Chapter 6/8

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Midnight was approaching and approaching fast. In the deep night of winter, even a city in the south like Zhonghai wasn't spared from the terrifyingly cold temperature of the night.

Rose was not a fan of the smells produced by a heater. Given that she also practised martial arts regularly, her physical capabilities were far better than that of an average person, so she didn't switch the heater in her house on.

That caused Mo Qianni, someone who was used to the conditions of a heated office, to suffer quite a bit. Though she didn't feel much initially, she began to shiver as time passed by.

However, Mo Qianni could see that Rose was only clad in a thin silk pajamas. Her two luscious legs were exposed before her just like that, so she felt a little shy to have to ask to turn on the heater. She felt as if that would make her pride suffer a hit. She wanted to prove that she was no brat spoiled by luxury.

Less than ten minutes after Yang Chen left, Rose had been on her phone the whole time, seemingly giving someone instructions. She had Mo Qianni wait for a moment and she was free to help herself to whatever beverage she wanted.

By the time Rose was finished with her last phone call, she sat opposite Mo Qianni with a smile. Pouting her luscious lips, she stretched her hand towards Mo Qianni and introduced herself. "I'm Rose."

"Mo Qianni."

This was the second time the two women shook hands, though it was the first time they introduced themselves to each other.

After a simple handshake, they hadn’t a clue what to say. However, the silence felt rather awkward and they felt like they should say something to break the ice.



Their speeches clashed.

Rose couldn't stifle her laughter. Mo Qianni also joined in the laugh and the atmosphere felt far less stiff than before.

"I'll let you speak first," Rose said, "You're my guest after all."

Mo Qianni pointed at the heater and said, "Can you switch that on? I feel a little cold."

Surprised, Rose said, "Why didn't you say so earlier?"

"I saw that you were dressed so lightly," Mo Qianni said. She left out the latter part of her sentence 'so I was too embarrassed to speak up'.

Rose suddenly smirked and said, "Do you know what I wanted to ask you?"


"I was going to ask whether you felt cold," Rose said with a wink.

Astonished, Mo Qianni said with a pout, "If you knew, you should've said so earlier."

"I was lying," Rose snapped.

Feeling toyed with, Mo Qianni was quite dissatisfied. Creasing her brows, she seemed as if she was about to say something. But given that they were not on familiar terms and she was at her house as a guest, she found herself keeping it in for courtesy sake.

Rose got up and switched the heater on. Seeing Mo Qianni's pouty face, she couldn't help but laugh. "I was just messing with you. You were looking so gloomy just now. If Yang Chen comes back and sees you so upset, he'll think that I haven't taken care of you well."

As if she realized something, Mo Qianni asked, "Ro—Rose... Did you have someone come over to protect us just now?"

Rose nodded. "I called as many over as I could. Since Yang Chen mentioned that it'd be rather dangerous in Zhonghai tonight, being more careful than careless couldn’t hurt."

"Do you run a security firm? Why did he say that I'll be safe here?" That was what Mo Qianni was most curious about. The woman before didn’t seem that much different from herself. She also didn’t look like the kind to know self defence.

"A security firm?"

Upon hearing what Mo Qianni said, Rose laughed so hard that she bent over. She then said gleefully, "Actually, I am part of a triad. I am a triad boss."

Rose felt that since Mo Qianni was someone Yang Chen brought over, there was no need for her to hide anything.

But no one would've expected that Mo Qianni would wear an expression of disbelief after hearing what Rose had said. She rolled her eyes and said, "It's fine if you don't tell me the truth. There's no need lie as such to mess with me. I'm no three-year-old child, you know. Also, what kind of triad boss would look like you do?"

Rose had her eyes widened with confusion. Why did she not believe me when I told her the truth?

"What do you mean by my looks?"

"If a triad boss really looked anything like you, how would you frighten anyone? At the very least, triad bosses have to look scary to intimidate people. And the way you speak must sound eerie and give people the chills. You look like you're a year or two younger than me. It'd be more appropriate to call you a rookie girl in the triad," explained Mo Qianni.

Rose stroked her face and said with dissatisfaction, "How do you know that I'm younger than you? I could've been born earlier than you, you know? You don't look much older than me anyway."

Mo Qianni had been in the business scene for longer than Rose and had a keener sense in that regard. From Rose's mannerisms, Mo Qianni could identify many things Rose herself wasn't aware of.

In response, Mo Qianni asked for Rose's date of birth.

Rose, refusing to believe her, spoke the truth.

It turned out that Mo Qianni was older than her by a year.

Rose felt a little crestfallen. She thought that she was the one who was supposed to take care of Mo Qianni. Yet, the status of elder sister had been passed to her!

Mo Qianni felt, for the first time in her life, that her older age was a good thing. Now, she felt like she had more confidence before Rose. "Little Rose. That's what I'll call you from now on."

Rose looked at the gleeful Mo Qianni and snapped, "Being born earlier doesn’t mean anything. Let's arm wrestle. The winner gets to be the elder sister."

As she said that, Rose rolled her sleeve up and revealed her fair, slender arm and looked at Mo Qianni determinedly.

Mo Qianni had her mouth wide open. She didn't know how she ought to respond to that. "Little Rose, girls don't arm wrestle and compete with strength. That's something men do."

