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When Li Jingjing suddenly called over, Lin Ruoxi looked much happier. After chatting for a while, she seemed to have agreed to something before ending the call smilingly.

Yang Chen felt quite surprised. When has their relationship improved this much? Did they become good friends due to their common interest in volunteering in the orphanage?

He had purposely drawn the line between him and Li Jingjing because of her parents. Now that the two women became such great friends, he wouldn’t ask too many questions.

“Miss, you look really happy. Did a friend call?” Wang Ma asked with a smile. She too hoped that Lin Ruoxi would walk out of the shadow sooner.

Lin Ruoxi nodded. “Yeah, the girl that I mentioned to you last time who’s a teacher. She asked if she could visit our house tomorrow. Since it’s a weekend, I agreed.”

Wang Ma looked like she thought of something. She smiled weirdly as she glanced at Yang Chen before saying, “That’s great, then I’ll get more cooking ingredients tomorrow.”

Yang Chen didn’t understand why Wang Ma looked at him that way, but didn’t think about it much as well. He was just hesitating if he should avoid Li Jingjing by staying out of the house.

However, when he thought about it more carefully, avoiding her wasn’t the right choice. He would just be telling Li Jingjing that he had problems, much worse and direct than the time where he acted like a stranger in front of her.

When they reached their home at Dragon Garden, Wang Ma entered the kitchen as she busied herself while Lin Ruoxi silently walked upstairs out of exhaustion. She directly entered her bedroom instead of going to the study room like usual.

Yang Chen was considering if he wanted to sit down and watch TV while he waited for lunch to be prepared. However, his phone suddenly rang.

Looking at the number, Yang Chen recognized it was Molin, the team leader of Sea Eagles.

“Your Majesty Pluto, a lady who wishes to see you came to find us.” Molin sounded rather helpless, like he ran into a problem.

Yang Chen was shocked. Since the lady wanted to meet him but looked for Sea Eagles instead, she was definitely displaying her power.

“What’s she called?” Yang Chen asked as he frowned.

“The lady refused to tell us her name. She said you’d know her once you’re here,” Molin said, displeased.

Yang Chen ended the call and sat on the sofa for a while. He seemed to have guessed who it was.

Seeing the time, it was three hours away from lunch. Since he didn’t have to rush, he ran into the kitchen and informed Wang Ma before going out.

Driving to the apartment where Sea Eagles was in, there stood Molin waiting for him at the entrance.

Although it was winter, Molin only wore a white short-sleeve shirt as he stood near the door. He didn’t look like he felt cold at all.

“Don’t you think you’re dressed very weirdly?” Yang Chen asked.

Molin smiled until the wrinkles on his face appeared. “Your Majesty Pluto, the winter in China isn’t cold.”

Being a special agent who mostly acted in the Arctic Ocean, he wouldn’t be affected unless the weather was colder than negative twenty degrees.

“I know it’s not cold, I don’t feel cold either. However, being an ordinary person, you have to act like a normal person after all. If you’re seen wearing this less in the weather, people would think you’re crazy,” Yang Chen said.

Molin blinked a few times before nodding with a smile, but he evidently didn’t look like he was going to change his behaviour.

Under Molin’s guidance, Yang Chen reached the meeting room located at the top floor of the apartment. In the huge meeting hall, there sat a shadow who was enjoying coffee alone.

Yang Chen directly let Molin leave and not come with him. Molin knew that the two definitely had things to discuss and smartly left them alone.

Entering the meeting room, after making sure the lady’s identity, he smiled weirdly. “Elder Lilith, haven’t you gone back to Europe yet?”

The lady who came was Lilith whom he met yesterday night. He didn’t feel surprised at all regarding her appearance at this place as the Dark Parliament’s intelligence network had been expanding in the past tens of centuries. Naturally, it was all over the globe.

Lilith wore a casual beige cardigan with a pair of tight-fitting and light-colored jeans. With her blonde hair put down behind her head, her charming face didn’t have any make-up on. Her natural smooth and white skin looked particularly alluring when shone upon.

