Do You like This Way of Dying

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All the twenty mercenaries were brought into the country by Xu Zhihong from abroad. Although they weren’t top-notch or even first-class ones, being born in the military from countries of South Asia, they were valiant criminals who often go on missions in the international waters and territorial disputes. At this moment when they saw that Yang Chen was rather strong, they weren’t the slightest bit afraid.

Everyone held a Type 56 semi-automatic assault rifle which they had owned for years. Although they were full of scratches and battle damages, they fired fatal sparks without hesitation!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The twenty guns with a shooting range of near 300 meters fired together, aiming at each part of Yang Chen’s body, with the firepower incredibly focused.

The firing sound of the machine guns resounded throughout the sky, like it was loud enough to shake the entire land.

The faces of Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong held a ferocious and crazy smile, since they were sure that Yang Chen would definitely get broken into pieces a short moment later.

Due to seeing Yang Chen kill, Lin Ruoxi who had been standing stiffly on the ground as she got dumbstruck suddenly regained awareness.

At this moment, her panic and blurriness instantly vanished, leaving only her unbelievably cold palpitation!

However, the bloody scene that she expected didn’t come. After the twenty mercenaries took aim and shot, not even a trace of blood splattered!

Everyone present felt that their vision blurred. There was no one at the original position where Yang Chen stood earlier while the black-colored luxury water dispenser at the hall behind Yang Chen got bombarded so terribly that it became a lump of trash!

The mercenaries suddenly felt dazed. Following closely, an overwhelming killing aura caused them to suffocate, even when they had gone through countless battles!


A slapping sound echoed, causing everyone to look to the edge.

They didn’t know when Yang Chen moved to their left. Standing beside the leftmost mercenary, Yang Chen struck a slap which looked slow but was in fact incredibly fast, hitting on the strong mercenary’s skull!

The soldier didn’t get the chance to defend himself. His skull received a direct impact from the slap.

Just like a crispy watermelon that got hit by a huge sheet of iron, it instantly got crushed into pieces!

Red and white objects connected to various parts of flesh and head organs looked just like blood rain as they dispersed to the surroundings, splashing onto the faces of the mercenaries around and falling onto the green lawn…

Everyone widened their eyes in shock. Even if they were mercenaries who wouldn’t feel a thing when they killed, they couldn’t imagine such a direct but exceptionally violent way of ending someone’s life.

When the mercenary whose skull didn’t exist anymore slowly fell, Yang Chen’s slightly reddened eyes swept across the others before the corners of his lips revealed a trace of brutal smile.

“Do you like this way of dying…”

This question which felt like the netherworld sent chills up everyone’s spine, almost urging them to escape the scene!

Inside the house, Lin Ruoxi who had newly relieved herself covered her mouth with one of her hands as she forced herself to not scream out loud. Just like watching a scene in a horror movie, she forgot to breathe, and even didn’t dare to look at the man who seemed familiar!

Everyone was stunned after witnessing Yang Chen’s bloody and vicious means, Yang Chen’s figure moved again.

Yang Chen’s trajectory was too difficult to be grasped. He moved so fast that he left an afterimage at the place he previously stood at. However, every time he stopped moving, he arrived beside the nearest mercenary to him. Using an angle which couldn’t be blocked, he crushed their skulls with merely a slap each!

The slapping sounds created a rhythm. Within the blink of an eye, another seven to eight fighters got easily turned into headless corpses by Yang Chen!

Devil… devil! Everyone only had this word in their hearts. Their legs and feet started softening, because the speed of this man even made them lose the courage to escape.

The utter helplessness and weakness made them forget to express their fears!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A rather competent soldier opened fire at Yang Chen’s afterimage. Unexpectedly, he shot hundreds of holes on one of his teammate’s body!

The next moment, Yang Chen appeared behind the shooter and waved his left palm again, harvesting yet another human life!

The fairly wide lawn became just like a violent battleground. Corpses and bloody flesh were all over the place. The scarlet blood water irrigated the yellowish lawn, making it extraordinarily eye-catching during winter!

Within less than half a minute, among the tens of people previously standing on the lawn, only Yang Chen was left. Bringing his red palms that slowly dripped blood together with his reddish shirt, he stood in front of Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong with a vague smile.

Zeng Xinlin finally noticed that the two bodyguards in front of him had their heads crushed like watermelons by Yang Chen as well. They didn’t even get the chance to react. On his face, there was even the smell of blood due to its splashing.

“You guys shouldn’t have come back. Otherwise I would’ve asked someone else to kill you. This way, you won’t die until your heads are gone.”

There was slight sympathy on Yang Chen’s face. The scarlet in his eyes became more and more dense. Using relatively slow footsteps, he walked towards Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong.

Although Zeng Xinlin was a special agent, he had never seen such a superhero-type array. His legs felt weak. He wanted to shout for help but he didn’t even have the courage for that.

Xu Zhihong basically opened his eyeballs wide as he lost the ability to think. In fact, the moment Hairy Ball died, he felt incredibly worried. Currently, he acted just like a stake.