Rose also realized how ridiculous she was acting. It wasn’t her nature to utter those words and act like that at all. Even though she was only in her twenties, she had mingled among the triads for quite some time, her experiences contributed toward who she was. So, she didn't usually look her age. Perhaps they had subconsciously competed with each other because they both knew who the other was.

Additionally, both of them were women. Apart from Chen Rong, whom she taught as her younger sister, Rose didn't have many friends, so she was much less on her guard when she interacted with others.

Just as she was thinking about her rebuttal to Mo Qianni, a knocking sound could be heard on the door.

Rose mused an answer before the door opened up.

Standing outside was Little Zhao, clad in a black leather jacket. In his jeans was an automatic pistol. The man cracked a smile and said to Rose, "Boss, we have arrived and stationed guards around the bar. Please rest well, Boss."

"Noted. Help yourselves to some good wine when the night has passed," Rose said casually.

"Alright," Xiao Zhao said curtly before he left and went to arrange for the patrols.

Rose turned back and was going to draw Mo Qianni a bath and get some rest, only to see her eyes wide with fear and shock.

"Elder Sister Mo, what's wrong?" Rose had decided to surrender, so she addressed Mo Qianni respectfully. After all, she didn't have an elder sister.

Mo Qianni shook her head frantically. "Ar—are you really a triad boss?"

Rose pouted. "I told you, it’s true, but you refused to believe me. I'm one of the top bosses in the whole of Zhonghai."

Mo Qianni smiled bitterly. She thought that these kind of people had only existed in the movies. Yet, there she was, standing before her. Rose truly looked too different from the female triad boss she had in mind.

"Rose, it's okay if you don't call me Elder Sister," said Mo Qianni.

"Oh?" Rose didn't understand what was going on.

Mo Qianni bit her lower lip and said, "I won't mess with you from now on. Call me Qianni. I'll call you Rose"

Having realized what was going on, Rose pressed on teasing. "How could I? You're my senior, so you deserve to be called Elder Sister."

"I'm not as tough as you are, so that's fine..."

"Strength is a unit of measure reserved for the male species. We can't do that as girls, can we?"

Frustrated, Qianni barked, "If you continue to do this, I'll tell on you when Yang Chen gets back and have him smack your buttocks."

Rose's face flushed with a beautiful shade of red. "Elder Sister Mo... Does Hubby... Oh, I mean, Yang Chen... smack your rear?"

"You call him Hubby?!" Mo Qianni mused, "Of course not. He will definitely smack yours. Yours looks bigger after all."

It was then when Rose realized that she was clothed in nothing but a thin pajamas as she paced around Mo Qianni just now, much to her embarrassment. Even though they were both women, it was the first time she dressed so lightly in front of anyone, save Yang Chen.

She thought, Well, she's not a stranger by any means. Chatting with her turned out to be quite interesting. It feels as though we’ve known each other for years. Given our relationship with Yang Chen, we may meet more often in the future... The dirty thoughts in Rose's mind that she had suppressed in the past began to surface.

"Elder Sister Mo, I have some extra pajamas. Why don't you... change into them?"


"Hubby won't be coming back tonight. I'll be sleeping with you"

When Mo Qianni realized something was wrong with Rose's gaze, it was already too late. Rose leaped forward and hugged Mo Qianni's slender waist before she buried her face straight into Mo Qianni's bosom!

Mo Qianni's squeal resounded throughout the room before the two women burst out in laughter and screams.

Naturally, Yang Chen didn't know about the shenanigans that went on in Rose's room. Not long after he left the bar and got into his car, he planned to call Lin Zhiguo's to ask about the current situation.

But before he could make the call, Cai Ning rang him up.

Feeling a bad premonition, Yang Chen picked up the call. All the caller said was 'the general has been captured'.

Yang Chen rubbed his forehead. It seemed that things were worse off than he originally thought. However, he didn't panic and had Cai Ning try her best to contact the members of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. He drove to the aircraft carrier site. The Sea Eagles had provided him with that location.

The highway was clear. Yang Chen sped as quickly as he could, with questions piling up in his mind. After so many interactions, Yang Chen realized that the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade's might was much weaker in comparison to many other groups overseas. Even though they didn't lack experts, a small team like this was not enough to protect a large nation such as this.

Currently, even the general Lin Zhiguo was abducted by Brahma. While he wasn't sure what Brahma planned to do, Yellow Flame Iron Brigade's weakness was apparent.

Yang Chen began to contemplate, Is it possible that Yellow Flame Iron Brigade still has some kind of trump card? With Lin Zhiguo captured and the rest of them being a disorganized mess, is there really anything else that they could do?

Even though he had helped them out a number of times before, that was because he wished for the internal state of the nation to be more stable. But as it seemed now, they were just a bunch of headless chickens flapping and aimlessly walking around with no clear progression path.

As Yang Chen continued his train of thought, he drove through the unlit highway, a mysterious object appeared all of a sudden and charged straight at his car!

Yang Chen's vision wasn't affected at all. He realized with shock that it was an oil carrier truck that switched off its lights intentionally. It was headed straight for his car at breakneck speed! Copyright 2016 - 2024