Throwing After Using

Chapter 2/9

In the police station, a man was yelling loudly at the policemen, causing their ears to suffer.

“What?! You’re saying that Yang Chen was taken away?! Head Bolton, are you crazy? He’s a murderer! Your decision was made without following legal procedures. This is straight-up illegal! You shall be heavily punished!” a bald white man wearing suit and leather shoes yelled and hit the office table in front violently. He was the lawyer named Charmo.

After receiving Goodman’s request, he had swiftly obtained information about Yang Chen via various channel before rushing over. He initially thought Yang Chen would be detained. However, upon his arrival, it was proven otherwise. Upon arriving at the police station, he was told that Yang Chen was released three minutes ago!

Being the officer on duty, Bolton and Fodessa returned to the office and bumped into Charmo.

Fodessa didn’t belong to the police force, hence his silence. Everything was handled by Bolton instead.

Due to the natures of their jobs, Charmo was extremely familiar with Bolton’s identity as the head of the anti-terrorism group. Thus, he didn’t need to speak with respect.

Bolton frowned deeply. He was frustrated enough to witness his superior Fodessa being beaten up earlier. As of right now, he wasn’t in the mood to entertain Charmo. He snorted coldly and said, “Lawyer Charmo, you’re not supposed to make a scene here at the police station. His release was authorized by people far beyond our pay grade. You’re welcome to sue us all you want, but the only party that would suffer is you!”

“Are you threatening me?! Bolton, you fucking fatty, do you know whom you’re speaking to? I’m the best lawyer in Paris, Charmo! There’s no lawsuit that I can’t win, no evil that I can’t smite!” Charmo was completely fearless. Pointing at Bolton’s reddened face, he shouted, “I’ll send the Chinese man Yang Chen to jail. He will be executed for murder!”

Just as Bolton wanted to revolt, he noticed something and immediately dismissed the intention.

Charmo realized that Bolton was looking behind him. He couldn’t help but turn around to have a look, only to find that a middle-aged stranger was standing behind him.

Displeased, Charmo asked, “Who the heck are you? I know everyone in the police station. You don’t belong here.”

The man was Depney who had recently sent Yang Chen off.

Smiling, Depney looked at Charmo from top to bottom. “You’re the guy Charmo from the Gordon Law Firm. The one that everyone considers the best lawyer in Paris?”

“You’re right. That’s me,” Charmo answered, satisfied.

Depney nodded and said, “Did you just say you wanted to send Yang Chen into jail and execute him?”

Confidently, Charmo replied, “You heard it right. What is it? Are you an accomplice in this case?!”

Depney laughed like a maniac. His pale skin turned reddish. Malice soon filled his eyes. With his hoarse voice, he said, “You’re no different from a pig. Unfortunately, although I’m not sure what Yang Chen’s future hold, jail or not, What I do know is that… you shall go there now!”

“What? Are you trying to frighten me? I—”

Before Charmo was able to finish his words, a fist came flying right at his head!


Charmo was totally incapable of dodging Depney’s punch. He directly fell on the ground after receiving the blow, instantly causing his face to swell and him to black out.

Depney took out a white handkerchief and wiped his bloody fist. “Place him in death row and find a date to send him to God.”

Every policeman there paled. There was nothing they could do except looking at Bolton who was the person in charge there.

Bolton exuded cold sweat. No one had expected the highly influential lawyer to be given a death sentence just like that. Bolton was sure that Charmo had to die just because Depney said so. As a result, he signalled two of his subordinates to bring Charmo away. He did not need a reason. He was to scared to ask.

At this moment, Fodessa who had been standing aside walked forward. Facing his superior Depney, he said, “Director, can we discuss about something at a quiet place?”

Depney glanced at him and nodded his head before leaving the office first.

When the two came to an empty walkway, Depney stopped moving. With his back facing Fodessa, he asked, “You’re going to ask who had brought Yang Chen away, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I need an answer. I can’t just watch someone that dangerous be let out without a reason,” Fodessa said while clenching his fists.

Although Depney had his back facing Fodessa, he was still able to tell all his expressions. Snorting in disdain, he said, “You can’t change anything even if you’re not convinced. Let’s not talk about you for now. For me, or even Mr President, we have to obey that lady no matter what, unless we’re prepared for a war amongst the countries. Otherwise… even if Yang Chen was really a terrorist, we still have to release him!”

Fodessa raised his head, confused. “Director, I have no clue who that is.”

“I believe you’ve come across the information from one of the secrets documents in the office regarding the bloody incident nine years ago involving the British and Welsh royal families…” Depney said slowly.

Fodessa was slightly surprised. He had no clue why his superior had brought up the so-called grey history of the scandal among the British royal families. He answered, “Yeah, I remember it clearly. Back then, the British royal family attempted to annihilate the previous Welsh royal family and overthrow them. However, due to the involvement by the Rothschild clan and other unknown parties, Queen Catherine and the young Princess Jane of the Welsh royal family miraculously disappeared for a while before returning safely awhile after. After that, a few core members for the British royal family had somehow died one after another. The Security Service had spent much effort to prevent the scandal from spreading so that the civilians wouldn’t panic.”

