Chapter 3/8

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Upon hearing what Yang Chen had said, everyone present was stunned. None of them ever considered that the object of countless people’s desires… was an average-looking black box!

“It seems as if you guys don’t believe me. Ask the two soldiers to try using any way possible to destroy it. Even if you attempted to scratch the surface of the box with diamond, there would still be no damage on it,” Yang Chen said with a smile as he shook his head.

It was clear that Yang chen was the only person in the world privy to this knowledge. When he returned to the country, he put the box-shaped God’s Stone in the bathroom of his small, rented apartment.

After moving in to Ruoxi’s villa, he then hid the stone in the underground garage.

Yang Chen had considered tossing it into the Mariana Trench, a place where no one was able to reach, given the current technology. However, he was afraid that as time passes by, it’d be obtained by a country who developed the technology to retrieve it, if he put God’s Stone in a place he wasn’t able to control. Thus, he had placed it at the last place people would have suspected it to be in—his own house.

It was safe to assume that most people wouldn’t have expected such an important item to be kept in such a lame way, which was inside the wall. The most dangerous place was ironically the safest place as well.

Moreover, since no one has seen it, no one would doubt the legitimacy of the crystal inside the box to be God’s Stone, so he placed a man-made crystal inside as a decoy. Even when it was found, the crystal inside would most likely be treated as God’s Stone itself instead of the box.

Naturally, Mahabrahma had no reason to believe him completely. As a result, he ordered Mahakala to inform the two soldiers to attempt to destroy the black box.

On the screen, one of the soldiers threw the black box forcefully on the ground. After using one of his feet to ensure it was firmly etched into the ground, he took out his American-made nighthawk dagger before exerting all his strength into striking the box!


Following the deafening sound produced by the dagger striking the box, the nighthawk dagger broke into two pieces!

Everyone present was finally convinced. The dagger was one which could scratch the surface of a diamond, but it it broke with one strike to the black box.

“It is God’s Stone indeed,” Mahabrahma said as joy surfaced on his face.

Abbess Yun Miao and the others sighed. Their hope in stopping Brahma was destroyed. They had thought that Yang Chen would fool them with a knockoff, like what he did to Yamata Sect. Apparently, he had given them the real deal.

“Yang Chen, you might have caused the lives of millions in one act. Tell me, are you able to see the consequences through?” Yu Jizi asked with a smile.

Yang Chen smiled faintly. “If I continued to keep it, there’s no telling how many more will come for it. I may be referred to as a god but I am no god, not a real one anyway. There’s no way for me to protect it forever and provide safety to my family at the same time. So, giving the stone away was the only way that I could free myself from this burden.”

“Even if that’s the case, you shouldn’t have passed it to people who are only going to use it for evil,” Cai Ning said softly as she looked at Yang Chen strangely.

Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders. “It’s not up to me to decide whether they’re good or evil. I’m not a well-respected hero that protects his country and its people, I’m just a simple man with a family.”

A strange light flashed in Mahabrahma’s eyes. “Your Majesty Pluto, I admire your words. It’s certainly better to let go of such a burden. However, just in case anything else happens, I’ve decided to take one more measure…”

Mahabrahma said to Mahakala, “Ask the two to enter the villa and tie up those women.”

A smile appeared on the corners of Yang Chen’s lips. He had anticipated this. Even if he handed in the God’s Stone, they’d still kidnap Lin Ruoxi and the others.

At the end of the day, obtaining God’s Stone was one problem while the bigger problem was keeping Yang Chen from murdering them. Taking Lin Ruoxi and the others as hostages was the only plan they could come up with to leave China safely.

In the past, Yang Chen had lived alone. So he never had to worry about others close to him being hostages. Today, Lin Ruoxi, Guo Xuehua, Wang Ma, Rose, Mo Qianni, and his other women were his weaknesses. Of course, he wouldn’t hate these ‘weaknesses’ as a result.

Yang Chen had considered letting someone he could trust ensure their safety. However, ignoring whether their safeties could truly be ensured, such a move would have a drastic impact on the lives of these women in the country. Moreover, the senior management of China would certainly get nervous, as the ability of facing an unknown power was overly frightening to them, not to mention Zhonghai would become a low-key focus of the world.

Instead of doing so, he was better off moving these people whom he cared for overseas to live with him.

However, all of his women were independent people. Setting aside how he was going to make them interact with each other with peace for now, why would they agree on being protected and fed like domestic canaries? It was no different from chronic suicide to them.

Thus, although Yang Chen repeatedly risked being threatened, all he could do was try to balance between freedom and safety.

