Waiting to See You

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“Whether I hit my woman’s butt or not has nothing to do with them, I’ll kill whoever can’t accept this .”

Yang Chen felt particularly relieved after coming out of Liu Mingyu’s office. Although he didn’t know what the two women would talk about, it was fortunate that he managed to resolve the awkward situation this time, keeping their relationship from worsening.

While Yang Chen acted rather calm earlier, his heart wasn’t too peaceful. Since all of them were smart, it was impossible for him to muddle it through. He only spoke his thoughts out, and luckily didn’t cause too large of a disturbance.

Yang Chen walked to the elevator entrance of the building and pressed the down button.

When the door opened, there stood two women in the elevator.

Yang Chen raised his head to have a look before getting stunned. They were Lin Ruoxi who was dressed in a dark blue, slightly old dress, and her assistant Wu Yue.

It was unknown if Lin Ruoxi was going to work or have an inspection at a random floor, but the fact of the matter was she was currently in the elevator.

“Are you coming in or not?” Wu Yue urged as she looked at Yang Chen who was stunned outside the elevator.

Yang Chen didn’t respond to her childish act and silently walked into the elevator before standing beside Lin Ruoxi.

The elevator was completely silent. Yang Chen felt that he’d be seen as intentionally causing an awkward situation if he stood there quietly. So, he asked, “Is Boss Lin going for an inspection?”

Wu Yue frowned and said, “When has CEO’s schedule ever been your concern?”

Yang Chen smiled coldly. “You’re merely an assistant while I’m the director of the subsidiary company. Are you my superior now?” Even Buddha had her limits. Yang Chen had long since disliked Wu Yue, she really went overboard for despising him for merely asking a question.

Wu Yue flushed angrily and swallowed her anger to herself.

“No, I’m going to admit a new vice president,” Lin Ruoxi said without any emotions.

A new vice president? Yang Chen wondered why that was the case. Since Lin Kun’s death, all of his shares got transferred into Lin Ruoxi’s hands. The person in charge of the multinational company Yu Lei International was basically Lin Ruoxi alone. Shareholders’ meetings in the company were essentially done for formal purposes. Whether or not there was a vice president ultimately depended on Lin Ruoxi’s mood.

Since this woman held the spirit of a workaholic most of the time, and the public relations department of Yu Lei was performing very well, the vice president position of the company seemed really extra.

Until Lin Ruoxi got sick that time, she passed certain responsibilities of the company to Mo Qianni before conveniently entrusting her as a vice president, but it was nothing more than a title. Most of the work was still done by Lin Ruoxi alone.

Yang Chen would naturally feel weird when he heard a new vice president was coming. Did she finally change her mind? Is she trying to cut down on her work?

“It’s for the product operations of the new material needed for the partnership with Muyun Corporation. We’ve sent a professional into each other’s company to ease communication and management processes,” Lin Ruoxi briefly explained.

Since the new material was successfully developed and the marketing stage would immediately follow, Yu Lei’s market share would greatly increase and the workload would immensely increase as well. In the name of giving each other trust, Yu Lei and Muyun exchanged a management genius to work in the opposite company with a high position, to be in charge of the market management of the new material.

Yang Chen didn’t ask more questions after listening to her answer. He suddenly thought of whether he was supposed to resign his current job after the divorce in six months’ time. However, the partnership projects under his influence and connection would probably be affected. He felt that he should find time to talk to Lin Ruoxi about it.

Arriving at the first floor, after getting out of the elevator, Lin Ruoxi brought Wu Yue to the parking area without saying a word, while Yang Chen returned to the entertainment company on the opposite building.

Upon entering Yu Lei Entertainment, Yang Chen proceeded to Wang Jie’s office immediately. She was currently busy dealing with some files. Seeing that Yang Chen came, she immediately stood up and greeted with a smile, “Director, how did the discussion go? Is Director Huang trustworthy?”

Yang Chen took out the SD card from his pocket and put it in front of Wang Jie. Without any expression, he said, “This is the end result. You may take a look at it carefully. Click on the video folder.”

Wang Jie was rather confused. She inserted the SD card into her laptop before opening the video in the folder.

Before long, Wang Jie anxiously closed the video!

Wang Jie whose face had reddened didn’t dare to look at Yang Chen anymore. “Director… this… why…”

“Oh, didn’t you ask if the moron Huang was trustworthy? The man in front of the woman is Director Huang while the one behind is the producer. The woman kneeling on the sofa at the centre is the director’s wife. They forced me to watch them perform and asked me to direct their show. Luckily I wasn’t asked to make a voiceover, I really don’t know how to moan like a woman,” Yang Chen said, looking distressed.

Wang Jie sweated like it was raining. She looked really ashamed. “Director, I’ll be sure to check the other side carefully before initiating a discussion. I… I really didn’t expect Huang Hai to be such a director.”

