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Lin Ruoxi didn’t panic nor did she dodge away while Xu Zhihong didn’t look like he was going to pull the trigger immediately.

Yang Chen’s nerves suddenly tightened for a split second, but didn’t rush to disarm Xu Zhihong. The current situation was rather tricky.

“What is it? Do you finally know that you’re wrong? But everything’s too late, Xu family doesn't exist anymore. Because of you, my father and mother committed suicide by drinking pesticides. Do you know how I’ve been living abroad all this time? Although I have food, clothing and shelter, do you know how my heart has been feeling? I feel a knife shaving my heart away as blood never stops flowing.” Xu Zhihong’s eyes were filled with hatred. Loudly, he said, “Do you know I’m the only one who hates you? Think about it, during the development of Yu Lei International, how many competitors have you pushed down their horses, and families destroyed? Do you think they all would feel good? Today, I’ll let you repay your debts.”

“You want to kill me.” Lin Ruoxi seemed like she was asking a question, or mumbling something to herself.

“Killing you would be to your advantage,” Xu Zhihong said as he laughed. “Maybe before I kill you, we can play for a while. Anyhow, I’ve chased you for so many years.”

Lin Ruoxi remained silent, like she wasn’t concerned with this all. She only stood still fearlessly as she looked at Xu Zhihong.

Xu Zhihong saw the look on her face and got so mad that he sneered. “It’s still the same look. Do you know that I hate this look of yours the most? Do you think you’re a goddess?! Who are you to look at me like that!”

Zeng Xinlin tapped on Xu Zhihong’s shoulder and sighed. He said, “Master Xu, everything will be solved today. You don’t have to get this emotional. After I finish dealing with the things, you can do whatever you want to this woman.”

[TL note: 少爷 (Young Master) is how the young people in wealthy families are called. I shortened it to one word.]

As he finished speaking, Zeng Xinlin received a stack of documents from an assistant behind him. Smiling at Lin Ruoxi, he said, “Boss Lin, before you get brought away by Master Xu, I hope you can patiently read through these documents. This way, your company will be majorly benefited as well.”

“What?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

“This is the transfer of ownership of Yu Lei International’s shares. Since you’ll leave this world very quickly, instead of passing your ninety percent of Yu Lei’s shares and your tens of billions of assets to the country, you may pass them to me. I’ll properly take care of the business you built for sure,” Zeng Xinlin said with an evil smile.

Lin Ruoxi taunted, “It sure seems like you haven’t been living well. You don’t even care about your reputation anymore, and want to force me into transferring my shares to you. Is it because you’ve lost the support of your family after I defeated you, and you have no other choice but to team up with Xu Zhihong?”

Zeng Xinlin turned mad. He said, “Do you know that Xu Zhihong and I hate women like you who can think of a lot but usually remain silent? Your words humiliate me a lot.”

After Changlin Media’s utter failure, Zeng Xinlin indeed lost the support of Zeng clan from Beijing. While some seniors still trusted him, most of them started doubting his ability, causing his prestige to fall to rock bottom instantly. Naturally, he wouldn’t be taken care of by his family anymore.

Bearing hatred in heart, Zeng Xinlin managed to contact Xu Zhihong who was in another country. Forming a common objective of revenging Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi, Zeng Xinlin used his connection with certain agencies at the customs to allow Xu Zhihong bring people and huge amounts of cash into the country.

After receiving funds, Zeng Xinlin relied on Zeng family to cover Xu Zhihong’s identity before silently waiting for this day to come.

“I’m really happy that you don’t like me,” Lin Ruoxi said coldly. “I agree to transfer my shares and other assets to you, but you have to promise me something.”

Frowning, Zeng Xinlin said, “Say.”

“Since you hate me, you can kill me, but not Yang Chen. Killing him won’t do you any good,” Lin Ruoxi said.

Yang Chen violently raised his head as he couldn’t believe what just happened, looking at Lin Ruoxi who was expressionless.

At such a situation, the first thing this woman thinks of is saving me?!

Doesn’t she hate me for hurting her so many times? Doesn’t she mind that I hid so many things from her, and lied to her this many times?

“Haha, what a loving husband and wife,” Zeng Xinlin said as he looked at Yang Chen fiercely. He then turned to Xu Zhihong, asked, “Master Xu, what do you think?”

Xu Zhihong smiled oddly. “She really sees merely a mutton skewer seller as a treasure. Humph, I can let him live, but at the very least, he can’t be allowed to live as a man for the rest of his life…”

Malice appeared in Zeng Xinlin’s eyes. “This is a good suggestion.”

“No,” Lin Ruoxi said resentfully. “I’m the one who left you no choice and defeat your businesses, not Yang Chen. If you guys hurt him, I won’t sign on the document even if I die.”

“Fucking bitch, if you don’t want to sign, we can take your thumbprint after you die!”

Xu Zhihong couldn’t endure anymore and suddenly pulled the trigger!


The sound of gunshot echoed in the hall. Wang Ma who had been standing behind Lin Ruoxi nervously shouted in shock.

However, the bullet didn’t follow the trajectory towards Lin Ruoxi’s forehead!

Apparently, the gun Xu Zhihong held got bounced away by an enormous force. The bullet hit the ceiling and ignited a spark.

Lin Ruoxi originally closed her eyes as she waited for her death. Unexpectedly, the matter was suddenly changed, causing her to open her eyes again out of confusion.

She saw that Xu Zhihong turned his head to look at Yang Chen at a side.

