Banging His Head Into the Wall

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Le Havre, an exporting city in the northwest of France, was one of the world’s most ancient cultural heritages.

The civilians who lived there had rebuilt and maintained the place with a strong sense of pride. They owned the oldest soccer club in France. Although it had only won the France Ligue championship once, it wouldn’t change the fact that it had the longest history. In the entirety of France, Le Havre had played a significant role in the growing of its economy, being a super strong exporter in international trade.

The life at the harbor had always been busy. There wasn’t anything surprising about it. The residents there had long gotten used to the whistles of various ships in addition to the strange foreign languages spoken by tourists of all around the world.

Many of them would even suffer from sleepless nights from all the noise that the ships had brought.

However, starting from the morning, the harbor had been extraordinarily quiet—not even a single silhouette could be seen!

Some of the curious residents wanted to check the situation out within the harbor. However, upon approaching the border of the place, they were immediately stopped by armed French soldier.

The harbor was sealed off!

Many residents started wondering if the place was threatened by some form of terrorism and planted with explosives, or the military was having a secret drill, or covertly transporting weapons.

There parked only one ship at the harbor. It was a large, magnificent one—Louis XVI.

At the boarding spot beside the cruise, Fodessa who was dressed in military uniform stood there solemnly together with Bolton and his few other subordinates.

Relief was the last thing that anyone would guess was on Fodessa’s face. He had a look at his custom-made watch. It was currently two in the afternoon, while only half of the attendee list had showed up and boarded the ship. He had no clue why. None of those people weren’t unusual anyway. Promise, etiquette, and morality were disdainful jokes for many of them.

“Which of the representatives have arrived already?” Fodessa asked his assistant behind.

The assistant immediately turned on his laptop and answered, “Reporting to Deputy Director, among the few major organizations in the world, the ones who have arrived are Soviet Medal from Russia, Blue Storm from the states, Jaguar from South America, Mossad from Israel, the newly formed assassin group Zero, Sea Eagles from the Mediterranean Sea, Yamata Sect from Japan, and Yellow Flame Iron Brigade from China. However, only one representative has been sent over from both Yamata Sect and Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. One of them is a jounin called Takashi Kouken and the other is Abbess Yun Miao. There are quite a few other security organizations from other countries, but they don’t actually pose much of a threat, while the remaining ones are relatively small groups. Brahma from India and Sandstorm from the Middle East have decided to skip this meeting for reasons only made known to them.”

Fodessa stood in silence as he listened to his assistant.

“Deputy Director, don’t worry. The rest will come for sure. We’re still early from departing. A lot of these people hold hatred for each other. Unnecessary conflicts could arise had they all come early,” reminded Bolton after he noticed his superior’s concern.

Fodessa nodded and patted Bolton’s shoulder. “It must be tough for you guys these nowadays. After the meeting ends, and we find a way to deal with the Realm of Gods, all of you may rest at home for a period of time. If the enemy really wants to take action, I sincerely doubt our ability to change the outcome.”

Bolton let out a sincere smile. “Deputy Director, you’re discouraging our confidence indeed.”

Fodessa had held a helpless smile on his face since the start. He too hoped that the French security bureau could fight the despicable Apollo. However, the cruel truth was they certainly weren’t powerful enough to join the fight.

At this moment, dark clouds suddenly filled the sky.

Following the accumulation of the clouds, the sky started to drizzle. Soon, the raindrops became more apparent.

“Why is it raining so suddenly?” someone asked while touching the water on his face.

Fodessa found the rain strange as well. It was sunny just a moment ago. Why did the rain come so suddenly?

“Deputy Director, someone’s here,” reminded a man.

Fodessa turned around and noticed a few figures dressed in different costumes approaching the ship.

One of them was an alluring, long-haired lady dressed in red clothing. Her black hair stretched all the way to her calves while she held the charm of a Middle Eastern lady.

Beside her was a stooped individual whose face was completely covered. Dressed in a black robe, he exuded a mysterious aura, being surrounded by vague black fog.

There was also a lady dressed in a blue kimono. She looked around thirteen years old. Moreover, her appearance was really similar to that of a doll. She was weeping and walking beside the long-haired lady.

The last one was a man wearing a brown Japanese armor with a dagger on his waist. He was really good looking and was holding a smile on his fair face. He appeared the most normal among them all.

“May I ask… You guys are…” Fodessa knew that everyone who was allowed into the place had received an invitation, but he wasn’t exactly sure who they were.

The charming long-haired lady said, “We’re from Takamagahara. I believe this is the first time I am meeting you. This one is Motakuto, I hope to get along well with you.”

The assistant behind Fodessa said, “Deputy Director, Takamagahara is the strongest poweruser organization in Japan. They have recently united, so our invitation was successfully delivered. A while ago, they have always been an organization without a leader.

Fodessa nodded. Smiling, he said to Motakuto, “Then I believe Miss Motakuto is leading the representatives from your group this time?”

Motakuto chuckled in a seductive way. “Unfortunately, you guessed it wrong Officer. Our general has personally come over this time.”

“General?” Fodessa was unfamiliar with the forms of address in Japan, but at the very least, he knew that it was a term meant only to refer to as the boss. “May I know who the general is?”

The handsome guy who had remained silent pointed at the entrance of the cruise. “General is already there.”

