Chapter 1/8

After an hour, within a hospital located in Paris, Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi stood beside Harry who lay down in a sickbed. His mother was also preset—she had rushed over right after being informed.

Through the doctor’s inspection, Harry was diagnosed with anaemia. In fact, the doctor failed to come up with any other hypotheses.

Harry finally woke up. When she saw her mother beside the sickbed with her watery eyes, he said softly, “Mama, don’t cry. Papa hates crying children the most. Papa will dislike Mama for crying too.”

“Alright, Mama will stop crying.” The woman wiped her eyes and revealed a smile. She turned her head to look at Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi beside, saying, “Thank you so much. Our Harry had nothing wrong with him for the longest time, I really have no clue why he had such a sudden change.”

Yang Chen replied, “It isn’t a huge problem. The doctor said he won’t have any sequelae. It’s normal for situations like this to happen to children. You just have to be careful in the future.”

Lin Ruoxi secretly glanced at Yang Chen as she didn’t believe his words—it wasn’t possible for Harry to have just an ordinary anaemia. She understood why Yang Chen decided to keep it concealed, but when he lied with such ease, she felt a complex emotion rise up within her.

The woman was reminded of something before she said to Harry, “Harry, quickly thank Uncle and Aunt. They’re the ones who have saved you.”

Harry remembered nothing at all. In his memory, he had somehow fainted away on the streets, so he had nothing to be afraid of. Obediently, he said, “Thanks Uncle. Thanks Elder Sister.”

Harry spoke really softly as his body hadn’t fully recovered yet.

However, Yang Chen was rather pissed after listening to him. God damn it! Didn’t his mom ask him to say ‘Uncle’ and ‘Aunt’ already? Why did this stupid kid only change the latter to ‘Elder Sister’?! he thought.

On the other hand, Lin Ruoxi’s eyes reddened. Walking forward, she touched Harry’s cheeks which held baby fat in sympathy. “Harry is a good kid.”

“Miss Lin, Mr Yang, Harry’s father doesn’t come home often since he’s really busy. I wanted to ask him over to thank you guys as well, but didn’t to contact him. Why don’t you stay for dinner? It’s almost dinnertime already. I’ll treat you two to a French restaurant nearby,” the woman said sincerely.

“Nevermind. Since the doctor said Harry has to be hospitalized for now to wait for further inspection, it’s better if you remain here with him. We still have friends waiting for us outside, so it would be inconvenient for us as well,” answered Lin Ruoxi.

The woman found herself in a difficult situation. At last, she said apologetically, “Since that’s the case, I could do nothing but say thank you.”

Lin Ruoxi smiled to acknowledge her intention. She then thought of something. From her handbag, she took the bouquet of blue-purple flowers out.

As the flowers were plucked for quite some time already, they withered a little, but they still looked as beautiful as ever.

“Elder Sister will leave these flowers here for Harry, in hopes of you recovering faster.” Lin Ruoxi placed the flowers by Harry’s sickbed.

Harry blinked his eyes repeatedly, confused. “But Elder Sister has already paid for them. How could I take them back?”

“Since they belong to Elder Sister now, no one can stop me from giving them to Harry,” said Lin Ruoxi.

When the woman heard the word ‘paid’, her curiosity was aroused. “Miss Lin, did Harry sell these irises to you?”

Lin Ruoxi was surprised. She was unfamiliar with the noun ‘irises’, so she turned to look at Yang Chen.

“The iris is actually the national flower of France,” Yang Chen explained using Mandarin.

Lin Ruoxi heard the name and murmured to herself for a few times. Smiling, she replied, “Harry wanted to get his father a pair of new socks, so he approached me in hopes of selling the flowers that he managed to gather. Harry might’ve kept it a secret from you, but he didn’t do anything bad, I hope you don’t blame him.”

The woman sighed emotionally. “His father is rarely at home. When he’s busy, we only meet once a week, while I myself am not able to stay with Harry every waking moment. This is our fault, so we can’t blame him of course.”

While they chatted, Harry had fallen asleep on his sickbed again. A significant portion of his blood had been sucked away after all; he didn’t some time to recover.

Walking at the corridor inside the hospital, Lin Ruoxi muttered, “Irises… Irises… I didn’t know there was such a beautiful name for a flower.”

“Wife, do you know what irises represent?” asked Yang Chen mysteriously.

“Why are you beating around the bush?” Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes in dissatisfaction. “Say it if you want, I’ll find out about it myself anyway.”

Yang Chen looked disappointed. “How boring.”

“Yeah, I am indeed a boring person. Look for other women if you want to have fun. I’ve had this bad temper since young. I don’t think it’ll be going away anytime soon,” Lin Ruoxi spoke with indifference.

Yang Chen felt rather helpless. Is this woman on her period? he wondered. However, he would never know that Lin Ruoxi was still disturbed by his lying capability. When she saw how Yang Chen lied without showing even the slightest signs of guilt, she felt that she must’ve been lied to by him many times before, so she naturally wasn’t in a good mood.

