I Just Want to Do This

Chapter 12/15

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Zeng Mao neither confirmed nor denied that statement. His silence could have been said be acceptance.

Zeng Mao put down his wine glass before lifting the TV remote control and pressing the mute button. He then said to Yang Chen, “So why did you drink it even after having known that it was poison?”

“It’s the same reason as me coming here when you thought that I wouldn’t have.”

“How do you know that? I don’t think you should come here, but my doors were wide open to welcome you inside,” Zeng Mao said as he disagreed.

Yang Chen moved his butt to a more comfortable position on the sofa. “If you think that I would’ve come, you should’ve prepared more than tens of guns to take me out, and riddle me with bullets the moment I exited my car. This way, you won’t have to disappoint your dead, foolish grandson, am I right?”

Zeng Mao squinted, but didn’t seem to be enraged after Yang Chen insulted Zeng Xinlin. “Xinglin was indeed a bit dumb. But you need to be reminded that young men do foolish things. He was just unlucky this time as I wasn’t quick enough to be there to wipe his ass for him.”

“Haha,” Yang Chen laughed. “My wife always complains about how rude I talk. I heard that you were a powerful politician. Why do you then talk this rude as well?”

“Don’t all politicians act differently underground?” Zeng Mao asked, contented.

Yang Chen smiled faintly as he looked around.

“What are you looking for?”

“Someone,” Yang Chen said honestly.

He was looking for Gao Guoxiong. It was that fellow who helped Zeng Mao gather such a huge sum of finance. Since Yang Chen had come all the way here, he was expecting to kill two birds with one stone. However, Yang Chen was surprised to feel the presence of no one else in this room other than Zeng Mao, while Yuan Hewei said Gao Guoxiong was here as well.

“You’re looking for Gao Guoxiong, aren’t you? He left right before you came,” Zeng Mao answered in all honesty.

Yang Chen appeared to have think of something. Frowning, he said, “The trap you set up is so simple. The poisoned wine is obviously for me, and you opened the door for me to enter the place you’re hiding in. This means you willingly let your location be known to Yuan Hewei, didn’t you?”

Yang Chen had found it weird since the start. If Zeng Mao really was so influential that all banks in Zhonghai had to listen to his command, how would Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu figure out his location so easily?

It was said that even a powerful dragon couldn’t crush a snake in its haunt. But in this case, why didn’t the snake hide in its haunt when the dragon wasn’t trying to crush it?

It was slowly becoming obvious that Zeng Mao was merely a distraction for Yang Chen.

“You’re right.” Zeng Mao nodded. “I knew you weren’t an ordinary person, so I didn’t think I could defeat you right from the start. Of course, I would still be glad to see you fall if it’s possible. However, it isn’t very likely to happen judging by the situation. So making a move on the people around you is probably the wiser choice.”

Yang Chen’s eyes turned cold while his smile dissipated. “Do you know that I find it more despicable when people try to harm my family instead of coming straight at me?”

“I know how it feels, since I instantly fainted when I was notified of my grandson’s death in Beijing, while the reason was you.” Zeng Mao held a bitter smile. “So I don’t ask that you die, I only wish for your family to be annihilated… Partnering up with Gao Guoxiong to strike Yu Lei International is only my second objective.”

“You look very rational. But why choose to do something so foolish?” Yang Chen asked.

“In this world, not everything should be looked at with a rational mind .” Zeng Mao slowly shut his eyes, and appeared to be in contemplation.

Yang Chen took the bottle of red wine and gulped a mouthful again. “Are you prepared to die now?”

Zeng Mao opened his eyes and looked at the wine bottle in Yang Chen’s hand. “I really want to know. This poison is a newly developed bacteria. Is it really… ineffective toward you?”

“Even a 40-million-dollar toxin does no harm to me. What more this weak poison?” Yang Chen wasn’t willing to waste anymore. Although Rose and her people were nearby his house, he still couldn’t be at ease. If Gao Guoxiong brought mercenary-level armies over there, Rose wouldn’t be able to hold them off.

Yang Chen sent a message to Molin from Sea Eagles using his phone. Even if many of the members were recovering from injuries, sending one or two elites there would be a huge help.

Yang Chen planned to end the fellow’s life right away, but suddenly felt the presence of a familiar figure.

Dressed in a black trench coat with a belt tied to her waist, Cai Ning appeared to have walked out from the wind. When she approached Yang Chen, her hair was still swaying about.

Yang Chen hadn’t met her in a while. Her was sunk in, but the resolution and coldness in her eyes were still the same.

“You can’t kill him,” Cai Ning said.

