Nursery Rhyme

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In the huge presidential suite of Hotel Sofitel, the set of elegant furniture allowed the room to look like a complete home.

The design and decor of the room were inspired by the French and Roman. One would feel luxury upon stepping foot in the room.

Fresh flowers which were replaced every day were placed in delicate vases at each corner. A certain brand of French perfume was used, causing the room to smell pleasant without being overly pungent.

At this moment, the door of the shower room was pulled open. Lin Ruoxi who had taken a hot bath wore a white pajamas made of real silk provided by the hotel. She used a white towel to dry her wet hair while slowly walking to the window.

The loose pajamas had covered a huge area of her fair skin. Although her flawless curves were hidden, they were as tempting as ever.

The night view in Paris wasn’t as vibrant as the one in Zhonghai. It was a quiet city.

Sighing deeply, Lin Ruoxi stopped wiping her hair with the towel. Turning around, she looked at the wooden antique clock hung on the wall.

It had been more than an hour since Yang Chen was brought away. She had yet to receive any news from him. Although she was confident enough regarding Yang Chen, it still didn’t manage to calm her nerves.

Silently standing in the room alone, Lin Ruoxi was slightly absent minded. She even found the whole situation comical.

It hadn’t been too long since she stopped treating that man as a human being. She even hoped for his death sometimes so that she wouldn’t have to be irritated. She would be reminded of the hell-like night where she lost her purity whenever she saw him.

However, unknowingly, the two had been together for more than a year. They had argued, started cold wars, and joked throughout this period. Every little memory that she had felt like it had happened just yesterday.

Her days of waking up early and returning late suddenly included a man who was never serious about work. However, her days didn’t feel as lonely and dull as before for some reason.

No matter how hard she tried, she wasn’t able to think of a single good thing or character that he possessed. He was lazy, vulgar, and extremely perverted, not to mention he was a smoker. Other men would secretly have an affair if they had one. However, Yang Chen would publicly interact with his other women because his skin was as thick as a steel wall.

He would exasperate her, joke about her, push her into difficult situations, speak sarcastically to her, frighten her, and even make her worry about him…

He appeared obedient on the outside. But at every moment where his actions really counted, he would act to his own will, displaying his machismo to a ridiculous level.

“There isn’t anything likable about a man like that, is there…” murmured Lin Ruoxi. It wasn’t known whom she was asking.

She had a long flight earlier the day after all. After landing in Paris, she was faced with a kidnapping case. Currently, she was actually exhausted.

Lin Ruoxi felt that she was on the verge of collapse. Thus, she walked to the huge comfortable bed and sat down. She had her head lowered but lacked the courage to lie down.”

“If I fall asleep now, will he be back by tomorrow morning?” Lin Ruoxi felt a headache. Painfully shutting her eyes, she shook her head and opened them again. She then mumbled to herself, “There’s nothing good about him at all. Why am I behaving like this? Is it possibly because of his confession to me in that night…”

In her mind, a scene of that night surfaced uncontrollably. It was the night when she dashed out of the restaurant and cried on the street…

...I’m as terrible a man as described, who lives in a different world from you!!! But someone like me!!! Allowed to like someone like you?!

When she recalled the moment, Yang Chen’s voice lingered beside her ears, causing her to feel a little shy. She then burst into laughter.

“Oh my. Why would a man say how terrible he is when making a love confession… You’re really foolish. I’ve never said that I like you, Stupid…

“But if I don’t like him, why am I always thinking about him? Have I… Have I…”

Ring! Ring! The phone rang, stopping her from talking to herself.

Surprised, Lin Ruoxi sat up straight and rubbed the moisture at the corners of her eyes before stretching her arm to pick up the phone in the hotel room.

“Ruoxi, I hope I didn’t disturb you,” said Goodman.

Lin Ruoxi hummed in acknowledgement. She then thought of something and asked hurriedly, “Do you have an update about Yang Chen’s case? Has the lawyer bailed him out yet?”

Goodman sounded embarrassed. “I’ve hired the best lawyer in the entire Paris already but there’s no news from him yet. But don’t worry, I’ll definitely try my best. Nothing will happen to him.”

“Alright… Then is there anything else that you need to say?” Lin Ruoxi felt disappointed when she heard it wasn’t about Yang Chen. Even her tone had gotten cold.

