabriel.

“We’ll abandon our original plan. Cardinal Cruyff has been defeated. Proceed with what you were going to do,” Gabriel added.

After that, Gabriel nodded his head before looking at Fodessa and the other officers from the Seventh Bureau who were standing far away.

Being the hosts, Fodessa and the others had no way of escape. Many of them had had the urge to leave long ago. Currently, they were left in an awkward position.

“Deputy Director Fodessa, is there a usable monitor here?” asked Gabriel.

Fodessa was stunned as he was rather confused. However, being cautious as to not enrage his guests, he quickly composed himself and nodded. “Yeah, there are some backup monitors left in the underground base.”

It was inevitable that backup monitors had to be used. The battle earlier had destroyed half of the place into flatland, while the roof was almost utterly removed. Thus, the only usable electronics had to be retrieved from somewhere else.

Gabriel nodded in satisfaction. He then said to Yang Chen, “Your Majesty Pluto, please follow me to watch a video. You may decide whether to carry out a massacre after that.”

Yang Chen more or less figured out the situation. He sighed, “Let’s go then.”

Gabriel let Fodessa walk in front to lead him and Yang Chen to an undamaged region of the island to play a video.

The ten or so people left were naturally curious as well. Ignoring the caution in their hearts, they followed Yang Chen behind and headed to the deeper end of the base.

Supported by Lilith, Sargeras followed inside as well together with Sauron, Abbess Yun Miao, and the rest.

The two blonde men with holy bodies stopped dazing off. Along with the despair-filled Cruyff, they followed Gabriel inside.

Everyone then arrived at a relatively undamaged underground conference hall. A large section of the roof had been destroyed, allowing the night sky to be seen.

Due to the same reason, the sound of sea waves could be heard as well.

“Deputy Director Fodessa, please turn on the monitor and switch to satellite mode,” ordered Gabriel.

Fodessa dared not disobey. Suffering deep in his heart because of the mess, he forced himself to walk forward and switched on the large monitor.

Very quickly, a connection was made, displaying a clear image delivered by the satellite.

The image that soon followed was one of a warship, specifically its deck.

It was parked in the middle of the ocean. The dark sky behind the warship made the light on the deck appear exceptionally bright, allowing the anti-aircraft guns behind to be seen clearly.

As everyone was wondering why there wasn’t a single person on the monitor, a bunch of people finally revealed themselves.

They were a bunch of burly, tall men dressed in the black uniform of special forces, wearing military goggles and helmets. Yang Chen was familiar with their appearance; they looked exactly like the kidnappers he had met a while ago.

On their arms and chests was a permanent mark—the golden sun totem!

“The people from the Realm of Gods?”

Some officers there managed to recognize the people on the screen. They obviously had a meeting before coming to the island, thus they were aware of Apollo and the Realm of Gods.

After the emergence of the men in black, a few people who were tied up were brought to the deck as well.

Yang Chen focused his attention on the screen, only to realize they were Lin Ruoxi, Stern and Alice, and Harry and his mother!

However, all five of them were unconscious. After they were carried to the deck, they were thrown on the ice-cold floor directly.


Fodessa was the first one to cry out. He stared at the screen in disbelief as his wife and son were both there.

“Leader Gabriel! What is the meaning of this?! What does the Realm of Gods have to do with you guys at the Vatican?!”

Having been a highly ranked officer in the security bureau for many years, he instantly understand the situation instantly, thus staring at Gabriel furiously.

Storm Lola from the Sword in the Stone looked at Gabriel with contempt. With a cold smile, she said, “Is there a need to ask? The disdainful Vatican must be on the same side as the Realm of Gods. What a bunch of scums. I didn’t expect them to resort to terrorism. They must’ve finally realized that they ran out of ways to dominate the world, thus resorting to evil means.”

“What a group of wicked western monks,” mocked Motakuto from Takamagahara.

