Agni and Varuna

Chapter 2/8

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“Perhaps, Your Majesty Pluto might want to turn his attention to this,” Mahabrahma said while asking Balarama to retrieve a hidden projector. It was a device commonly found at the site, but no one knew what the Sandstorm members were going to show them.

Yang Chen had a bad feeling about it. After around ten seconds, Balarama switched on the signal-receiving device, and projected a screen onto the silver-white, metal wall behind them.

It only took one look for Yang Chen to turn serious.

On the screen showed a villa. It was none other than the one belonging to Ruoxi in Dragon Garden.

Since it was already late at night, the lights in the villa were all switched off, while there were two Sandstorm soldiers dressed in blood stained Muslim clothing, standing on the lawn. They were both standing on top of two white men’s corpses!

Yang Chen recognized the dead bodies. They were members of the Sea Eagles sent to protect Lin Ruoxi and the others!

Their intention was obvious. Sandstorm had found out the location of his house, and was aware of who was inside. Since they murdered the people responsible for the safety of the house and its occupants, killing the four women in the house was an easy job.

Although Hui Lin was a rather capable fighter, she was still weak when compared to Abbess Yun Miao. Holding off one undying warrior from Sandstorm would already pose a challenge to her, while confronting two of them was straight-up suicide!

To make matters worse, everyone from the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade and the other soldiers from the Sea Eagles were all either in combat or killed. None of them would be able to any spare members to save Lin Ruoxi and the others inside the villa.

Yang Chen finally knew what Mahabrahma’s trump card was. He teamed up with Sandstorm to threaten Yang Chen with the lives of his family, in an attempt to extract God’s Stone from him.

Although Yamata Sect did something similar, the situation he was faced with was completely different.

Earlier that time, he had the opportunity to kill the three jinnins, so they were left at a disadvantage.

This time, unless he was able to teleport back to the villa, he had to hand over God’s Stone. However, it was possible that Lin Ruoxi and the others would be brought away as hostages. After all, he had no say in the negotiation!

The women at home would all die if he refused to hand over God’s Stone. If he did, however, decide to do so, it was very likely that they’d end up as hostages regardless!

Although this move wasn’t that incredible and unpredictable, it was incredibly difficult to execute.

Firstly, it was evident that someone must’ve found out everything about Yang Chen in detail. Secondly, they had to have enough manpower to drag the people from the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade in addition to getting the coordinates of his team of Sea Eagles. More horrifyingly, these people were new to Zhonghai but managed to know the specific location of each member from the Dragon Group and the Group of Eight. It was as clear as day to Yang Chen that there was a spy within them!

Yang Chen felt greatly oppressed as he was deeply intertwined in a major scheme.

At the same time, having noticed that they had the upper hand, Siva and Asura returned to the platform, to stand beside Mahabrahma, as they ceased their fights.

The only losses on Brahma’s side were the deaths of Agni and Varuna. The remaining core members were left unharmed.

“Your Majesty Pluto, I hope you’re aware that we’ve prepared countless measures to confront you, having travelled thousands of miles to Zhonghai. We’ve also predicted the possibility of you fighting with us with all your might due to your unwillingness to give up God’s Stone.

“However, God’s Stone is a non-living thing after all, and holds little to no benefits to you. Why don’t you give it to us? If you do, we’ll let your wife go,” Mahabrahma said with a cold smile.

Yang Chen took a deep breath. Smiling, he asked, “Only my wife? What about the others?”

Mahabrahma answered with a smile, “We’ll temporarily ‘protect’ your mother. After we believe that it’s safe to return her to your hands, we’ll send her back to China.”

Yang Chen suddenly realized something. There certainly is a traitor!

Other than the few people who were close to Yang Chen, nobody knew that there was someone other than himself and Lin Ruoxi, living in the villa. Before the two Sandstorm mercenaries even entered the villa, Brahma had already known that there were other people living there. Someone must’ve leaked it to them.

Furthermore, he had only brought Guo Xuehua home a few days prior, but Brahma knew that she was his mother and took her as a hostage. It was obviously a plan put together beforehand!

