You Should Continue

Chapter 2/8

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Mo Qianni finally realized his true intentions of coming over. Come to think of it, that might have been the only reason why he came!

"I... I want to sleep now." The mere thought of doing that made her feel like she's going crazy. She felt her legs soften as she said that and hurriedly tried to close the door.

However, Yang Chen wouldn't let that fearful rabbit have her way. He pushed hard and brought Mo Qianni's soft and firm figure into his embrace. He turned around and pushed her against a wall!

"You... Mmmmph!"

Just as she was about to say something, her mouth was sealed shut by Yang Chen's passionate kiss.

After being accosted so roughly and swiftly, Mo Qianni felt as if her very soul had been mesmerized by the man before her. She felt a little dazed and her fears had turned into raw passion.

Her breathing gradually got more ragged. Yang Chen's two hands had found their way underneath her clothes and stripped her of her tight-fitting blouse.

Mo Qianni's figure had always been voluptuous to begin with. Even though she was pushed straight against the wall, her rich and curvy figure was still presented in all its glory.

Yang Chen's hands caressed her sensitive spots all over as Mo Qianni's moans got more and more intense. Though she still tried to resist at first out of instinct, her resistance soon became part of their saucy foreplay.

When Yang Chen's hands crept into her black-lace underwear, Mo Qianni's body arched back greatly. She grit her teeth tightly when her sensitive thighs were touched and closed her beautiful eyes, the sight of which caused Yang Chen's eyes to grow more bloodshot.

"Qianqian... You're beautiful..."


There were no words that needed to be said. Mo Qianni was already in cloud nine. She was already inexperienced to begin with and Yang Chen didn't get to see her often, being so busy with his usual tasks. Her long-dormant body had already been ignited by Yang Chen and there was no turning back.

Yang Chen didn't strip the miniskirt Mo Qianni wore off. Instead, he pulled her pantyhose straight down to her knees, exposing her luscious legs.

Yang Chen flipped Mo Qianni and pulled her back against his chest while she laid flat against the wall. Pushing the miniskirt up, Yang Chen rubbed her tight bottoms that looked so fair under the light. He reached one hand out to the lump of softness on her chest and used his other to rub her mysterious spot.

"Ah... Don't..."

However, it only made him become more pumped than before. Even though it wasn't their first time doing it together, he still felt an indescribable sense of satisfaction when he did it with this fine beauty.

Perhaps because he usually wasn't able to spend passionate moments with his lovers often, he was always passionate during the times that he was able to.

Yang Chen himself was wearing a set of simple cotton pajamas, so there wasn't a need for him to remove a belt. He stripped rather quickly and after seeing that Mo Qianni had already melted into a puddle of water, Yang Chen no longer teased the helpless woman.

In a quick breath that was followed by a moan of relief, the two had finally become one.

Mo Qianni felt like like she was a lone boat out at sea and Yang Chen was a raging storm that was making her dance to his tune. Her figure swirled nonstop in the storm and sunk deep into the ocean.

At first, Yang Chen had pushed the helpless woman against the wall. But as it got more intense, the two of them moved the battlefield to the dining table, sofa, and even on the stairs.

After one wave of attack after another, Mo Qianni could no longer tell how many times she had climaxed. All she knew was that her man had limitless energy and seemed to want to bore her body hollow. No matter how much she tried to keep up, he didn’t seem to be slowing down at all.

Some time later, the man who pressed against her body began to slow down his movements. He looked at her with his breath in odd intervals.

Her eyes teared up slightly from the effort with her face still flush red from her climaxes.

"You darned man... You have finally decided to stop. I was on the brink of falling apart..." complained Mo Qianni powerlessly.

Yang Chen snickered and shook his head. "Qianqian, believe me, this isn’t even half of what I am capable of. But, it looks like someone's already back."

Mo Qianni stiffened and thought of something all of a sudden. She turned to look at the entrance. Before anyone noticed, a woman clad in a purple suit entered. It turned out to be Rose, who had returned from her meeting who knows when standing at the entrance and looking at the two with a half smile.


Mo Qianni finally noticed how awkward it truly was and squealed. She clasped Yang Chen tight and buried her head into his chest, not daring to move one bit.

She had thought that Rose was sleeping upstairs. Though she was worried that she would startle her at first and cause Rose to find out about what they were doing downstairs, she no longer thought as much when she felt the rush build up. Yet, Rose wasn’t even home like she originally thought! She had just returned!

Rose tried to stifle a laugh. She looked sneakily at Yang Chen as she walked past the two of them and coughed audibly. "I swear I didn't see anything. You may continue."

After that, Rose put her hand against her mouth and slowly went upstairs, in an incredibly obvious effort not to laugh.

Mo Qianni was already going to cry. At that moment, her two jade-white thighs were being held by Yang Chen's hands as she hugged onto his body like a koala bear. Her whole body was dirty and when she looked back, the trail of evidence that they had left behind was extremely evident.

