Helps Digestion

Chapter 1/8

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Within a presidential suite in the top floor of the Jade Clouds Hotel, the warm lights illuminated the Zhonghai-made goatskin rug on the ground whose intricate floral patterns resembled fresh flowers.

The faint fragrance of a women wafted through the air, mixed with the fragrance of green tea which was enough to rejuvenated one's psyche.

Christen was clad in a silver nightgown with her blonde hair let down. She looked like the masterpiece of a master sculptor, with each and every curve on her body accentuated perfectly to reflect her person.

She was seated in a soft leather chair with an intricate clay teacup covered with pictures of green clouds in her hand as she enjoyed the peace and quiet that the night brought. To top it all off, she was drinking a cup of tea which someone had delivered prior.

The room wasn't quiet because Christen was in the room alone. Instead there was another woman seated beside Christen that made not the slightest sound, much like a tranquil, gentle but firm lily.

Lin Ruoxi sat on a guest chair made of cloth with a cup of tea in her hands. However, she has yet to drink but one sip from her cup, and instead sat there in heavy contemplation.

After the two sat together in a long moment of silence, Christen seemed to no longer be able to stand it. She asked, "How should I address you? Boss Lin? Sister? Or simply Ruoxi?"

Stunned with her mouth half agape, Lin Ruoxi asked, "So you really are actually close to him, aren’t you?"

"I guess you can say that. In fact, we've known each other for the past five years. However, he was only around 20 back then and hadn't lived for long. So, I guess you can say that we've known each other for a long time," mumbled Christen to herself.

Lin Ruoxi seemed a little confused at what she heard. What's with 'he was only around 20' and 'he hadn't lived for long'? Does she think she's some old granny? Christen should only be in her twenties, right?

However, Lin Ruoxi didn’t ponder for too long. "I've never seen anyone who presented themselves as someone close to him before. You're the first to call him a friend."

When Christen heard that, she couldn't help but feel surprise. "Didn't he bring you to see his cursed bunch? Those people would be trampling all over each other to meet you. You are the wife he picked, after all."

"That bunch?" Lin Ruoxi probed, "What kind of people are they?"

Christen giggled and said, "I know... You've come today on a quest to understand what kind of man your husband really is. Perhaps you want to know about his past?"

Lin Ruoxi's cheeks flushed slightly red. She did indeed have such intentions. However, she didn't have a choice. It was too awkward for her to ask the man himself. Now that someone who knew him well had come to Zhonghai, Lin Ruoxi couldn't hold her curiosity and sought out Christen to ask her about it, despite how unusual Christen was.

Christen laughed really hard before she said, "You're blushing! You're actually shy! God... That boring fellow actually found himself such an interesting wife! It's no wonder he chose you to be his partner. You're far more interesting than Seventeen!"

Just as Lin Ruoxi was starting to get frustrated, she seemed to have caught that unique name. She looked up and asked doubtfully, "Seventeen? Who's Seventeen?"

This time around, Christen didn't laugh. Instead, she asked with shock, "You don't know who Seventeen is?"

"Should I? Who's that? Is that person someone important?" Lin Ruoxi couldn't help but ask.

Christen raised her brows before her perfect face donned a playful expression. "Tsk tsk tsk, he actually didn't tell you about Seventeen... The moment I met you, I thought the reason he chose you was that you kind of remind me of her in a way, all the way from your looks, vibe, and especially your gaze. It's like you're another Seventeen. Even though you're far more beautiful than her, I doubt that's the reason you caught his attention.

"I really didn't think that he wouldn't mention Seventeen to you before. Since that's the case, I won't talk about her too much, or he'll chew me out for being a gossip."

Lin Ruoxi fell into silence for a moment before she looked into Christen's eyes. "Tell me, please. I really want to know who Seventeen is. You have no reason to hide it, since you've already let it out. I doubt you're someone who can keep things in. It must be making you feel quite bad, having to hold back on talking about all that, right?"

Christen felt quite startled, before she revealed an annoyed smile.


The door was closed with an audible click.

A slender hand felt for a switch near the wall. With a flick, the lights in the villa were switched on.

Under the warm glow, Mo Qianni removed her alluring black high heels and rubbed her sore legs with a sigh of relief.

The leg that was wrapped beneath the black-lace stockings were smooth beyond compare. Mo Qianni had one hand pushing against the wall with her body arched downwards in a rather inelegant posture. But since she was at home, she didn't really mind it.

Every time she got home from work, she felt a small inkling in her that told her she should be hating the job. She had even resolved herself to return home early and enjoy a meal at home many times but as usual, it ended up as just empty words in thin air.

Nowadays, living together with Rose made her realize that she might have masochistic tendencies. The abrupt rhythm of Rose's life was heaven and earth when compared to her own.

Then again, Rose had survived amidst rains of bullets and forests of guns. While Mo Qianni's job was tiring, her life wasn't endangered at the very least.

Mo Qianni finished rubbing her feet and removed her hair clip, letting her long, raven-black hair in the process. She then placed her handbag on a nearby wooden shelf and looked at the clock hanging on her wall. It was already ten thirty.

Not knowing whether Rose was already asleep, Mo Qianni sighed. Even though she technically had a roommate now, it was no different from living alone.