Yang Chen smiled relaxedly and said, “Wang Jie, you mustn’t have interacted with the people in the entertainment industry too much before you came here, am I right?”

“Yeah, I had been working in public relations. I wasn’t exposed to this industry very much,” Wang Jie said.

“That’s right, just be careful next time, not for me, but for yourself. I’m a man, I won’t suffer too much of a loss. You should take care of your own safety and bring a few people you trust to go with you during client meetings, so that you don’t get taken advantage of,” Yang Chen advised.

Wang Jie initially thought that she’d get scolded and didn’t expect this was what Yang Chen wanted to say. She felt thankful and agreed to Yang Chen’s advice.

“Director, thank you.”

Smiling, Yang Chen took out the SD card from Wang Jie’s laptop and said, “You don’t want to collect this?”

“Of course not.” Wang Jie quickly waved her hands. The things contained in the card were too shameful.

Yang Chen exerted force on the card to break it in half before throwing it into the rubbish bin. He said to Wang Jie, “Don’t feel burdened for what happened today, especially in front of me, I won’t think that you’ve neglected your duty. In this world, the most difficult object to understand is the human heart. Starting from now, don’t stress yourself too much, otherwise you’d feel worse at work than attending a funeral.”

Wang Jie laughed. “Director, you’ve exaggerated the matter.”

Knowing that his assistant was fine, Yang Chen stopped teasing her and let her to continue her work while he went out of her office. He took the stairs to the music production room one floor below.

Due to a high startup capital, Yu Lei Entertainment had its own equipment, including a recording studio and different types of music production room. The contracted artists and musicians could all use the facilities there to practise and create music.

Yang Chen was rather worried for Hui Lin who came to the company for her first day. She was a young girl who stayed in the mountains for most of her life after all, she was expected to be anxious being around so many strangers all of a sudden.

Yang Chen saw Zhao Teng and a few other employees when he came to the recording studio. The musicians all stood together while a few of them together with some sound engineers had headphones on.

In the recording studio, Hui Lin who was similarly wearing headphones had her coat removed, leaving only a pink sweater. On her adorable and pure face, there was fine perspiration. Having her eyes closed, she seemed to be immersed in some kind of feeling as she sang.

When Zhao Teng noticed Yang Chen’s arrival, he immediately tapped the shoulders of his colleagues before introducing, “This is Director Yang. Some of you don’t come here often, quickly get to know him while you can.”

Yang Chen shook hands with a few of them with a faint smile on his face. Zhao Teng briefed him through the backgrounds of these people, they were basically producers and musicians contracted with the company. When they found out that this young man held the highest position in the company, they couldn’t help but to feel surprised, but didn’t dare to look down upon him. Regardless of authority or background, age certainly couldn’t represent anything.

“I saw you guys really absorbed earlier, is my cousin here singing very well?” Yang Chen asked.

A musician nodded his head repeatedly. “Is she really Director’s cousin? Like brother like sister indeed. Amongst the singers I’ve seen in my entire life, Miss Hui Lin’s voice can easily rank top three. More importantly, there’s a type of unpredictability and flexibility in her voice which are both really rare among girls these days. This is definitely related to her aura.”

“That’s right, her voice is exceptional. As long as her falsetto and treble get polished, she is suited to sing a huge range of songs,” another musician said.

Yang Chen was rather surprised. He looked at Hui Lin who was seriously singing in the recording studio before taking a pair of headphones over and wearing it.

The headset played a sensational old song. Since Yang Chen didn’t know much about Chinese music or movies, he couldn’t tell who the original singer was. However, when it was sung by Hui Lin’s refreshing voice, it sounded extraordinarily pleasant.

Taking off the headphones, Yang Chen said, “I can tell that she’s tired already. She’s even sweating. I suggest you guys to let her rest for a while. It’ll be bad for her voice if she continues singing.”

“Haha, Director, it’s not us that’s stopping Miss Hui Lin from resting. Miss Hui Lin is so immersed that we’re reluctant on interrupting her,” a few producers said jokingly.

At this moment, a employee from the reception counter came over and asked, “Is Director Yang here?”

Yang Chen turned around, asking, “What is it?”

The female employee answered respectfully, “Director, someone who claims to know you is waiting to see you and Miss Hui Lin at the reception room.”

Yang Chen’s facial expression changed and asked the employee to go back first. He then entered the recording studio and approached Hui Lin.

When Hui Lin noticed that Yang Chen suddenly walked in, she immediately stopped singing. She blushed as she felt rather embarrassed for singing in front of Yang Chen. “Brother Yang, why did you come in?”

“Someone wants to see me and you,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Hui Lin blinked her big eyes. There weren’t many people who knew her. She asked, “Who is it? Is it Elder Sister?”

Yang Chen shrugged. “If I guessed it right, it’s either your grandma or your grandpa.”

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