Mahakala and Nebula

Chapter 5/8

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The moment the Divine Snake Naga spat out the toxins, they instantly realized the reason those three broke into the Cai residence in broad daylight. Yet, none of them was stopped. That gigantic snake's speed coupled with the toxic mist rendered the normal soldiers nothing more than cannon fodder!

Abbess Yun Miao had her sword in hand before anyone noticed. The rainbow-colored sword danced with the wind as True Qi radiated from her body. She raised her sword which emanated bright light as the Divine Snake Naga approached.

That toxic mist was deflected by the sword light, which the latter dissipated completely. It wasn't able to pose much of a threat.

"Daoist, I'll deal with this beast! Focus on that flute blower!"

Yu Jizi had long intended to do just that. Given his impressive lightness skill, he appeared before the flute blower, Garuda in a flash. He circulated the True Qi he learned from the Kunlun Kaiyuan Mantra and sent a palm straight for Garuda's head!

[TL note: Lightness Skill (轻功 qīnggōng) – often left untranslated as “Qinggong”. The ability to lighten the body and move with great agility & swiftness. At high proficiency, practitioners of this skill can run across water, leap to the top of trees, or even glide through the air.]

But before the attack struck, Garuda retreated with great speed. Soon after that, a huge, bulky man blocked Yu Jizi's way!


The huge man got struck by Yu Jizi's Kaiyuan-internal-energy-infused palm and groaned, but he didn't move a single inch!

Yu Jizi was shocked. His palm had contained enough internal force to shatter boulders that weighed tons, yet a man was able to receive the impact and still stand strong!

"The internal energy of China truly is impressive. You should be proud that you were able to make my brother, Balarama, groan with your strike," commented the black-haired male who was watching the show.

Yu Jizi had no time to act carelessly. He took two steps back. Seeing that Balarama was more or less fine and looking at him mockingly, he felt a great rage swell within him.

"Don't think that I've run out of moves to deal with you just because you could block my palm!"

Yu Jizi observed Abbess Yun Miao's fight with the great snake. Sword Qi blasted all around and she didn't seem to be at a disadvantage at all. Relieved, he drew his soft sword from his waist.


The sword light circulated like the light of a grand moon. All of a sudden, a yinyang bagua diagram manifested itself in the midst of the light.

"Let's see if you can take my Kunlun Bagua Dragonform Sword!"

The black-haired man furrowed his brow as if he was troubled by Yu Jizi's attack. However, he didn't intend to join hands with Balarama and instead looked in the direction of the main hall.

Cai Ning, having sent Cai Yun to safety, rushed out. She knew that her might was far inferior to Abbess Yun Miao's and Yu Jizi's, especially given the fact that Yu Jizi was someone who had entered the Xiantian realm. They were in completely different leagues. However, she had no other choice but to fight the enemies! After all, they were in her home!

Second Dragon Group's members more or less suffered some damage from the flute attack. As a result they have become quite groggy. Coupled with their fear of the Divine Snake Naga, they chose to retreat and report the current situation to Lin Zhiguo so that they could formulate a more comprehensive plan to deal with their enemies.

Yong Ye advised Cai Ning to escape, but naturally, it came up fruitless. However, she still grit her teeth in the end and opted for a strategic retreat with her group members.

"Woman, you are not worthy to be my match," mocked the black-haired man the moment he felt Cai Ning's hostile gaze.

"You won't know until we fight." Cai Ning looked completely unperturbed. In her hand were countless silver needles as fine as the hair of cows. In the other was Willowleaf Blades.

A trace of shock flashed past the black-haired man's eyes. "Are these the hidden weapons of China? I haven't seen them before. Alright. Perhaps you can surprise me somewhat after all," the man said casually, "I'm Mahakala. What of you, Woman?"

"Flower Rain."

The moment Cai Ning finished, her Willowleaf Blades were coursing towards Mahakala's four limbs and torso as well as his throat like rabid locusts!

Mahakala didn't move in the slightest. However, his black pupils turned greyish-white all of a sudden.