“Iris tectorum is the Latin name of the iris flower. It means rainbow. Since the iris holds various colors, it is even called the flower of light by the French. Therefore, giving Harry the flowers is quite the appropriate move,” Yang Chen explained.

Doubtfully, Lin Ruoxi asked, “Then why didn’t you tell me that when I bought those flowers in the afternoon?”

Yang Chen pouted his lips. “That fellow called you ‘Elder Sister’ but me ‘Uncle’. Do you think I’d still be in the mood to talk about flowers?”

Lin Ruoxi finally realized the difference. So even he cares about how he’s called! She couldn’t help but burst into laughter, instantly getting into a good mood.

“Oh yeah, in the ward earlier, you said you’d return tomorrow to visit Harry. Babe Ruoxi, are you going to skip the fashion week?” Yang Chen asked out of curiosity.

Lin Ruoxi felt discomfort throughout her body when she heard the cheesy form of address. It was lucky that the fellow only called her so privately, otherwise she’d have the urge to choke him to death.

“I’ll attend the event in the morning, and find time to visit Harry in the afternoon. There’s not much that interests me during that period,” Lin Ruoxi answered.

Yang Chen nodded and rubbed his chin. “I need to tell you something beforehand. I’m going to a place tomorrow afternoon to deal with some issues. My old friend came to look for me for that particular reason. I might have to stay till very late; it’s even possible for it to end in the next morning. I’m telling you now so you don’t have to worry about me.”

Lin Ruoxi recalled the emergence of Sauron in the morning. She wanted to ask Yang Chen if he would in danger or not. However, before she managed to speak her mind out, she said in a dull manner, “No one will worry about you. Do whatever you want to, I’ll even feel peace without your presence.”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. He had expected such an answer. “Alright, it’s great then. I’m not trying to imply anything else.”

Lin Ruoxi actually regretted not saying what she had in mind. However, she couldn’t take back what she had spoken. Thus, she maintained an indifferent face and walked out of the hospital with Yang Chen.

A while after leaving the place, doubt filled Yang Chen’s eyes. He stopped moving and turned around to look at the empty hospital entrance.

“What is it?” Lin Ruoxi asked when she noticed Yang Chen stopped following her.

Yang Chen turned back around. Smiling, he said, “It’s nothing much. I was wondering if you should get a present for Harry or not. It’s actually fate that had brought you guys together in France.”

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes flashed. “You’re finally sensible for once. I’ll get something fun for Harry tomorrow.”

Yang Chen nodded with a smile before proceeding to the parked Maybach sedan.

However, upon arriving before the car, Yang Chen immediately stopped Lin Ruoxi from opening the door.

“What happened?” Lin Ruoxi was confused.

Yang Chen let out a strange smile before tapping the rear door.

After around two minutes, the door was pushed open from the inside. A disgusting, pungent smell quickly spread out from within. It was the smell of hormones.

Lin Ruoxi widened her huge eyes in surprise. Her cheeks then flushed instantly to the color of cherry.

The absurd siblings could be seen entangled together with their messy clothing. Their hair was messed up as well, while their foreheads were covered with sweat.

The button on the white shirt worn by Stern had popped out from its place. His face had bite scars and lip prints, not to mention the zipper on his pants was unfastened.

Alice was all the more unbearable. A sticky, embarrassing liquid was found on the snow-white skin in front of her chest. Under her skirt, her stockings had been removed and thrown aside. At the same place… a sexy female underwear could be seen.

Alice caressed her silver hair. Her eyes were watery and cheeks red. It wasn’t known if she was shy or it was simply the residue of the intense exercise. She chuckled and said, “Sorry for letting you wait. You two may come in now.”

If Lin Ruoxi still failed to understand the situation in the car, based on how obvious the scene was, she wouldn’t be just naive, but straight-up stupid.

“You know what? I won’t stop you from doing that something in the car, but remember to clean up after youselves. Otherwise the others would think that it was my wife who had left this smell. This isn’t my style. My wife’s smell would be a lot purer…” siad Yang Chen seriously.

Lin Ruoxi instantly smacked his back. “Stop talking! Aren’t you embarrassed enough?!”

Yang Chen was all the more ridiculous. He was able to make them stop so straightforwardly by giving an embarrassing speech.

When Lin Ruoxi got in the car, her heart was still thumping. She almost crumpled when she realized from the rear mirror that the siblings were still kissing.

Who are these people?! I was almost scared to death this afternoon by the monsters. Although I don’t know what happened, Yang Chen managed to save all of us. But not only did these siblings not ask about the incident, all they wanted was sneak back to the car to do stuff like that! thought Lin Ruoxi.

Originally, Lin Ruoxi expected the siblings to ask about the afternoon as she normally wouldn’t mention past events due to her personality. However, she realized that logical thinking and these weirdos do not go together! Copyright 2016 - 2023