I Can Do It

Chapter 14/14

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After returning to the guesthouse, the manager of the resort had prepared a delectable meal, so Yang Chen didn’t have the chance to show off his culinary skills.

An Xin occasionally poured fruit juice for Lin Ruoxi in an attempt to please her. She had truly feared Lin Ruoxi for the first time in her life.

Lin Ruoxi was still absent-minded currently. She looked like she was pondering about her inability to hit the doll. When she was peeling the shell of the prawn, she accidentally peeled some of the flesh off as well, causing the frugal Hui Lin to feel a heartache.

Yang Chen chewed on a Japanese grilled squid as he stared at the foolish-looking Lin Ruoxi. Smiling, he said, “Wife, be honest with me. When you were in school, except failing every music class, you managed to fail every physical examination class as well, didn’t you? You have absolutely no talent in sports.”

“How is this related to sports?” Lin Ruoxi blushed. Actually, she had indeed failed most of her physical education classes, but there was no way that she was going to reveal this in front of An Xin and Hui Lin.

An Xin blinked her eyes a few times. Out of curiosity, she asked, “Elder Sister Ruoxi, why didn’t you pass your music class?”

Lin Ruoxi remained quiet as she acted like she heard nothing.

Yang Chen helped her out of the situation. “That’s because she was too lazy to attend her classes and tests.”

“Oh…” Although An Xin didn’t believe that was the reason, she stopped prying further.

After the meal, the four of them didn’t have plans on what they were going to do next. Lin Ruoxi silently returned to her room. When she walked upstairs, she brought a plastic container filled with plastic balls along with her. One would know what she was up to even if the toe was used to think instead of the brain.

“Hui Lin, your elder sister is horrifying,” An Xin said softly as she shivered a little.

Helplessness surfaced on Hui Lin’s face. Pouting, she said, “Elder Sister doesn’t usually behave this way. I believe it’s because you’re here.”

“I should’ve missed all my tries earlier, to prevent that from happening,” An Xin said before pouting.

Yang Chen walked forward and pinched An Xin’s cheek. “Stop overthinking. Go rest with Hui Lin. We’ll wander about a little before going back to Zhonghai tomorrow.”

After sending the two ladies back to their room, Yang Chen returned to the room shared by him and Lin Ruoxi.

Upon entering the room, Lin Ruoxi was seen stepping on cotton slippers and dressed in a thin, pink sweater as she had removed her coat. She was holding a few plastic balls while trying to shoot the small handbag she placed near the end of the bed.

Lin Ruoxi was slightly surprised to see Yang Chen enter the room. She shut her mouth tightly before quickly keeping the plastic balls into the container. She then started messing with her hair, as if nothing had happened.

Evidently, even Lin Ruoxi herself was aware that practising her throwing skills in the room was rather odd no matter how one looked at it.

“I’ll go take a shower,” Lin Ruoxi before taking her clothing and quickly running into the washroom.

Yang Chen didn’t tease her. He sat on the sofa to watch the television. After around half an hour later, Lin Ruoxi walked out from the washroom before he asked, “Do you need me to sleep on the sofa tonight?”

Lin Ruoxi was holding a dry towel as she rubbed her soaking wet hair. Her cheeks were so pink that they looked like juice would be released when pinched. She felt curious about Yang Chen’s question. “Why do you ask so?”

“I thought you would be afraid of me doing naughty things and forbid me from sleeping on the bed,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly felt a weird sourness and disappointment.

They were married, and as the husband, Yang Chen was expected to be called to sleep on the sofa, when there were clearly two beds in the room.

Have I been overly cruel to him all this time?

I have always blamed him for looking for women outside. Perhaps the reason is because I refuse to give it to him… she thought.

Lin Ruoxi slowly walked toward Yang Chen before sitting next to him on the sofa. Being shone upon by the warm-white light, she looked like an enchanting lotus born out of clear water, attracting Yang Chen’s gaze.

Lin Ruoxi clenched her teeth. Resolutely, she asked, “Why don’t we… try it tonight?”

Yang Chen didn’t understand what she meant. “What do you mean by try it? What is it?”

Lin Ruoxi tried her best to not lower her head or voice. She blushed so hard that her neck had turned pinkish. “Try… try doing what married couples do…” she replied.

Yang Chen suddenly got it. He frowned as he found it hard to believe. He didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh when he looked at Lin Ruoxi. “Babe Ruoxi, I only asked if I could sleep on the bed. I did not mean for it to be like that. You don’t have to force yourself to do this. It’s normal for Mom to expect grandchildren, but we don’t have to give birth to one right away for her. I’ll help you explain it to her, don’t worry.”

“No.” Lin Ruoxi shook her head. “It’s me who wants to try it once. Although I’m a little afraid, I can’t lose to anybody…”

Yang Chen almost fell off his chair. Is she comparing herself to other women even on this aspect? Is it because she’s upset today, so she wants to recover lost grounds somewhere else, so she suggested to try doing something so intimate?! he thought.

“What are you thinking about?” Lin Ruoxi asked, dissatisfied. “I’m not afraid of it as a woman. Aren’t you usually very open-minded? Why are you hesitating now?”

