Director of the Women's Federation

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The sound of the door being knocked made Liu Mingyu extremely nervous and worried. Being a department head, if she was found out for secretly making love with a man in her office, how was she supposed to face the people in the company in the future?!

Yang Chen lightly frowned and tidied up his pants. Before he entered the room, he saw that the female colleagues outside were either dozing or busy. He didn’t expect that someone would want to enter the room.

Liu Mingyu hurriedly climbed up from the desk and briefly wiped the desk, chair and some other parts. Although nothing abnormal could be seen, Liu Mingyu was fully aware that the post-climax residue on her face could easily be spotted by an experienced individual.

Furthermore, she was locked with Yang Chen alone in her office under broad daylight. Everyone would have a special thought.

“I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die. It’s all because of you!” Liu Mingyu violently twisted Yang Chen’s arm.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. Soft, he said, “That’s also because I have your cooperation. You’ll be fine, just say we’re in the middle of a discussion for work.”

“What work do I have that requires your input?! Can you at least come up with a decent lie?!” Liu Mingyu rolled her eyes.

At this moment, a gentle and familiar voice resounded outside the door.

“Mingyu, are you inside?”

Yang Chen’s nerves tightened. It was Mo Qianni!

Liu Mingyu’s legs softened as she widened her big, watery eyes. She didn’t know what to answer.

Yang Chen’s expression turned complicated for a while before he walked to the door quietly.

“What are you doing!” Liu Mingyu lowered her voice. When she saw that Yang Chen was going to open the door directly, her heart almost flew out!

It was bad enough if she was seen by the ordinary staff in the public relations department, let alone being noticed by Mo Qianni! Excluding the fact that Mo Qianni used to be her superior, she currently was one of the person in charge of the company. If this side of her was seen, wouldn’t she leave a bad impression?!

Yang Chen smiled at Liu Mingyu relaxedly before slightly opening the door. He only opened the width of a person, and winked at Mo Qianni who was standing outside.

Mo Qianni thought that Liu Mingyu may just be having a nap. However, when the door got opened, she noticed it was Yang Chen!

Why is this fellow here at this point of time?!

“Little Qianqian, stop dreaming. Come in quickly!” Yang Chen said softly.

Mo Qianni was still very confused. She entered the room because Yang Chen asked her to. After that, he quickly shut the door.

The tall Mo Qianni looked glamorous as ever. With her long hair tied up, she wore a white trench coat and a bright red scarf and held a folder in hand. She looked like just a fashion model walking in the office, but she evidently came to talk to Liu Mingyu about work.

Upon entering the room, she noticed a familiar yet shameful smell between her mouth and her nose. Mo Qianni raised her head to look at Liu Mingyu whose hair and clothing were dishevelled. Her face was flushing, and she wasn’t able to stand straight beside the office desk, not to mention the messy files which scattered everywhere.

Liu Mingyu didn’t dare to look at Mo Qianni while Yang Chen intentionally put up a serious act. Excluding the fact that Mo Qianni was smart in nature, the smell of hormones and her understanding towards Yang Chen in addition to her personal experience instantly caused her to understand what happened earlier!

Mo Qianni immediately blushed as she felt that the situation was extremely awkward. The proud-looking, death-courting man beside her was still making a stupid face and smiling at her in a naughty manner.

Although she herself was a mistress as well, which meant she had to endure all the pain caused by the man, she still felt extremely uncomfortable when she witnessed something this absurd.

“Dep—Department Head Mo, do you need anything?” Liu Mingyu stammered as she tried her best to act calm.

Mo Qianni regained awareness. She quickly answered, “Oh… An issue arose for the year-end financial integration of the public relations department. I came here to talk about it. It… it seems rather inconvenient now, doesn’t it…”

As soon as she finished speaking, Mo Qianni noticed that she said something wrong! What inconvenient! It’s because I noticed something wrong between them of course!

She wanted to act like nothing happened initially. The situation couldn’t be saved anymore.

Liu Mingyu wanted to find a seam on the ground and drill herself into it. I’m finished. I must’ve become something like a seductress in her eyes. Under broad daylight, I got found out for doing that kind of stuff with a married man. Is this possibly something every mistress has to endure?!

Seeing that Liu Mingyu and Mo Qianni didn’t have anything to say, Yang Chen walked to Liu Mingyu’s office desk and started tidying the messy folders on it.

As he arranged the items, Yang Chen smiled and said to Mo Qianni, “Come here, there’s nothing inconvenient. We’re all people of our own.”

Mo Qianni stunned for a while before finally understanding what Yang Chen meant… Is he going to confront me?

Liu Mingyu was confused as well. She looked at Yang Chen in doubt and looked at Mo Qianni. Her mind stopped working.

Seeing Mo Qianni who stood still by the door, Yang Chen smiled bitterly as he said, “Little Qianqian, stop daydreaming over there. Do you still want to act like nothing happened? We’ve come this far already, I’d be hypocritical if I try to hide this from you, and you’d be lying to yourself if you act like you haven’t found it out. Furthermore, do you think I am the type of guy who’d do things secretly and deny his doing?’

Mo Qianni took a deep breath, as if she was gathering courage. She walked forward and gave Yang Chen a death stare before smiling at Liu Mingyu whose body got extremely stiff. “To be honest, I don’t feel very good about it, but I also know that you don’t as well. Is being merely a lover and a mistress tough?’