Just who provided them with the information, which allowed them to gain control of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade and the Sea Eagles? Yang Chen couldn’t properly think it through at the moment. He had to deal with the situation at hand. If he didn’t relinquish his possession of God’s Stone, there would only be one way that this matter would end up in—to fight at all costs.

However, whenever he thought about Lin Ruoxi or Guo Xuehua being killed by the Sandstorm mercenaries, Yang Chen’s heart would ache immensely. Although he was filled with blazes of anger, he was also at a loss, which made him feel immensely anguished.

“Yang Chen, don’t listen to them. Even after you give them God’s Stone, they’d still bring Ruoxi and the others away. Then, you really will be left with nothing!” Abbess Yun Miao said, in an attempt to stop Yang Chen from giving in, as soon as she noticed his reluctance. She advised, “God’s Stone is incredibly important. If you give it to these monsters and they develop a new kind of god, not only will China be in a trouble, the entire world would suffer from their hands!

“Yeah, Mr Yang, General is Abbess’s wife, but she was willing to sacrifice her husband for the greater good. You have to think on behalf of the world and all the innocent people in it,” Yu Jizi said nervously. He had heard legends about the power of God’s Stone. It was said that Yang Chen had managed to slaughter a god using God’s Stone, which had some form of credibility to its ability.

Cai Ning, on the other hand, stared at Yang Chen with contradiction. Deep down in her heart, she hoped that Yang Chen would choose to save Lin Ruoxi, Hui Lin, and the others. Being a woman, she found it overly cruel if a man were to give up his woman for the stone. However, she was also aware of the consequences as a result of handing over God’s Stone to Brahma!

Yang Chen was quick to make his decision. He lowered his head in silence before raising it up again. “I’ll tell you where it is. Can you order your men to retrieve it?”

“Yang Chen!!!”

“Mr Yang!”

Yu Jizi and Abbess Yun Miao were astonished, while Cai Ning was torn about how she felt. The gaze she fixed on Yang Chen gradually became a blur.

Mahabrahma laughed, while Siva, Mahakala, and the others revealed arrogant looks of victory as they gazed upon Yang Chen and the others with disdain.

Mahabrahma signalled Mahakala, the latter of whom said, “Your Majesty Pluto has made a wise decision. Tell me where it is, and I shall order my men to search for it through a secret technique.”

Yang Chen ignored the shocking looks showed by Yu Jizi and the rest. Calmly, he said, “God’s Stone is at an underground garage in the villa. Ask them to first enter the garage, head north…”

As Yang Chen spoke, Mahakala placed a finger in between his brows, as if he was using some kind of psychic powers to remotely communicate with the two Sandstorm soldiers.

One of them held a camera while the other was responsible for the search.

The place Yang Chen led them to was a hidden corner in the wall, which he had hid the black box in, upon moving into the villa. The black box was revealed after the loose brick was taken out.

When the three jinnins threatened Yang Chen using Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma as hostages, Yang Chen took out a fake God’s Stone from the same black box before.

When Mahakala directed the two soldiers, it was obvious that Mahabrahma and the others were suppressing their elation, as their dream was quickly coming true.

Abbess Yun Miao and Yu Jizi, however, held a bitter expressions. Unable to stop Yang Chen, all they could do was watch helplessly as Yang Chen revealed its location.

Slowly but carefully, the soldiers opened the box.

On the screen, the black box was revealed to be empty. There was no trace of any object placed within it.

Mahabrahma’s face turned dark. Disappointed, he said with a deep voice, “Your Majesty Pluto, your joke is not well received… Don’t think for a second that we will hesitate to kill your family.”

Yang Chen snorted in contempt. “Are you guys idiots?”

“What?!” Balarama exclaimed. “Did you just insult us?!”

Yang Chen laughed. “You guys are idiots, aren’t you? Has anyone of you seen God’s Stone in the flesh before? Do you actually know what it looks like?”

“What do you mean…” Mahabrahma spoke as he slowly came to a realization.

Yang Chen pouted and said, “The black box itself is God’s Stone!” Copyright 2016 - 2024