“Yang Chen, do you think you guys can be left alive after hitting my gun away? There are twenty mercenaries outside hired by me who would kill without even blinking. You guys won’t be able to escape.”

“You may try,” Yang Chen said in a dull manner.

Xu Zhihong snorted before waving his hand.

Hairy Ball who had been witnessing the scene while he stood behind Xu Zhihong walked over happily. He still had a messy hairstyle, a moustache that looked like weed, and wore a dirty coat.

This perverted-looking, tall, strong and filthy man was extremely loyal to his master Xu Zhihong. Regardless of his past identity of being the young master of Xu family, or today’s of being a wanted criminal, Hairy Ball was still willing to follow him.

Xu Zhihong smiled coldly. He said, “Hairy Ball, haven’t you always wanted to fight Yang Chen? Before he dies today, you can play with him.”

Hairy Ball snickered and said to Yang Chen, “I knew that you were rather good in fighting long ago, but Young Master had always stopped me from approaching you. Not long ago, the two of you made him a wanted criminal, which caused him to suffer heavily. Now that you’re going to die soon, we’ll play for a while.”

Lin Ruoxi regained awareness and understood that she was saved by Yang Chen out of the blue. As she felt a complex emotion, seeing that Yang Chen was going to fight with Hairy Ball, she hurriedly shouted, “No way! He was a special agent back then. You won’t be able to defeat him!”

“Humph, why can’t he? It’s not like he can run away. Today, we’re the boss here,” Xu Zhihong said with a smile.

Yang Chen faintly smiled at Lin Ruoxi and signalled her to stop getting worried.

Having reached this day, there were things that he simply couldn’t continue hiding from Lin Ruoxi anymore. No matter what would happen to the two in the future, the fact that he concealed his past made him seem selfish.

Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen with a confused expression as her heartbeat swiftly quickened. She had a feeling that something unbelievable was going to take place.

Taking his coat off, Hairy Ball was left with a black sweater which tightly wrapped around his muscular body. Posing a fighting stance, he winked at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen looked at him and said, “Although you’re quite solvent, you’re genuinely loyal to your master. Looking at your stance, you should be an expert on Aikido, but you’re still not someone who can go against me. If you surrender now, I’ll let you live if you agree to tidy up the corpse of your master.”

Hairy Ball stunned. He seemed to be surprised that Yang Chen managed to see through him with a simple glance. However, he still sneered and said, “You yourself said that I was loyal to my master. Since my life is given by Master, I have to use my life to fight you even if I’m really going to lose today.”

“Alright then.” Yang Chen sighed and reached his right arm at Hairy Ball’s neck.

He planned to execute him with a single strike, to leave Hairy Ball die without too much pain.

On the side, Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma saw Yang Chen who suddenly seemed like another person as he acted in a domineering manner steadily. This feeling made the two stand on the ground stiffly. With their blurry eyes, they gazed upon Yang Chen as they felt unfamiliar with this man who was with them almost all the time.

At the same time, Hairy Ball felt an extremely strong pressure when he saw Yang Chen’s attack which looked extremely slow, causing him to get difficult in breathing.

He was indeed a master in Aikido who emphasized on countering hard attacks with soft ones and borrowing force to counter force. Facing Yang Chen’s slow-motion attack, he got a bit anxious and tried to dodge the strike.

Unexpectedly, Yang Chen’s arms suddenly hastened. Following Hairy Ball’s movement trajectory, he quickly grasped Hairy Ball’s neck!

Both of Hairy Ball’s arms posed into a blocking stance as he tried to withstand Yang Chen’s arms.

However, when his attack almost reached Yang Chen’s arms, Hairy Ball horrifyingly felt that Yang Chen’s arms were just like the coldest composite metal. When his forceful attack from both directions landed, Yang Chen’s arms didn’t move the slightest!

How is it possible?! Hairy Ball got terrified. Having known Yang Chen for so long, he thought that he could hold a playful attitude while facing Yang Chen. At this moment, he outrageously noticed just how wrong he was! Has he never been on the same level with me?! he thought. However, the next moment, he lost the opportunity to think.

Crack! Crack!

Yang Chen didn’t give much time to Hairy Ball. As he lightly pinched using his hand, Hairy Ball immediately stopped breathing.

He had interacted with this dirty man ever since he met Xu Zhihong the first time. After so long, he finally used such a simple yet direct method to send him away from this world.

Xu Zhihong shouted in fear. He seemed like he refused to believe that his most loyal servant died under such a short moment, being crushed on the neck by Yang Chen using only one arm!

Zeng Xinlin used to be an outstanding special agent and briefly knew the power level of Hairy Ball. He finally noticed that the situation in front wasn’t so easy to be dealt with. Violently pulling Xu Zhihong out of the house, he waved his hand outside. The twenty masked mercenaries lurked around the bungalow and armed with submachine guns appeared from each dark corner and the groves as they rushed out before aiming at the entrance!

Two bodyguards stood in front of Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihnog as they nervously looked at Yang Chen who stood beside the door.

Inside the door, Lin Ruoxi, who witnessed Yang Chen kill someone in the blink of an eye, widened her big eyes in shock. She couldn’t speak a word. Everything that happened in front of her undermined all her senses towards Yang Chen, like she came to another world.

Regarding Wang Ma, she had fainted on the ground since the moment Hairy Ball was killed.

“Open fire! Open fire! Kill this man immediately!” Zeng Xinlin couldn’t care about snatching Lin Ruoxi’s assets anymore. At this moment, he only wanted to eradicate this dangerous man!

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