Yang Chen slapped his thigh. “What’s there for me to hesitate about? As long as you’re willing to do it, I have no qualms about doing my own wife!” Yang Chen said proudly.

“You… you’re really… Can you not be this rude all the time when you speak! What’s that about do—doing… doing something,” Lin Ruoxi complained while her cheeks flushed. Even if she had known that Yang Chen was vulgar from day one, she still couldn’t help but try to change him. Unfortunately, her attempts were proven ineffective.

Yang Chen laughed before saying, “I told you I wasn’t a cultured man. As my baby wife, you’ll have to bear with me a little. Shall we begin?”

“Aren’t you going to take a shower first?” Lin Ruoxi asked softly. Although she was nervous, she didn’t overlook hygiene.

“Oops, I almost forgot that my body is still covered with the smell of lamb. I’ll be back really soon. Go back to your nest and wait for me patiently.” Yang Chen’s heart heated up. He had never expected Lin Ruoxi to request to sleep with him tonight. He still thought he had to wait for at least six months. He suddenly felt so blessed.

Having gotten enough motivation, the time he took to shower made one wonder if he actually took a bath.

Within the next few minutes, Yang Chen rushed out of the washroom with a half-wet body. He wore a three-sided underwear because he was afraid of suddenly getting too excited.

Lin Ruoxi carefully crawled onto the bed. Dressed in only a thin layer of nightdress made of silk, her snow-white skin was vaguely exposed, while her curves looked extraordinarily alluring, especially the outline caused by her firm and rounded hip, causing Yang Chen’s lower body to immediately stiffen.

Yang Chen appreciated her movement as she crawled into her nest, while the passion in his heart started getting more violent.

Lin Ruoxi turned around and noticed Yang Chen’s fiery gaze before subconsciously shrinking away a little. But when she recalled that she was the one who had made the request, she clenched her teeth and spread out her body on the bed covered in a white sheet before closing her eyes.

Yang Chen inhaled a huge breath. From his point of view, Lin Ruoxi’s bosom formed a pair of snow mountains when she was lying on the bed. The proud, stream-and-mountain-like curvature, her fair-skinned neck, together with her black-ink-like hair made a combination so alluring that it would make any man excited with just a glance.

Slowly, Yang Chen got on the bed and scanned her from her naked feet to her waist which didn’t even contain the slightest bit of fat. At the secret area, through her moon-white nightdress, a purple, laced underwear could be seen. Her seemingly snow-covered thighs made her seductive ravine particularly obvious, causing Yang Chen to have the urge to lose his self control.

Lin Ruoxi’s figure was superior to Mo Qianni’s and Rose’s. She could qualify as the standard among models, while her abundance wasn’t less than Yang Chen’s other women.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but be impressed for his persistence. He hadn’t forced anything but put the treasure aside instead. Whenever he thought that he was the one who had taken the woman’s first time, he would get a huge sense of accomplishment.

Yang Chen slowly pressed his body against hers before nearing Lin Ruoxi’s neck with her nose to inhale her lovely jasmine-like fragrance. Lin Ruoxi was only teased by Yang Chen this way before she moaned lightly while her body quivered slightly.

“Relax, there’s no need to feel so nervous. This isn’t our first time anyway. You’ll enjoy this, I promise,” Yang Chen said beside Lin Ruoxi’s ear while one of his arms reached to one side of her abundance slowly.

The soft texture filled his hand, causing him to involuntarily exert more force…


Lin Ruoxi’s face was like a piece of red jade. Her big, watery eyes were open, as if her entire body almost melted in Yang Chen’s hand.

Yang Chen noticed the tears in Lin Ruoxi’s eyes. He thought she might be suffering, so he said, “Why don’t we… Nevermind. I don’t think you are ready for that yet.”

To be honest, Yang Chen was already impressed that she had made it this far into the process.

Lin Ruoxi, however, shook her head. “I… I can do it. You… continue…”

Yang Chen didn’t say more. He kissed her deeply as he searched for Lin Ruoxi’s clumsy, scented tongue. He tried to dissolve the nervousness and awkwardness of his inexperienced wife by kissing. At the same time, his other free hand moved to the gap between Lin Ruoxi’s white-jade-like thighs.

He touched Lin Ruoxi’s purple, laced underwear a little and immediately noticed it had gotten ridiculously soaked. Lin Ruoxi’s was very sensitive. Far beyond what Yang Chen had expected

However, such things were sought after by many men. Without hesitation, he started removing her nightdress from the bottom. Slowly, the area under her waist was exposed in the air…

He reluctantly removed his lips from hers. Shocked, her delicate mouth was half open, revealing her tongue a little. When their lips separated, a crystal-like silk chain was pulled from within.

Yang Chen took a deep breath. All he could smell was Lin Ruoxi’s thick scent. He finally grabbed one side of the underwear and slowly removed the innermost cover to the most mysterious area, revealing the much desired garden…

Lin Ruoxi shut her eyes while her heart rapidly throbbed in her body. Her body quivered for a bit when her most precious part was exposed in the air. The snow-white skin throughout her entire body soon dyed in an alluring pink. She could even feel mountain spring gushing out from her elegant stream...

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