Liu Mingyu felt that her brain cells weren’t enough to be used. The situation had gone far beyond her imagination. Mo Qianni’s words seemed to imply that she had some kind of relationship with Yang Chen as well…

“D—Department Head Mo, are you possibly… his…”

Before Liu Mingyu finished speaking, Mo Qianni nodded. “Yeah, so you don’t have to be this shy. Look at how thick-skinned I am, so thick that I know no shame anymore…”

Yang Chen stopped Mo Qianni from speaking. “Little Qianqian, what are you talking about? Why does it sound so terrible? We have to face the issue if we want to find a solution. Look, I’m righteously standing in front of you guys as the culprit. If you want to compare skin thickness, mine should be the thickest.”

“Oh, you also know that you’re thick-skinned? You came here to find women to play with you during working hours. Can’t you behave yourself? If it’s someone else who’s prying that came today, witnessed you together with Mingyu and noticed the weird smell, what do you think you can do?”

Liu Mingyu suddenly realized that the ‘crime scene’ hadn’t been utterly cleaned yet. She quickly took out a bottle of air freshener and sprayed at the surroundings before she finally could relieve herself.

Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen said, “These are all chemicals, your body would be damaged if you use it too much.”

“Do I have to use it at all if you didn’t come?!” Liu Mingyu asked angrily before clenching her teeth. However, she quickly realized that Mo Qianni was still there. She almost went crazy saying something like that in front of this ‘similar species’ who, to her, was extremely mysterious.

Mo Qianni sighed. She didn’t feel nervous and agitated anymore. In fact, she had long prepared for this day when Yang Chen said she wasn’t his only lover. Smiling bitterly, she said to Liu Mingyu, “Both of us aren’t any authentic goods, so you don’t have to be nervous in front of me. To put it in a good way, we’re both ‘comrades’, to put it in a bad way, we’re both similarly vixens. So we’re equal at the end of the day, don’t feel guilty about it. Blame this fellow if you want. A good rabbit doesn’t eat the grass outside its nest, this fellow on the other hand ate everything.”

Liu Mingyu felt that what Mo Qianni said made sense. Since Mo Qianni was a mistress as well, it meant they weren’t any different from each other. They then felt subconsciously closer to each other as they felt touched.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but to sigh in his heart as he witnessed the helplessness and bitterness that the two women he loved were in. One couldn’t expect the world to be fair. No one could make clear the feelings between men and women since ancient times.

After a moment of silence, Yang Chen didn’t really know what to say to turn the situation better. At last, he said, “How about having dinner together tonight? My treat, I’m fine with eating anything.”

Mo Qianni’s and Liu Mingyu’s cold gazes swept across him almost at the same time. They looked at him without any expression.

“In this situation do you think you can solve everything by solely treating us for dinner?” Mo Qianni asked.

“Are we so easy to be pleased? Do you think we’re as easy to trick as a three-year-old?” Liu Mingyu asked.

Troubled, Yang Chen scratched the back of his head. “My two much respected ladies, can you not do this to me? You can vent your feelings or even scold me! I know that sometimes I really act like a monster, but I’ve never intended to hide things from you guys, or even trick you. I don’t know how things ended up this way, I merely followed my feelings to reach this step. If I were to give up any of you, not only will you guys get hurt, I will feel hurt as well. I really don’t know how to explain it to you.

This is what I want to say. You guys can whack me, scold me, or even hate me. But you can’t detest me, that’s because I love you guys. I promise, except the stupid name column on the marriage certificate, I can give you anything you want, as long as it’s something I have!”

He expressed his thoughts honestly. Yang Chen reached out to his shirt pocket and wanted to smoke a cigarette, but he remembered he was in the office so he awkwardly withdrew his hand and started walking in circles. This is so torturing. Back then when I was still abroad, when have I ever suffered because of problems caused by women? That’s why I say love isn’t something great. People used to call me god, but even gods can’t solve the issue, let alone normal human beings!

After Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu finished listening, they both turned around and wiped their eyes.

“Do you think you’re the director of Women’s Federation or an expert in psychology? Why did you give us a counselling session? We haven’t taken things to our hearts, what are you rushing for?”

“I know right, weren’t we discussing on where to eat tonight? We need to have a drink for our comrades, right, Mingyu?” Mo Qianni winked at Liu Mingyu.

Liu Mingyu nodded. Smiling, she said, “I know a great Italian restaurant, I’ll bring Department Head Mo there.”

“Don’t call me Department Head anymore, just call me Qianni,” Mo Qianni said with a smile.

“Alright, Qianni.” Liu Mingyu smiled and pouted. She seemed to have relieved herself.

Yang Chen felt slightly consoled when he saw that the two women had temporarily untied the knots in their hearts. Smiling, he went forward and said, “Bring me with you, my treat.”

Mo Qianni looked at him fiercely. “Why do you want to join a dinner of two women? Why would we want you to treat us? It’s not like we have no money. If you have nothing else to do, get out quickly. We still have to talk about work.”

“Hey, you can’t do this. How can you disregard your man like this?!” Yang Chen was dissatisfied.

“That sounds more like you. Are you thinking of making us serve you like our master after dinner if you’re coming with us?”

“It would of course be good if that was the case,” Yang Chen said awkwardly with a smile.

Liu Mingyu and Mo Qianni looked at each other before pushing Yang Chen to the door together, one from each side.

“Get out get out! We want to work!”

“Don’t push me, can’t I walk myself?!” Yang Chen didn’t know what to feel Are they starting to avoid me now?!

After Yang Chen was pushed out of the room, the two women chuckled as they looked at each other and saw their own faces in each other’s eyes. Copyright 2016 - 2024