For her to be seen by Rose in such a state, she would no doubt become a laughingstock for her in the future.

Even though both of them had slept in the same bed with Yang Chen before, the current situation was far more embarrassing and extraordinary than before!

"It's all your fault! You can't be here!" Mo Qianni bared her fangs and bit down on Yang Chen, leaving behind two rows of cute teeth marks. She pouted and said, "I'll become her laughingstock from now on. Are you satisfied?!"

"Ack, Qianqian, how could you bite me? Are you a little puppy or something?" Yang Chen laughed and found it rather interesting as Mo Qianni usually didn't behave that sassily.

Mo Qianni merely pouted and didn't say anything else.

Yang Chen shook his head exasperatedly. "What are you afraid of? I'll just drag Rose downstairs and have her strip before you and do her a few times on the stairs as well. Even out the playing field abit, no?"

Mo Qianni's eyes flashed before she glared at Yang Chen and said, "You're really turning into a tyrant as each day passes, for you to still be able to think of things like that."

"Since you still have the energy to talk back, I don't think you're satisfied yet," said Yang Chen with a smile, before he started moving right after he finished his sentence.

Mo Qianni's face paled and she was pushed down again after her futile attempt at resistance.

A dozen of minutes later, Yang Chen finally stopped altogether, satisfied that he had unloaded his stock after quite a while.

Mo Qianni still glared at Yang Chen with contempt and said, "You're going to drag Rose down, right?"

After kissing her on the cheeks, he said exasperatedly, "I didn't think Qianqian would be so mindful of Rose. I bet that you'll hold it against me for life if I didn’t show you her shameful side today as well."

"Hmph, I'm not as bad as you," Mo Qianni said stubbornly, "I'm only doing this out of camaraderie. Since she's also your woman, she deserves equal treatment."

"Tsktsk... So this is how women honor camaraderie," said Yang Chen, feigning seriousness.

Mo Qianni pretended to not have heard anything and gave Yang Chen a push as she said teasingly, "Quick! Don't let Rose escape!"

Yang Chen pinched her on the nose and called her stubborn before he went to the second floor with a loud laugh.

Rose had long heard their conversation from upstairs and knew that there was no way she could resist. However, she didn't want to be pressed against the stairs like Mo Qianni, so she quickly positioned herself between the blankets and pretended to rest.

Yang Chen was obviously aware of what she was planning. But his appetite was already whetted. Now that Mo Qianni was already that worn out, he couldn't bring himself to do her any longer. However, Rose had much better endurance, so there's no way he'd let her escape.

Switching on the lights in Rose's room, Yang Chen pulled the blanket off Rose without hesitation.

She had already changed into her silken pajamas. Blocking the light and pretending like it was too bright for her eyes, she grogilly said, "Hubby, I'm already tired... I'll get back to you tomorrow..."

"Rose my dear, no director would hire you to play an acting role even if is just a second-rate role," said Yang Chen with a shake of his head.

Rose knew that any further attempts would be futile, so she sat up solemnly and said, "Hubby, do you know what I did today?"


"I was talking to Green Dragon Society's Liu Wingshan about the expansion of the Minnan area. The An family has already agreed to be our partner and we plan to start negotiating with some of the triads over at Minnan during the next month," said Rose seriously.

Shrugging, Yang Chen said, "Alright, noted. Now, let's get to business."

Seeing Yang Chen about to jump her, Rose knew that there was no use avoiding it. Even though she didn't necessarily hate doing the deed and even rather liked it, she didn't want to be seen by Mo Qianni. So, she said with a flushed face, "Hubby... Wait... Let's... let's just stay in our room, alright? Don't... Don't go down there..."

Yang Chen's hand had already landed on Rose's soft hips and gave it a soft pinch. Because she trained in martial arts, Rose's body was built quite well, firm and supple.

"No problem. Let's do it here. After all, that rascal had already come up because she could no longer wait downstairs," said Yang Chen as he motioned his head to the door.

Rose shifted her gaze to the door and was startled at the revelation. She saw that Mo Qianni, who had a cloak around her, was already breathing hard at the entrance of her room, waiting to watch a good show.

Before Rose could do anything else, Yang Chen already pinned her down impatiently and stripped off her pants before throwing her purple underwear to one side.

The mere thought of how Mo Qianni was going to witness the whole thing caused Rose to cover up her embarrassed face with both her hands. She didn't think that Yang Chen would go all out right from the start and raise both her legs to his own shoulders before piercing it in!


She couldn't help but cry out in surprise, having been penetrated all the way before she prepared herself.

"Hubby... go lighter!"

"Haha, Qianqian is already standing there impatiently waiting for our show to begin. We have to get in position."

"Don't worry! Hubby, do your best! I think Sister Rose is rather enjoying it!"

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