Chapter 11/15

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Yuan Hewei felt strange for Yang Chen’s question. “Why would you need to know”

“Since I know the root cause of all this trouble, won’t everything be over once I deal with him?” Yang Chen said.

Frowning, Yang Jieyu said, “Yang Chen, please don’t act recklessly. Even if you’re really good in fighting, you must know that Zeng Mao had given up his position as the clan master of the Zeng clan just to take revenge on you guys by his own hand and not the hand of another. This means he is prepared to go all out. Having served in the government for so many years, he naturally has protection from experts. Also, every powerful person has armed bodyguards around. How are you going to defeat him this way?”

In Yang Jieyu’s heart, even if she knew Yang Chen practised unusual martial arts, she didn’t think anyone in this world could face bullets head on.

“Yeah, Yang Chen, Mom knows that you’re pissed. I’m really pissed as well.” Guo Xuehua sighed, “I didn’t think an old senior like Zeng Mao would suddenly come to Zhonghai to take revenge on two juniors such as yourselves. I have read about Zeng Xinlin in the newspaper before. Didn’t he commit suicide after Changlin Media lost to Yu Lei International? Even if he was really killed by you, it was him who courted his own death. Why is Zeng Mao so shameless?”

“Sister-In-Law,” Yang Jieyu called as she looked at Guo Xuehua with a complicated gaze. “It’s the love of a family. Zeng Xinlin died before Zeng Mao did, while he was his most highly regarded grandson. It’s only natural that he has chosen to give up hi reputation. Sister-In-Law, think about it. If someone… kills one of your sons, will you still care about your fame?”

Guo Xuehua’s body shivered slightly before glancing at Yang Chen. She then lowered her head with her brows furrowed. She obviously agreed with Yang Jieyu’s words.

In this world, blood relations were the strongest, and also the most terrifying!

Contemplation filled Yang Chen’s eyes. He turned his head to look at Lin Ruoxi, and realized she was looking at him quietly as well.

The gazes of the two met. Smiling, Yang Chen asked, “Dear, what do you think I should do?”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes. She was impressed that he had never failed to hold a smile on his face no matter the situation. “Would you even have listened to me if I had told you that I don’t want you to kill ?”

“Who said I was going to kill?” Yang Chen said with an innocent face.

“Then what do you want to do?” Lin Ruoxi asked in doubt.

Yuan Hewei, Yang Jieyu, and Guo Xuehua were all curiously waiting for Yang Chen’s answer as well.

Yang Chen waved his hand. “I’m just going to have a talk with him, ask him if he’s willing to stop his scheme, and only kill if he isn’t. Even I don’t enjoy doing things that spoil my mood anyways.”

“This is the same as a murder, since he most definitely wouldn’t give up after going this far. He wouldn’t have started otherwise.” Lin Ruoxi gave him a furious stare.

“This is called a negotiation, not murder. You make it sound so terrible.” Yang Chen waved his hand.

“Yang Chen, you can’t go. You won’t be able to return if you do!”

“Then tell me what we should do,” Yang Chen said to Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu. To him, the most straightforward method to solve a problem was to kill, but it wouldn’t remove the root cause this way. Although Zeng Mao claimed to have left the Zeng clan so that his clan members wouldn’t be affected. However, only the heavens knew if his loyal clan members were still serving him or not.

Yang Chen wasn’t afraid of killing him, but the consequences he had to face in the future would be most annoying for him.

Yuan Hewei said, “I came today to discuss with you guys. We’ll provide funds to Yu Lei and borrow loans on behalf of the Yuan clan. Everything can be done within a day, or two at most. With enough finance, I believe you and Athena Team under your lead will be able to defeat the international associations.”

The ice on her face had surprisingly defrosted. She smiled faintly and said, “Thank you. I didn't think that there was anyone that would so willingly land us a hand.”

The finance needed by Yu Lei was tremendous. Even if the Yuan clan was able to provide assistance, their business chains would be affected if they did so. A lot of business operations required significant cash flows after all. However, Yuan Hewei still came over with his wife. This was enough to prove their sincerity.

“Of course, we’re a family after all,” Yang Jieyu said with a smile.

“Actually… we don’t lack funds,” Lin Ruoxi said as she glanced at Yang Chen.

Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu were stunned. Don’t lack funds? They then noticed Lin Ruoxi peeping at Yang Chen, and were able to make certain assumptions.

“If that’s the case, I guess we’ve overreacted.” Although Yuan Hewei was astonished by Yang Chen’s ability to provide so much cash, he still smilingly answered, “Then I guess Yu Lei isn’t in trouble anymore. However, if Zeng Mao fails this time, he might strike a second time. His influence is still major. He will still gather forces for an attack like this time.”

“I’m not afraid of him,” Lin Ruoxi said coldly. She then suddenly said, “The Zeng clan must ahve back up. They have so much finance from overseas. There must be someone else trying to harm me.”

“It’s Gao Guoxiong,” Yuan Hewei answered. “But this is all we know. There are still certain things that even we would have trouble finding out.”