“Correct. After that, the heir of the British royal power was none other than the ruler of Wales. Although they exist as a hidden royal family, which means their existence hasn’t been publicly announced yet, the true party in power of the United Kingdom lies in the Welsh royal family...” Depney explained.

Fodessa nodded. “I vividly remember the document. There are indeed too many questions in the incident nine years ago including the survival or Catherine and her daughter Jane and the silence of the Security Service. One has to admit that the Welsh royal family has far exceeded the British both for their behind-the-scenes status and economic influence. Moreover, the heir of the Welsh royal family Princess Jane has now become the core of the British royal research center in addition to the leader in this technologically advanced world. With such an inheritor, the power of the Welsh royal family is already firmly established.”

“You’re right. There are indeed too many unanswered questions. But we shouldn’t worry about them since even the Security Service has remained quiet.” Depney turned around while his eyes shone. With his deep voice, he said, “The person who had contacted me to release Yang Chen isn’t just anyone out there. It was Her Majesty Catherine, the former queen consort, who has just ascended to the throne recently…”

As soon as Depney finished speaking, Fodessa was dumbfounded…

… …


The Rolls Royce slowly proceeded on the roads, so slow that it was no different from walking.

In the carriage, the woman who had sneezed irresponsibly raised her arm and rubbed her tall nose using her violet dress made of silk to wipe her booger off.

She was a tall and slender lady with a tied-up bun. Any signs of aging was not present on her body. Her elegant face contours made her look like an elf in fantasy stories. She exuded an alluring aura, especially due to her emerald eyes and long eyelashes.

If one had to guess her true age, they’d have to judge her curvy figure wrapped in the laced violet dress. The mature woman’s curves were simply unrivalled among young ladies. Every man’s veins would bulge upon seeing her. Moreover, her unintentionally revealed calves were so fair and smooth like the skin of a newborn. It wasn’t something any ordinary man could just resist.

However, such a stunning lady just pulled off the act of a child—wiping her nose using her sleeve.

“Catherine, you’ve just ascended to the throne. Can you finally change your childish habits? Your body is the mature version of Jane, but mentally, you’re only going backwards,” Yang Chen said helplessly. He was sitting beside Edward and opposite the goddess-like Catherine, the queen from the Welsh royal family.

Catherine pouted her bright red lips. She looked like just a seven-year-old girl. “My dear Chenchen, I believe that some bad guy was just thinking of me again. I wouldn’t have sneezed otherwise.”

Yang Chen would stab himself with a knife if he coulduddenly had the undesirable urge to stab himself repeatedly He didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “I’m not talking about if you sneezed or not. But why do you have to use your sleeve instead of a tissue paper?!”

“It’s convenient this way! Taking a tissue is troublesome enough and I even have to throw it away after using one…” Catherine pouted her lips. “You guys are so annoying. This is not the first time that you’ve found out about my bad habits. You’re the same as Janejane. She would correct me all the time at home. I don’t seem to do anything right. Being her mother, I feel that I get no respect. I’m the queen at the end of the day.”

Edward who was sipping on red wine got completely speechless. He hesitated a little and asked, “Erm… Aunt, who told you that you’ll sneeze only when someone misses you? Also, what’s going on with the names Chenchen and Janejane?”

Catherine let out a sweet smile. “When Jane was telling me about the Chinese culture, she said that most Chinese would call the people they’re close with by repeating their names. It’s entirely possible for you to be called Wardward instead.”

Edward quickly shook his head, causing him to almost choke on the wine.

“Oh yeah, Chenchen, you might not know this. Janejane has studied a lot about the Chinese culture to understand your origin more. As you know, I can barely read, but I want to know more about your country as well, so I would ask her to tell me stories every night and fall asleep while listening… But recently, I haven’t had the privilege of listening to those stories. It’s all because of you. You summoned my baby Janejane to China. Now that you came to Paris, Janejane hasn’t come back yet. She’s my only daughter you know…” Catherine said angrily.

Yang Chen had a stiff expression. He had no clue what to say. Just like the first time he met Catherine, he would feel helpless whenever he saw at her proud look.

Gloomily, Edward said, “Aunt, being the queen of Wales and the mistress of the Rothschild clan, you can barely read the only language you speak which is English… This is a shame. Also, you’re almost forty already but you still need your daughter to tell you stories at night. What part of this makes any sense?”

Catherine finally got quiet after listening to Edward. She lowered her head and frowned a little in silence.

Edward felt that he might’ve hurt her feelings. He consoled, “Aunt, I’m not criticizing you. But you should start acting like an adult so that Jane can stop worrying about you.”

Catherine suddenly raised her head, revealing her watery big eyes. Nodding, she said, “I understand now. I’ll be more careful next time… Wardward…”

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