Gabriel completely ignored the scorns he received. All he did was stare at the monitor while standing still.

On the contrary, Sauron and the others revealed looks of astonishment, while Abbess Yun Miao’s palms started sweating.

At this moment, an unusual silhouette appeared on the deck.

It was a man dressed in white with an average physique. To everyone’s surprise, on his chest was an enlarged golden sun totem.

The man too wore a helmet which seemed like one owned by Ancient Roman generals.His eyes were filled with malice.

The front of his helmet also had a golden sun totem.

On his side, there should be a monitor as well, connected to the one on the island via a satellite. “I believe some of you may recognize me, but let me introduce myself… I am Apollo.”

Indeed, quite a few of them on the island had guessed the man’s identity upon his emergence. However, their gazes still turned sharp when the man gave confirmation.

Apollo’s facial expression couldn’t be seen under the helmet, but his eyes revealed a slight smile. He continued, “This must come as quite a shock to you I imagine, as to why I’m related to the Vatican, but I don’t think it warrants a discussion as of now. Let’s just leave it at mutual interests—that’s all.”

“Hah! Although I don’t know if you’re really Apollo, I’m really curious about the Vatican’s desires as you mentioned. Are you possibly helping the Vatican to become the religion that dominates the world? How ambitious…” The person speaking was none other than Ayr, the member of Blue Storm who had gone into a conflict with the Panther Mercenary Group on the cruise earlier.

Apollo didn’t speak, but waved his hand instead.

A man in black walked toward Apollo, with a golden longbow in his hands! Complex runes and vine-like patterns were carved throughout the body of the longbow. It could be considered a most delicate artwork!

Everyone soon realized that the longbow was no ordinary item. It might even be a divine weapon. However, none of them knew why Apollo took the longbow out. Was it possible that he wanted to shoot Ayr just because she had disrespected him?

Who was he kidding? They were so well hidden in the island. Apollo was at least a few kilometers away in the ocean. The night was like a blanket shielding them from any light so how was he supposed to shoot so accurately?

However, what happened next had shocked the people on the island.

“Foolish humans. Since you doubt my identity and capability, I’ll show you the difference between people and gods.”

As soon as Apollo finished speaking, he really pulled the bow back!

When the golden longbow was pulled back, it started burning in golden-red flame, while a bright red arrow formed completely by flame had suddenly appeared on the silver-colored string!

“What’s this item? Is it Apollo’s divine weapon?!” cried someone on the island.

Yang Chen frowned. He started to doubt himself.

The next second, Apollo let go of the string.

“Idiot, do you really think you’ve become a god by using a technologically advanced, impressive-looking weapon? Yo—”

Ayr didn’t manage to finish her speech, but her mouth was wide open. That was because a golden-ride flame could be seen through the broken roof, approaching from the night sky at a ridiculously high speed, heading toward the base!

“Ayr, be careful!” The Blue Storm member excelled in forming light shields stood before Ayr. Instantly activating his shield, he pulled Ayr away from where she stood!

However, the flame arrow had changed its trajectory, following the movement of the two people, just like a guided missile!

Boom! The flame arrow penetrated through the seemingly sturdy shield, shooting through Ayr’s and the man’s body, instantly blasting them into pieces!

The two powerusers who were well and alive just a moment ago were destroyed by an arrow which came from an unknown distance, and turned into fragments of bloody flesh, causing almost everyone present to be dumbfounded!

Such an attack was much more terrifying than the battle on the island earlier! It became clear that it was a god’s doing!

“Do you still have any doubts now?” On the monitor, Apollo could be seen placing his longbow down.

Fodessa directly kneeled on the ground. “Apollo, what do you want? Why kidnap my wife and my son?!”

Apollo ignored Fodessa’s question. Instead, he stared at Yang Chen who was silent. “The new Hades, I didn’t expect you to appear in the secret meeting this time. You messed up my plan, but lucky for you and me, it hasn’t been affected too much.

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