Lin Ruoxi was surprised. “I thought he was still in jail.”

“Gao Guoxiong is a wealthy businessman from Singapore. Each country has their own security policies. With Zeng Mao’s help, it wasn’t actually to difficult for him to have gotten out,” Yuan Hewei said with a smile. “Unfortunately, they seem like they’re going to lose this time.”

Yang Chen rubbed his chin. He pondered for a while before saying, “If that’s the case, tell me Gao Guoxiong’s location as well.”

“Do you really want to go?” Yuan Hewei asked impatiently.

Yang Chen nodded. “I’m not a brainless man. You need not worry to tell me his coordinates. Of course, if you don’t plan to tell me, I can do find out myself.”

Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu smiled bitterly as they looked at each other, while Lin Ruoxi and Guo Xuehua remained quiet while looking solemn. They were aware that no one in this house could stop Yang Chen from doing anything, once he had made a decision.

After obtaining the coordinates, Yang Chen stood up lazily as he planned to leave the house.

Lin Ruoxi hesitated for a while before asking, “When will you come back?”

“Erm…” Yang Chen turned his head around with a smile. “Very quick.”

“We’ll wait for you at home for dinner,” Lin Ruoxi said gently.

Joy filled Yang Chen’s eyes while he hurriedly turned around to leave.

After Yang Chen left, Lin Ruoxi said, “If you’re both free later, you may stay for dinner.”

Guo Xuehua looked at Lin Ruoxi as she felt satisfied. Although her daughter-in-law was always cold, her heart was rather warm while she was quite thoughtful. Unfortunately, she couldn’t seem to amend her talking habit.

“We almost always have things to do, but since my niece has invited us to stay, we can’t reject your offer during our first time here, can we? We can also talk about Yang Chen with you. We’re still wondering how you two got married, being completely different people from different worlds.”

Lin Ruoxi instantly blushed after listening to her. Getting married? It’s all because of the irreversible night, but I can’t just tell this story to them, she thought as she felt a headache.

“Look, my daughter-in-law is shy already. Sister-In-Law, let’s not tease this child anymore. What if she follows Yang Chen out later just to avoid seeing us?” Guo Xuehua said happily. This time, the atmosphere had gotten a lot better, but Lin Ruoxi’s cheeks flushed, while her jaw was lowered so much that it almost touched her chest.

In the west of Zhonghai, there was an area with newly built villas, while most of them were still empty. A lot of the houses were bought as investments, so only a few janitors could be occasionally seen.

A white BMW slowly drove into a boulevard.

Yang Chen came to this place following his navigation system according to the location given by Yuan Hewei. He felt rather gloomy when he drove here. Why the heck did this Zeng Mao buy a villa here? Is he thinking of settling down in Zhonghai after all this?

Yang Chen was even wondering if the information given by Yuan Hewei was accurate or not, but the cautious Yuan Hewei wasn’t one to make such fundamental mistakes. He must have someone monitoring the situation for him, otherwise he wouldn't dare to provide the specific address.

The bungalow had a house number of 288 in this area. When Yang Chen parked outside the house, he noticed there this place was nearby a manmade river.

Tens of bodyguards dressed in black were patrolling the villa, appearing particularly eye-catching at this quiet place.

Yang Chen got off the car and walked toward the villa. He wasn’t stopped by any of the guards, as if they had expected his arrival.

On the contrary, one of the guards opened the door and made a gesture to invite him inside.

A smile was revealed on the corners of Yang Chen’s lips. It looks like Zeng Mao had mapped out his strategy. I wonder how much he knows about me. How is he this confident? he thought.

Back then, Zeng Xinlin partnered up with Xu Zhihong to hire international merceneries to go after Yang Chen, but have gotten killed themselves instead. Zeng Mao must be aware about this. Thus, Yang Chen couldn’t help but get curious when he was this magnanimous.

He walked into the house decorated with black and brown flooring. The chandelier was made of crystals caused the environment to look elegant and peaceful.

There was a fifty-inch LED television which currently playing political news. There sat an old man with grey hair in front. He leisurely raised his glass of Lafite before taking a small sip.

Zeng Mao looked behind when he heard that the door opened. He examined Yang Chen as if he was looking at something interesting. At last, he let out a relaxed smile, looking like a kind, ordinary old man.

“Care for a drink?” Zeng Mao raised her crystal glass containing red liquid.

Yang Chen slowly walked toward the sofa before getting himself seated. He then took the bottle of Lafite which was just opened and gulped the wine.

“Ah…” Yang Chen exhaled in satisfaction. He swallowed the red wine worth tens of thousands of yuan like it was a fifty-cent soda drink.

“Young Man, how would you be able to appreciate the taste of the wine this way?” Zeng Mao said, dissatisfied.

Yang Chen grinned, revealing his teeth which were stained with the red wine. Smiling, he answered, “This wine is poisoned anyway. There’s no one crazy enough to drink this except me, is there not?” Copyright 2016 - 2024