Following that, all the Willowleaf Blades Cai Ning flung towards him flew back towards her as if under a spell! Their speed didn't decrease the slightest bit!

Cai Ning felt a chill run down her spine. What she saw happen before her, was completely out of her range of practice. Even though she had witnessed some supernatural abilities before, she had never seen or heard of an ability that could so easily be utilized!

Were the mysterious Brahma of India really that impressive?!

Cai Ning's lightness skill was still rather impressive since she was part of the impressive Tang Sect. She managed to evade the throwing knives she flung out.

"Flower Rain, be wary against the enemy's psychic powers," cried Abbess Yun Miao, who was still engaged with the Divine Snake Naga, "The enemy has mastered the techniques of ancient yoga! Their psychic powers are not to be underestimated. That kind of supernatural ability is out of this world! Normal methods will not do!"

Psychic power?!

Cai Ning shuddered. She had seen an expert who trained in psychic power when she was younger. The psychic power could be manifested as telekinetic ability and it could be used to bend a metal rod! Back then, she didn't feel that there was much use in training in that kind of ability. But now that she had seen it in action, she knew how powerful telekinetic power manifested from strong psychic abilities could be!

"Woman, prepare yourself," Mahakala said with a chuckle, "It's my turn to launch my 'hidden weapon'."

When he finished, the countless stones, leaves and grass on the ground in his near vicinity seemed no longer be bound by gravity and floated into the air!

"I don't have hidden weapons like yours. But I can utilize anything that lays before me."

When he finished, the various pieces of scrap on the ground, became instruments of murder. Piercing through the air audibly, they all headed for Cai Ning!

Cai Ning leaped a couple of times to evade the fragment-made projectiles. At the same time, she flung out the thin silver needles in a difficult-to-recognize trajectory, aiming them at Mahakala's weak points from different directions!

"It's useless," laughed Mahakala lightly. The moment those needles were an inch away from him, all of them stopped in mid air and levitated there!

"I'll give them back to you."

Cai Ning found it hard to believe that her skill was so easily countered. If any hidden weapon could be blocked just like that, then even if she used the ultimate move of the Sky-encompassing Flower Rain, it would be merely child's play for Mahakala!

At the same time, Abbess Yun Miao noticed that the situation was turning more dangerous. She no longer dared to hold any of her abilities back. With a burst of domineering Sword Qi, she fended off Divine Snake Naga and used the blade in her hands to trace a complicated circular sector in the air!

"Nebula Sword Technique!"

Abbess Yun Miao bellowed loudly as she ascended into the air and burst through the roof. In mid air, she spiraled downwards with great speed!

Following that, the sword in her hand emanated dazzling colors; red, orange, yellow, green, purplish-red. From afar, it really looked like a cluster of nebulae!

Garuda instructed Divine Snake Naga to try to bite and hold Abbess Yun Miao. However, though the tail of the snake was incredibly powerful, it wasn't able to leap too high up in the air and all it could do was watch as Abbess Yun Miao gathered her Sword Qi fully.

Shushan's techniques were among the best when it came to its pure destructive power. Abbess Yun Miao intended to fight with her life on the line. Naturally, she wouldn't be holding back at all. She had mustered all the destructive power she could!

"Daoist, Cai Ning! Get out of the way, quick!" Yun Miao cried.

Yu Jizi and Cai Ning saw what was going on and quickly got out of the way.

The glorious nebula suddenly exploded into a bright flash. A spherical cloud of rainbow-colored gas let out a deep hiss!


Various colors illuminated the bright Sword Qi, bringing forth a sight akin to that of a meteor shower. It was like a stormy baptism on Garuda, Mahakala, and Balarama as well as Divine Snake Naga before them!

The Sword Qi acted like a razor-sharp blade that dealt judgement on them. However, it was more penetrative and destructive than any normal blade and also had explosive qualities. It was really troublesome to deal with.

Divine Snake Naga's outer skin was incredibly tough. Even though it was hurt to the point it quivered about abit, it was still able to withstand the attack. However, Garuda didn't have skin as thick as Naga's. The moment the Sword Qi struck him, he was flayed all over and was no longer able to blow his flute any longer!

