Chapter 1/15

I can feel your love yesterday. I almost regretted abandoning you all when you were young. :/

Yang Chen’s breath became heavier and heavier as he slowly felt himself turn into an insane beast, when suddenly, a deafening noise echoed throughout the entire building of the resort!

Bweee! Bweee!

It was so loud that it could shatter a person’s eardrums, which immediately notified Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi who were in bed that something was up.

It’s the fire alarm?!

Yang Chen jumped down from the bed instinctively before putting on his clothes and coat. At the same time, he threw Lin Ruoxi’s pants and coat onto the bed before asking her to wear them.

The sudden turn of events made Lin Ruoxi forget what she was supposed to do. Fortunately, Yang Chen didn’t panic in the disaster, and he pulled her back to reality.

This fire alarm couldn’t have come at a worse time… Yang Chen smiled bitterly. What the heck is going on? I’ve been waiting for the past six months to finally sleep with my wife, but some part of this place suddenly caught on fire somehow?!

If it wasn’t because he knew it was impossible, he might even suspect this to be a doing of the little vixen An Xin.

“Guests, please pay attention. Guests, please pay attention. A few areas have caught fire due to a short circuit in the heater of our guesthouse. Please watch out for the fires and leave in an orderly fashion…”

Lin Ruoxi quickly put on her coat. While the pink on her face was still presentt, her eyes had become clear. She didn’t know why she was currently less nervous than when she was being ‘attacked’ by Yang Chen.

Subconsciously, she touched her chest before exhaling as she felt relieved.

It actually made sense. No women in the world would pass their body to a husband who messed around with other women outside all day.

Having worn her sports shoes, Lin Ruoxi came to Yang Chen and said, “Let’s get out quickly. I bet Hui Lin and An Xin are anxious now as well.”

Yang Chen naturally was aware this incident was odd. But he wasn’t too worried, as Hui Lin practised martial arts. With her presence, An Xin should be safe as well.

He pulled Lin Ruoxi and walked to the door. Bang! Bang! Bang! Before he opened it, the door was knocked on.

“Sir! Sir! Please open the door! It’s an emergency!”

Yang Chen opened the door before seeing a young man dressed in a uniform of the guesthouse. He seemed relieved after noticing Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi were coming out. Hurriedly, he said, “Sir, Miss, please leave from the exit on the left. It’s really dangerous here. An explosion might occur at any time.”

The fire alarm shone violently in the walkway. Many of the guests staying on the same floor were running to the staircase.

Yang Chen nodded. Holding Lin Ruoxi’s soft hand, he walked out of the room.

He only proceeded a few steps before suddenly pulling Lin Ruoxi’s body to him.

“Ah.” She didn’t know why Yang Chen had pulled on her this hard.

However, before Lin Ruoxi could ask, a light suddenly stabbed through the place where Lin Ruoxi was originally standing!

It’s a knife?!

Before Lin Ruoxi could think about it, Yang Chen had made his next move. He use his left arm to launch a lightning-fast strike on the server’s face, caving in the face of the young man who intended to stab Lin Ruoxi.

Yang Chen then turned around to look at the face of his assailant. His heavy blow was not to be taken lightly. The face of the killer disguised as a server had sunk in, while blood flowed out from his mouth. He looked like he received a concussion, or his brain had bled from the inside, causing him to unable to stand up again.

No matter how calm Lin Ruoxi was, having witnessed this series of events, she was stunned into silence.

Frowning, Yang Chen pulled Lin Ruoxi and walked to Hui Lin’s and An Xin’s room without hesitation. He wanted to kick the door open, but it was opened from the inside.

Hui Lin who was dressed in a pink cotton pyjamas stood there with a messy hair. She looked rather worried as she held a long dagger in hand whose ownership was unknown.

“Brother Yang, Elder Sister, are you guys fine?”

“That’s what I should ask you. Where’s An Xin?” Yang Chen asked.

“I… I’m here.” An Xin looked terrified as she walked out of the washroom. Pressing onto her chest, she looked like she had received some form of stimulation.

Yang Chen felt at ease. He looked inside the room, and noticed a man dressed in a server’s uniform lying on the ground unconsciously. He was dealt with by Hui Lin already, but it wasn’t known if he was still alive or not.

“When the fire alarm rang, we wanted to leave the room, but that guy suddenly rushed in with a dagger and wanted to kill us. So I resisted and ushered An Xin into the bathroom. Brother Yang, why is there a murderer out of nowhere?” Hui Lin had had experience in a couple of violent battles, so she managed to calm herself down very quickly.

Yang Chen turned to look at Lin Ruoxi. “They must’ve been sent by one of your opposition parties. If they wanted to come for me, there’s no way they would have done it like so. They would at least get something other than a single knife.”

Lin Ruoxi’s cheeks turned cold. The shyness and panic in her beautiful eyes earlier in her room had dispersed. Currently, she behaved like she was filled with a violent snowstorm, even the way she talked revealed darkness.