Witnessing the entire scene, Lin Ruoxi subconsciously shed tears. She initially felt frightened, but for unknown reasons, she currently only felt slightly disgusted and wasn’t afraid anymore, even if the air was filled with the strong smell of blood.

This man’s back view looked cold and dignified, like pale lights shone upon his figure on a dark stage. That kind of unfamiliarity would arouse pity.

“Yang Chen! Stop it!”

A hasty sound of a lady resounded from not too far away. A black BMW 5-series could be seen approaching the house at a speed of 150 to 160 kilometers per hour. After an emergency stop, three panicked people ran down from the car.

Indifferent, Yang Chen glanced at them, only to discover Cai Ning, Sky Dragon whom he hadn’t seen in a while, and another skinny and tall guy with an unfamiliar face.

“Yang Chen, I’m from Beijing’s Group of Eight, Mo Feng!” the skinny guy shouted. “You cannot kill Zeng Xinlin. Opposing Zeng clan will only bring you a more severe trouble!”

Frowning, Sky Dragon said, “Yang Chen, keep calm for a while. This isn’t something that can be completely dealt with by killing.”

Yang Chen looked unconcerned. The scarlet color in his eyes hadn’t disappeared yet.

Zeng Xinlin who previously felt that he would die suddenly shouted in surprise, “Cousin Mo Feng, you’re finally here! Quickly, save me!”

Mo Feng solemnly nodded. He said, “Yang Chen, you should feel contented killing this many people already. Back off now, General sent us here from Beijing to stop you from killing Zeng Xinlin. It’s for your own good. He’s the most highly regarded grandson of the master of Zeng clan. They won’t let you go if you kill him.”

“Contented…” Yang Chen suddenly burst into laughter as he looked at Mo Feng jokingly. “You’re Zeng Xinlin’s cousin right…”

“That’s right, but my suggestion if for your benefit as well. Once you kill him, are you able to kill everyone from Zeng clan as well?” Mo Feng asked.

Yang Chen looked like he realized something. Coldly, he said, “Whether or not I can kill everyone is none of your business. However, since you’re his cousin and you came over yourself, I’ll kill you first before killing him if you dare to stop me.”

“You! You musn’t get too defiant!”

Mo Feng got so pissed that his face turned red. Due to his arrogance, he wanted to immediately attack Yang Chen.

However, knowing how terrifying Yang Chen was, Sky Dragon instantly grabbed onto Mo Feng when he felt Yang Chen’s upsurge of killing aura. He shouted, “You can’t give your life away!”

Since Sky Dragon was the strongest in Group of Eight, Mo Feng couldn’t break away from him even if he wanted to.

Yang Chen didn’t care about Mo Feng who came to interrupt anymore. His body teleported again before appearing in front of Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong.

“Since you guys came to give revenge to me together, you may die together as well.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his left and right arms rushed towards the two skulls at the same time. Just like the others who died previously, bringing their final looks of despair, the two proud individuals had their skulls beaten into two groups of blood mist under Yang Chen’s palms!

Cai Ning shut her eyes as she turned her head away, not daring to witness this scene.

Sky Dragon let go of Mo Feng who was completely stunned. Mo Feng’s eyes shed tears and turned red as his body got stiff, as if he didn’t dare to believe what happened in front of him.

Yang Chen turned back and looked at Mo Feng, saying, “What do you think? I killed him already. If you want to follow him go, I’ll help you do that.”

Mo Feng’s lips violently jumped. Using a hoarse and low voice, he said, “You’re an animal, an animal…”

“I’m an animal, so I kill animals as well,” Yang Chen said with a smile. “If you want to fight me, do it quick. If you want to scold me, I won’t keep you company anymore. If it isn’t because of the friendship I have with the two beside you, I would kill you right away. So, you better vanish quickly if you want to live.”

Sky Dragon gave Yang Chen a helpless and complicated look. Pulling Mo Feng, he said, “Let’s go, your cousin’s death cannot be stopped by you. General didn’t order you to take action. We can’t go back now.”

Mo Feng vigorously held his fists. Looking at Yang Chen for the last time, he walked back to the car together with Sky Dragon.

Cai Ning sighed as she glanced at Lin Ruoxi who looked inattentive and soulless. She said, “We’ve temporarily sealed off this region. No one will come here and I’ll ask people to cover up the battle traces here. However, Zeng clan will definitely not let this go. You better make some preparations. If you cause an overly huge disturbance, even if we don’t want to do it, we’ll certainly show up to stop you.”

Yang Chen remained silent.

Cai Ning pondered for awhile and said, “It must be hard for her to accept this. You should console her.”

After she finished speaking, Cai Ning silently entered the car and left the place.

Yang Chen took out a small medicine container and poured two pills out before quietly swallowing them. After painfully shutting his eyes for a while, he opened his eyes again before the scarlet in his eyes slowly dissipated.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Chen turned around and walked back into the house. He felt heavier than when he killed earlier. Copyright 2016 - 2023