Unexpectedly, he was faced with a more brutal threat this time round. Most importantly, the protective umbrella provided by the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade was completely ineffective.

However, Yang Chen didn’t plan on allowing Mahakala to instruct the two soldiers to take Lin Ruoxi and the other women away.

Being gazed upon strangely by everyone present, Yang Chen said in the direction of the closed alloy doors on his left, “Hey, the one standing behind the door, enjoyed the show so far?”

Yu Jizi, Yun Miao, and the people from Brahma turned their heads to see who it was.

“I thought you were just a defective product. I didn’t think you could notice me.”

The closed doors were pushed open from the middle. A tall and strong figure walked out from behind, revealing himself.

He was a handsome young man from the Middle East dressed in a loose, translucent white linen shirt, with a pair of light blue jeans. His left cheek was tattooed with a bronze spear, making his appearance more sinister. The young man had a fair skin relative to other Middle Easterns. Especially through his blue eyes, one could easily tell that he was of a mixed race.

His black, curly hair scattered behind his back. A sparse moustache could be seen on his face. He wore a silver earring and a platinum ring with a ruby at its core. He looked like a lazy man much like Yang Chen usually was.

“Orinos, why are you here?” Mahabrahma felt confused upon seeing this young man. “Have you been leading the movement of Sandstorm all this time? Why didn’t you tell us beforehand?”

As soon as he spoke, Yu Jizi, Yun Miao, and Cai Ning were dumbstruck. Is this young man the leader of the most brutal mercenary group in the Middle East?! Which means he’s the rumored person who miraculously created Sandstorm within a mere two years! Why did he suddenly appear?!

The young man called Orinos seemed to have completely missed what Mahabrahma had said. The lazy attitude on his face soon vanished, which was replaced by greed and excitement. Staring at Yang Chen, he said, “It’s been more than 500 years. I didn’t expect something and someone worthy of my intervention to appear only after 3 years of my awakening. Please don’t disappoint me.”

“I knew it had to be you. It’d only make sense if you’re the one behind this. I was wondering why the zombie-like, undying warriors appeared. So it’s because you’ve awakened. Except for you, the madman who craves for battles and wars, no one else would conduct the ‘God Creation Experiment’ banned by the gods, forming a batch of half-dead warriors to help you battle around the world.” Yang Chen sighed before smiling bitterly. He continued, “I heard from the previous Pluto that you were forced to have been reborn early as a result of fighting the woman for God’s Stone. So what do you want now? Did you come to bleed again?”

Killing aura surged on Orinos’ face. This level of killing aura was much stronger than Yang Chen had seen in the past. Even the one exuded by the dead Noriko Okawa couldn’t rival such a level.

It was as if the young man exuded an aura akin to an ancient army of the undead—the drums were as loud as thunder, while the war cries of the horses sounded like a tsunami, causing people to tremble in fear!

The surging, irresistible aura sent chills up the spines of the elites from Brahma standing on the platform including Mahabrahma himself, in addition to Yu Jizi, Yun Miao, and Cai Ning. As if a sandstorm was brewing in their hearts, they felt pale and weak when standing around this young man!

The people from Brahma found it hard to resist the aura coming from the young man’s body, and revealed fear on their faces. Being the ones who hired Sandstorm this time, they apparently weren’t aware of the arrival of their leader at Zhonghai. This was the only thing that they had not planned for.

To make the matter worse, they noticed that this ‘store’ didn’t appear to be friendly towards them as the customers!

Yang Chen, however, fearlessly stood by as the young man’s anger climbed to its peak. Pleased, he said, “Although I’m not the Pluto you used to know, he told me that the thing you hated most, was being provoked. Also, even when you know you’re being provoked, you would still solve every single problem in combat.

“Alright then. According to Treaty of the Gods, I need a god to challenge me into a duel for me to ‘unseal’.

“Ares, allow me to defeat you like Athena has before.”

“You wish!”

Ares burst into laughter. “Do you really think that I would hold off any attacks just because you avoided provoking me?! The old bastard had long been bored of his life. Did he think this could be dealt with by looking for a little guy? You don’t deserve to be a god. You’re nothing but a knock-off. Stop embarrassing yourself in front of me. Not only do I want God’s Stone today, I want to take your life as well… Prepare to be reborn or end your own life…”

The conversation between Yang Chen and Ares shocked everyone once again.

Ares? Did Yang Chen just call this young man ‘Ares’? Was this young man ‘Ares’?!

The people present all had extensive knowledge. Even if they didn’t know what the Treaty of Gods was, they understood the meaning of the name ‘Ares’. He was one of the Twelve Olympians—the God of War!

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