“There’s an ambush after a fire alarm. I guess they’re not done yet. This should be a planned conspiracy,” Lin Ruoxi said as she frowned. “Their objective should be complicated. We’ll return to Zhonghai now and pass this to the police to take care of.”

Yang Chen was naturally fine with it. All he wanted was the safety of his family. Hui Lin and An Xin obeyed Lin Ruoxi as well. All of them quickly packed their luggages.

Yang Chen followed Lin Ruoxi back to her room to get her luggage. No matter how urgent the situation was, they couldn’t afford to panic now.

“How did you know the person was a murderer?” Lin Ruoxi asked as she felt curious.

“Everyone from the guesthouse knows you’re the CEO. He called me ‘Sir’ first, before calling you ‘Miss’. Furthermore, the fire alarm only rang for such a short while but there was already a server knocking on our door. They have made flaws on the fundamental level,” Yang Chen said with a vague smile. “Most importantly, he’s a low-level killer. His killing aura was extremely prominent.”

A strange light flowed through Lin Ruoxi’s eyes. “How are you so sensitive to killing aura?”

Yang Chen smiled and answered, “Do you really want to know?”

“Yes. I feel that if I want to pass everything to you, perhaps I should understand more of your past,” Lin Ruoxi replied. In fact, she had avoided talking about Yang Chen’s past since the day Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong were killed. However, she couldn’t stay away from mentioning it now.

She felt that this was the final barrier that obstructed her from connecting with Yang Chen.

Yang Chen squinted as he seriously gazed upon Lin Ruoxi. After a short while, he said, “When we have time, I’ll bring you to a place. Treat it as a vacation while I tell you about my past.”

“Alright then,” Lin Ruoxi answered in an indifferent manner.. After she finished packing, she walked toward the door alone.


Yang Chen walked closer to her. Dissatisfied, he said, “What are you getting mad for? Walk beside me obediently at such a moment. Do you only think that they had sent twol killers to kill you?”

After being pulled forcefully by Yang Chen, Lin Ruoxi bit her lower lip as she felt discontent for Yang Chen’s rough movement. But he was just trying to protect her, so there was nothing much she could say.

Lin Ruoxi informed the important details to the manager of the resort, before leaving to her giant Lexus with the others.

Yang Chen took out his phone before turning on the engine as he made a phone call home.

The phone rang for a very long time, but the call wasn’t picked up by anyone.

“Are you making a call home?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Yang Chen nodded. “Why isn’t anyone picking up the call?”

He didn’t think that the people at home were under attack. If that was the case, the members from Sea Eagles in charge of the safety of the house should send him a notice.

“Have you forgotten that Wang Ma will contact a moving company to carry the stuff back to the old house?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Yang Chen finally thought of it. Hurriedly, he asked, “What’s the phone number of the old house?”

“I already called them. Wang Ma said she was fine, and asked us to take care of our own safety.” Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes. “You even forgot about moving home. I think you certainly didn’t intend to go back.”

As soon as she finished speaking, her phone started ringing. It was a call from her assistant Wu Yue.

“Boss Lin, this is bad.” Wu Yue sounded impatient. She usually behaved like Lin Ruoxi as she didn’t talk or laugh often, but she currently couldn’t hold herself back anymore.

Calmly, Lin Ruoxi said, “Speak slowly.”

“A few of the processing plants in Zhonghai owned by Yu Lei are all on fire simultaneously. Quite a number of employees working the night shift had died in the fire. The police have requested a representative from out company to aid in their investigations. I heard it was a safety problem with our factories, but I feel that this was planned by someone. All our factories are kept strictly under review. They wouldn’t catch fire so suddenly at the same time. Also, these workers all died in their departments. How is it possible that none of them escape…”

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes turned cold. “Are they the factories that manufacture the new material?”

“Yes, Boss. I feel that someone is trying to delay us from launching the new material into the market, and thus messed up our supply chain. And… it looks like they have a strong hatred for us that they had even taken lives this time round. They obviously want to go against us face-to-face. But… but I really don’t know whom we’re faced with,” Wu Yue said, worried.

Lin Ruoxi looked dull. Indeed, she had no clue who tried to harm her company. She had too many enemies, while a lot of them were influential and powerful. Under such a fierce competition, she found it hard to strike back effectively.

As Lin Ruoxi wanted to inform Wu Yue about certain solutions, An Xin who was at the back seat shouted.

“Be careful!!!”

Lin Ruoxi violently turned her head to look to the front, only to find a huge truck rushing directly towards her car with its headlights on high beam!

It was a single lane. This truck was going in the wrong direction.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes were widened to maximum as she got anxious, while Yang Chen who was on the driver’s seat didn’t look relaxed anymore. With his eyes squinted, they exuded a thick killing aura…

“Yang Chen! Turn around now!”

Lin Ruoxi shouted as she looked at Yang Chen remove his seat belts.

“Wh—what are you trying to do?”

At this critical moment, all Yang Chen did was turn his head to give a soothing smile to Lin Ruoxi. It even looked a little mischievous. He then pushed the door open! Copyright 2016 - 2024