Balarama, on the other hand, used some kind of unknown technique. All he did was push against the Sword Qi with both his hands. Despite the immense density of the Sword Qi, he wasn't pushed back a single step.

However, the cracks and wounds that manifested on his arms bled red. It could be seen that he didn't fare too well from the strike.

Even the calm and aloof Mahakala seemed to take it seriously. He couldn't care about the safety of the two beside him. Instead, the light from his greyish-white eyes widened in scope gradually. All the Sword Qi surrounding him seemed to be suspended by an invisible force in mid air.

When Abbess Yun Miao landed on the ground, Garuda had already turned bloody from head to toe and was no longer able to fight. Divine Snake Naga, seemingly concerned about its master's safety, rushed back to Garudas side before turning to Abbess Yun Miao and hissing nonstop.

Balarama groaned as the three stone tiles beneath him broke. Both his eyes were stained red as he rushed towards Abbess Yun Miao.

The abbess had used most of her True Qi to execute the destructive Nebula Sword Technique, so how could she continue to fight back?

Yu Jizi was well aware of that fact. He blocked the attack heading towards Abbess Yun Miao and switched to using the Jade Dragon Big Dipper Sword Technique and began fighting Balarama, who suffered quite a bit of damage!

After enduring the great destructive power of Nebula Sword Technique, Balarama's strength wasn't like it was before. His fists and legs were clashed against Yu Jizi's abundant Xiantian True Qi that was infused in his sword, causing him to be gradually forced back.


Seeing that the situation didn’t play out well, Mahakala intercepted Yu Jizi and the light in his greyish-white eyes shuddered. Yu Jizi's uppercut wasn't able to cut in!

"You and your little pesky tricks!"

Yu Jizi had not yet exhausted all of his power. Since Mahakala dared to face him, he didn't shirk back and revved up his Kunlun power to the max instead. The Xiantian True Qi gushed out like a torrent of waves and formed into a whirling flow that broke through Mahakala's psychic force field!


Mahakala frantically took three steps back and barely avoided Yu Jizi's killing-intent-infused strike!

But before he was able to regain his balance, more than ten throwing stars came for the back of his head!

"Darn it!"

Mahakala knew that Cai Ning had suddenly launched her hidden weapons and was forced to divert part of his psychic power to change the trajectory of the throwing stars, before he whooshed to Balarama's side.

"Let's go!"

Mahakala knew that he wouldn't be able to take down Yu Jizi and the rest and made the decision to escape with Balarama, who could still fight.

Balarama followed Mahakala’s words and didn't linger. He leaped over the walls with Mahakala and escaped.

Before Cai Ning decided to give chase, Yu Jizi stopped her. "Don’t. The enemy is shrouded in darkness while we are in the light. Being ambushed will bring us endless misfortune!"


"Just look. Abbess Yun Miao has used up too much of her True Qi and requires some time to rest and recover. Additionally, now that we've gotten attacked, there's no doubt that some others are ambushed too. We have to contact the general immediately. Don't forget the reason for their arrival!" explained Yu Jizi as he pointed at the abbess, who was seated on the ground and regulating her condition.

"Daoist, you mean that..."

"That's right," Yu Jizi said with a solemn look, "Their main force must be heading for the aircraft carrier site. We have to notify the general and head there immediately!"

Cai Ning calmed down and took out the phone used by the internal division of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. She dialed Lin Zhiguo's number to ask about the situation of the carrier.

The phone was picked up after a few moments, causing Cai Ning to breathe a sigh of relief.

"General, you're fine. That's great."

The other end of the phone was silent. Suddenly, a deep male voice hissed, "Are you someone from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade?"

"Who are you? Why do you have our general's phone? Where is the general?"

"Your general is fine. He's right beside me. However, it isn't convenient for him to speak to you right now," the man said in a plain tone without the slightest emotion, "As for me, they call me Mahabrahma." Copyright 2016 - 2024