Yang Chen smiled. “You used hidden weapons to obliterate the bodyguards outside before coming in, but you’re telling me not to take action now. Don’t you find it ironic?”

It wasn’t hard for Yang Chen to guess why she was here. He had always been tightly observed, while such a huge commotion happened in Yu Lei International. Yellow Flame Iron Brigade must’ve paid attention to his actions, so Cai Ning’s emergence was totally logical. He was just curious why Cai Ning came to stop him, knowing that her efforts would end up futile.

Zeng Mao didn’t expect such an event to take place. “Who are you…”

Even if he was most likely to die, he had been wondering where his bodyguards had gone. So they were all killed by this woman!

Cai Ning ignored Zeng Mao. “The Zeng clan won’t stop hunting you down after his death, and his students will not sit aside. They might not do anything to you, but have you considered that your family and the other people close to you will all be affected due to your repeated murders? You may be able to kill one or two clans, but are you going to end the lives of everyone who wants to go against you? Every single one of those people are influential government officials. You’ll only give rise to a public outrage at last!”

Yang Chen remained quiet. He was aware that he couldn’t kill every single of his and Lin Ruoxi’s enemies. However, no arrows would turn back after being shot out from the bow. He only had one path that would lead him to the end.

“Girl, which clan are you from? Didn’t your seniors tell you how they would be affected if you stepped in?” Zeng Mao said seriously.

He was willing to be killed by Yang Chen, since his death would cause terror to the highly ranked individuals, especially those from the top clans in Beijing.

Yang Chen’s name had been spread all around. He had wiped out the Xu and Lie clans, and was rumored to have a conflict with Ning Guodong from the Ning clan. Although Zeng Mao didn’t completely understand the internal affairs, he was able to tell that the awareness of various parties for Yang Chen had been raised.

He only needed to ignite the fire, and a lot more people would naturally head for Yang Chen, or do harm to the people around him.

However, Cai Ning seemed to have the intention to mess up his plan currently.

Cai Ning stared at Yang Chen with her cold eyes. At last, Yang Chen still shook his head.

“You’re still unwilling to stop, aren’t you?” Cai Ning smiled sorrowfully. “I should’ve guessed it from the start.”

“I don’t know if I have to face more troubles in the future, but I definitely have a lot of problems if I don’t kill him now.”

As soon as Yang Chen finished speaking, he wanted to end Zeng Mao’s life immediately. “Stop!” Cai Ning yelled.

Yang Chen doubtfully looked at the woman who was behaving strangely. He could identify certain things from her cold face.

It wasn’t known when Cai Ning started holding a Soul-mourning Needle. The skull on the needle made of silver slowly turned black, while its body glowed in a white glare.

This hidden weapon would deal incredibly high damage together with its terrifying poison. It wasn’t used often as it was rare, unless it was for deep hatred.

“What do you mean?” Yang Chen looked at this complex woman as he was wondering what he should do if Cai Ning struck an attack at him.

Zeng Mao frowned as he was confused by the situation, but he hoped that Yang Chen and Cai Ning would start fighting, so that he would have a chance to live.

“I don’t mean anything else,” Cai Ning said slowly. “I just want to… do this.”

As soon as she finished speaking, in the blink of an eye, a hole appeared in Zeng Mao’s throat, causing black-colored blood to flow out from there…

Zeng Mao revealed a dumbfounded look before falling on the ground.

Yang Chen felt that his heart contract violently. His astonished gaze fell upon Cai Ning…

Cai Ning withdrew her hand which had fired a Soul-mourning Needle, before letting out an unprecedented, brilliant smile, which was not unlike the sun that dispersed the cold, but made Yang Chen feel desolate.

So… her smile looks this good…

… …

At the same time, Guo Xuehua and Lin Ruoxi sat together with Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu as they chatted happily in the living hall of the old villa.

Wang Ma and Zhenxiu were busy preparing dinner, as there were two more guests who could be considered their relatives. Wang Ma was really excited. Her face had said it all.

Zhenxiu had moved into this family for quite a while now. She more or less understood the past of Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi, and slowly felt that she was a true member of the family. She turned from being a rebellious girl to a serious one. She even looked like a polite lady when she cooked.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The door of the house was suddenly knocked loudly.

“Who is it? Why haven’t they used the doorbell instead?” Wang Ma complained.

“I’ll go open the door.” Zhenxiu wiped her hands on her apron and jogged to the door. She saw that Guo Xuehua and the others were talking, so she decided to do the job.

However, before Zhenxiu opened the door, a huge force was applied to the door…


A loud thud echoed. The huge wooden door collapsed under the force of the person that slammed into it from the outside!

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