She made her way to the kitchen on the first floor and opened the refrigerator and got out some frozen food packed neatly in a container. She had intended to make some simmered dumplings and such, but she no longer had any energy left to make a full dinner.

Just as she was about to open the bag of frozen dumplings, Mo Qianni heard a familiar voice from behind. "You're gonna have frozen food instead of a proper meal?" said the voice in an oddly accusatory, but worried tone.

Mo Qianni turned backwards fiercely and saw that the bad man she hadn't seen for days was within a few feet away from her!

Yang Chen was wearing his cotton pajamas as if he was in the comforts of his own home, leaning lazily on the frame of the door, smiling at Mo Qianni.

"Y—you... why are you here?" she couldn't help but ask. Had it not been for her familiarity with his voice, she would've thought that a robber had broken in.

Yang Chen stepped forward and stretched both his hands out to pinch Mo Qianni's cheeks. "Little Qianqian, don't you think that now is the appropriate time to leap into your man's arms and say 'I've missed you!' or 'You frightened me!'? Why are you interrogating me so coldly from so far away?"

Mo Qianni rolled her eyes and patted on Yang Chen's chest with a mix of anger and laughter. "I may dabble in romance but I am far from a disgusting romantic. You only startled me, that's all. You can come and go all you want, I couldn't care less."

In fact, given Yang Chen's skills, Mo Qianni knew that there were numerous ways he could enter her residence.

"Well, they say that marriage marks the death of passionate love. Yet, why am I feeling nothing from you anymore even though we're not married?" said Yang Chen with frustration.

Mo Qianni snapped, "You disappear like that after a day or two and remain unseen for a week or more. Do you expect me to serve you every time I meet you like you are some emperor?"

Hearing how salty she sounded, Yang Chen hurriedly took a step back and tried to console her with a smile. "Well, I've been busy, you know. The things at Yu Lei are really giving me a huge headache. I'm not as capable as you, Little Qianqian, and I get worn out quicker than most when it comes to these things."

Mo Qianni humphed and smirked. "Is that it? I want to hear you praise me more."

Yang Chen said seriously, "Well, I won't beat around the bush. How about this? I'll make my beloved Little Qianqian a grand supper."

"Supper?" Mo Qianni looked around and said, "There isn't anything else but some boring frozen food here. Are you going to cook? If you are, I’m going to die of starvation before you even finish."

Yang Chen wagged his finger and said, "I'm not that foolish. Just wait here Babe. I'll be back."

After that, Yang Chen vanished out of the hall and left Mo Qianni alone staring from the kitchen wide-eyed.

After a few moments, Mo Qianni snapped out of her stupor. "What's that about supper?! He just disappeared!"

Seeing that the door to the hall had been opened, Mo Qianni had no choice but to swallow her frustration and go shut it. But just as she reached the entrance, Yang Chen appeared before her once more.

But this time around, he held two plates in his hands.

"Hehe, how's this? This is Wang Ma's spicy chicken and iron-plate-grilled beef. You know Wang Ma always cooks more than we can eat. We couldn’t even get around to eating these dishes! I brought it here for you, so heat it up with your microwave and it's ready to be eaten," said Yang Chen gleefully.

Looking at the fragrant dishes before her, Mo Qianni swallowed audibly. She asked doubtfully, "Did you go back home to bring these dishes here?"

Only around ten seconds had passed, yet that man had managed to make a round trip from home and brought two dishes with him! Apart from the meters of distance he had to travel, he also had to go past the walls into his house!

Yang Chen nodded. He entered the house and put the dishes on the table. "Heat it up first. I'll get you some rice to accompany the dshes."

When he finished his sentence, he ran back again.

Mo Qianni's gaze followed Yang Chen outside and looked at the dishes on her table. It was like she was dreaming.

A complex feeling of warmth she found hard to describe rose in her heart when she thought about the food that appeared out of nowhere. Perhaps, only that unusual man could afford to do romantic things such as these.

Not long after, Yang Chen returned with a large bowl of rice and a plate of vegetables. He had wanted to go back to take more, but Mo Qianni stopped him. It was quite weird for him to travel so far just to get her some food when she thought about it.

After heating up the food, Mo Qianni started eating her not-so-suppery supper. Yang Chen on the other hand was watching her eat with an intense gaze as if he derived pleasure from watching her eat.

Apart from the ringing of the old-style clock in the hall, there wasn't any other noise. Though Mo Qianni was really hungry, she didn't make a sound when she ate. Instead, she felt a little annoyed and charmed at the same time, seeing Yang Chen watch her eat like that.

Some twenty minutes later, Mo Qianni tried hard to finish her second bowl of rice under Yang Chen's incessant pestering and even burped, much to her red-faced embarrassment.

Yang Chen then transported the dishes back to wrap up their meal. He didn't really worry about whether Wang Ma would be surprised by the vanishing food when she woke up the next day.

Mo Qianni thought that he wouldn't return after bringing the dishes back. Just as she was about to close the door, Yang Chen appeared in front of her once more.

"Y—you... Why are you back?" asked Mo Qianni with a pout.

Yang Chen smiled teasingly and asked, "Baby, are you full?"

"How can I not be? I ended up stuffed because of you!"

"Now that you're full, I'm sure you're feeling energetic again huh?" Yang Chen's smile turned more apparent by the moment. "Why don't we do some exercises to aid with the digestion?"

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