Fodessa and the others turned around, only to realize a man with white hair and sparse moustache, dressed in a blue-black keikogi, waiting for them to board while smoking an opium pipe.

They were dumbstruck. None of them managed to see how the man had gotten onboard!

Was it possible that he could go invisible?

“That is our general—Nurarihyon. I’m really sorry for our general’s strange personality. I hope you don’t mind,” Motakuto said smilingly and bowed slightly.

Fodessa hurriedly waved his hand. “You guys are all highly regarded guests. Please proceed to rest in the cruise. A room will be prepared for all of you to rest.”

Motakuto and the others thanked them before walking toward the ship. However, having taken a few steps forward, Motakuto seemed to be reminded of something. She pinched the weeping little girl’s cheek gently and said, “Little Rain, please calm down, alright? If the ship gets overly damp later, everyone will feel discomfort. It wouldn’t be good if someone comes out to beat Little Rain.”

When the girl heard that she would be beaten, she pouted timidly and stopped crying.

At this moment, Fodessa and his team quickly noticed that the clouds had instantly dispersed while the rain stopped.

Staring at the few from Takamagahara walk up the cruise, the assistant said, “Deputy Director, if my guess is correct, the crying little girl earlier is called Ameonna which means ‘rain woman’. According to the Japanese legend, it is a demon capable of summoning rain. The rain earlier should have been her doing… but I’m still not sure whether she’s a demon or human. There are little to no records about an organization like Takamagahara.”

“Demon?” Fodessa felt that his brain almost exploded. He had the urge to bang his head into the wall. Do they even exist?! he thought.

However, before Fodessa and the others recovered from the shock, yet a few other unfamiliar silhouettes had appear. They were walking toward them from not too far away.

More accurately, one of them wasn’t walking, but was… flying?!

Dressed in a tight black clothing, the feet of the curvy lady whose blonde hair danced in the wind were around ten centimeters away from the ground. As if she was in outer space, she floated toward Fodessa.

The lady revealed a cold yet charming smile. “You must be the deputy director Fodessa. I’m Lola, the representative sent over by Sword in the Stone.”

“Storm?!” cried the assistant. He instantly thought of the name’s origin. England was right opposite France after all. Being the secret department and trump card of England, Sword in the Stone was rather known to the French security bureau.

“Within our Sword in the Stone, there are two sections: Merlin Magic Association and Knights of the Round Table. To show our sincerity, four mages and three knights have come,” said Lola.

Fodessa and the others raised their heads to have a look. Three of them looked honorable and imposing; they must be the knights Lola had mentioned about.

On the other hand, a bury, two-meter-tall strong man and a youngster wearing a western suit whose eyes held an incredibly sharp gaze could be seen.

The strong man greeted everyone politely, while the proud youngster was completely unbothered.

“This… Miss Lola, you mentioned that there were seven of you, but why…” Fodessa couldn’t figure out why only six of them came.

Lola was surprised. She then smiled and pointed at a tiny figure who was rushing over nearby. “That is Emma, one of our mages. The kid has always been inattentive. She must’ve lost us just now again.”

The little girl called Emma was around fifteen years old. With a little freckles on her face, she had her maroon hair tied to a ponytail, causing her to look naive and adorable. Embarrassed, she panted and greeted everyone, “Nice to meet you all, I’m Emma. I—I’m fifteen this year already! I—I’m also the fiancée of Little Prince…”

At the end of her speech, Emma was so shy that her face heated up.

Fodessa and the others were shocked. The girl was indeed frank. It was strange enough that she reported her age at a place like that. Why would she announce that she was someone’s fiancée ?! She was indeed adorable. Compared to the immensely cool youngster earlier, Emma was much more lovable. However, who was the guy called Prince?

As Fodessa wanted to greet her back, the youngster who had remained silent darted a cold glare at Emma who had lowered her head in embarrassment. “Woman, how many times must I remind you that I will never marry you? You’re not allowed to tell anyone that you’re my fiancée in the future.”

This time, everyone understood that the cool youngster was whom Emma referred as ‘Little Prince’! They appeared to be in a marriage set by their seniors.

Emma raised her head resentfully, revealing her watery eyes. “Little Prince, our marriage is set by our grandfathers in which it cannot be avoided. Emma will only be able to marry Prince for the rest of my life.”

“Are you dumb or what?! What does the contract set by the old pricks have anything to do with me?”

“Enough!” Storm Lola yelled. “Prince, you shall not bully Emma. She said nothing wrong. Your marriage is a known fact. If you’re dissatisfied, go back to your family’s elders!”

Prince snorted coldly as he remained quiet. He appeared to have a certain measure of respect toward Lola.

Emma pulled Lola’s arm pitifully. “Please don’t blame Little Prince. It’s all Emma’s fault. I should’ve have spoken so much…”

Lola sighed deeply and patted Emma’s head. Smiling apologetically at Fodessa, she said, “Sorry for the embarrassment, they still children now.”

Fodessa had the urge to bang his head into the wall again. Are they really people from the Sword in the Stone, one of the world’s strongest poweruser organizations?!

At this moment, Prince who was frowning in silence suddenly raised his head and looked at his right.

Clenching his teeth, Prince groaned furiously and exclaimed, “It’s you?! You damn devil. I’ve wait you for so many years. You’re finally showing yourself now…”


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