“I believe you’re really tired now and in a bad mood as well. I’m thinking of bringing you to a Thailand massage session in this hotel. They have the best female masseurs. I believe you’ll destress that way. Also, you merely had a stupid burger just now. I’ll bring you to eat—”

“No need.” Lin Ruoxi cut Goodman off directly. “Thank you for your intention. But it’s really late now, I just want to rest.”

Goodman remained quiet for a while. “Alright then. The fashion week starts tomorrow. I’ll pick you up in the morning. Regardless if Mr Yang is able to return by then, our work should not be affected.”

“They’ll be held in Louvre Museum and Tuileries Garden near Place de la Concorde, am I right?” asked Lin Ruoxi.

“You’re right. Ruoxi, you indeed have a good memory,” Goodman answered with a smile.

“You don’t need to pick me up. I’ll go there myself. Just arrange a driver for me. To ensure efficiency, I’ll participate in the fashion week and you’ll be responsible for the communications with the designers and manufacturers. No one will be in charge of the usual operations if you go with me. I find it unnecessary,” Lin Ruoxi said in an indifferent manner.


“The decision is made.” Lin Ruoxi hung up the phone immediately.

Listening to the busy signal on the phone, Goodman was stunned. He then violently slammed the phone on the ground and breathed heavily while his eyes were filled with malice.

“Lin Ruoxi, you may look down on me now, but you’ll belong to me sooner or later…”

Goodman squinted his eyes. Right before he wanted to turn off the lights, his doorbell rang.

Annoyed, Goodman got down from the bed and walked to the door. Through the peephole, he saw a smiling server standing outside.

Frowning, he opened the door and asked, “What do you need? Don’t you know guests have to sleep at this hour?”

The man dressed in a server uniform of the hotel was smiling in silence. He took a black card from behind and delivered it to Goodman.

Goodman found it rather familiar, but didn’t remember when and where he has seen it before.

“What is this?” Goodman asked, confused.

The smile on the server’s face vanished. As his eyes shone, he suddenly drew a pocket-sized pistol. The next moment, the gun barrel was pointed right at Goodman’s forehead!

Dumbstruck, Goodman stared at the gun and finally remembered what the golden sun was. It was the symbol of the kidnappers earlier!

“I have something to discuss with you. Let’s go inside, shall we?” the ‘server’ said coldly.

On the other hand, Lin Ruoxi who had hung up on the call was sitting on her bed absentmindedly. She then sighed silently and planned to turn off the lights. However, the doorbell rang.

Since she stayed in a presidential suite, she normally wouldn’t be disturbed. There were quite a lot of bodyguards standing outside after all.

Lin Ruoxi felt a little doubtful. She had no friends in Paris, while Goodman wouldn’t dare to come over after being rejected.

She put on her slippers and walked to the door. Carefully seeing through the peephole, she was terrified!

All she saw was an eye!

Lin Ruoxi hurriedly rushed back as she hugged her chest. She then realized that she was pranked as someone had blocked the peephole using their eye.

Lin Ruoxi stomped the ground angrily. She wanted to ignore the person outside and go back to bed. However, the person outside started singing.

“Little Ruoxi, please be obedient and open the door. Quickly open the door, your husband is back…”

The voice clearly belonged to Yang Chen!

Lin Ruoxi violently turned around and opened the door. As expected, Yang Chen was standing outside with a naughty smile.

“What do you think about this nursery rhyme? It still sounds good after I changed the lyrics, doesn’t it? Hehe, I’m not the worst candidate for the director of Yu Lei Entertainment, or—”

Yang Chen who was delighted didn’t manage to finish his speech. That was because Lin Ruoxi had leaped into his arms!

Through the thin layer of silk pajamas, Lin Ruoxi’s body was incredibly soft. Her hair had both the smell of shampoo and her body scent. Yang Chen indulged in the fragrance which had filled his nose.

Yang Chen had repeatedly imagined that his wife would one day stop treating him coldly, jump into his arms like any of his other lovers, and allow him to express his love in whichever way he desired.

However, when this moment became a reality, Yang Chen realized that his mind had gone completely blank, for only one reason—the woman in his arms was tearing up... Copyright 2016 - 2024