To a person of the blood race like Lilith, sunlight could only limit a small portion of her ability.

Lilith didn’t answer Yang Chen’s greet question. She was just sitting on the leather seat beside the window as she enjoyed the warmth of the sunlight passing through the window.

“I haven’t been exposed to the sunlight this relaxedly in a while. Your Majesty Pluto, I don’t dare to go out during the day in Europe. The people of Rome Vatican are too detestable. They’re more annoying than insects,” Lilith complained.

Yang Chen wasn’t surprised that Lilith found out his identity. Being intelligent, she should’ve guessed who he was last night. Pulling over a chair, he sat beside Lilith. Looking at her from the side, he could see exactly Lilith’s busty bosom which looked like little mountains and her sharp facial features.

As he admired her body, he said, “Ordinary people must think that the blood race is afraid of sunlight and garlic. However, I bet someone like Lilith mustn’t care about them at all.”

Smiling, Lilith replied, “Those are the things only the cowardly would be afraid of. Your Majesty Pluto, let me tell you a secret. I love garlic-flavored potato chips, but my family hates the smell, so I always secretly eat them at home.”

Yang Chen felt that talking about food with this female vampire was weird. So he swapped a topic. “Do you want to drink? I can ask someone to bring some decent grape wine over.”

“No need, I rejected the offer earlier.” Lilith turned her head over and looked at Yang Chen. “Your Majesty Pluto, aren’t you going to ask why I came to look for you?”

“I guess that’s something you should be rushing to say, since staying here would only involve the danger of being stared upon by Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. They seemed to have reached a common objective with the Vatican. While your ability is respectable, you won’t be able to defeat them when you’re surrounded by many,” Yang Chen said.

Lilith said confidently, “Your Majesty Pluto doesn’t have to worry about that for me. I still saved enough ability. Solely based on the few people in China from the Vatican combined with Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, they still have to put in a lot of effort to get me.”

Yang Chen suddenly had a question. “Miss Lilith, may I ask which generation of the blood race you are?”

Smiling weirdly, Lilith answered, “Fourth generation. What is it? Is this something worth knowing?”

Yang Chen’s face suddenly turned pale. He pouted. “As far as I’m concerned, the third generation is called the golden generation that could rival gods, but that’s the blood race of tens of centuries ago. Miss Lilith, I suddenly regret on kissing you yesterday night. According to my estimation, you aren’t very young anymore, being one of the fourth generation. I had been wondering how you became an elder at such a young age. It seems like your appearance is casted with spells.”

Lilith laughed so hard that her back curved on the leather seat. “Although I’m from the fourth generation, I bring the pure royal bloodline as a result of being given birth through parturition by my mom. So I’m only a little more than 200 years old, still very young.”

200 years old… still very young…

Yang Chen touched his face as he regretted for asking this many questions. Last night, he unknowingly kissed more than two centuries! Out of curiosity, he asked, “So the blood race can give birth just like us humans? I didn’t know that back then.”

“We can. The stronger we are, the harder it is for us to reproduce. Furthermore, through this method of giving birth, it would hurt our strength, especially women of the blood race. If my mom didn’t have my dad’s protection, she wouldn’t have given birth to me,” Lilith explained.

“Your parents are the third generation. Even if their strengths got deducted, I bet their enemies still wouldn’t dare to attack them,” Yang Chen said as he smiled faintly.

Lilith’s eyes shone. “Although my parents’ generation was seen as equivalent to gods, being a god yourself, Your Majesty Pluto should know that they still have an unfathomable distance with gods. Even our ancestor Cain could only be considered a demigod.”

This time, Yang Chen moved slightly. Squinting, he said, “Miss Lilith, you seem to know a lot about gods.”

Lilith answered proudly, “I inherited my mother’s bloodline. My mom is a pure descendant of the Lady Devil of the Night, our ancestor Lilith, also the wife of the devil god Satan.”

As Yang Chen’s finger tapped on the armrest, he said, “No wonder. In that case, it definitely makes sense for you guys to interact with something of that aspect.”

“That’s right. Last night when Elder Mobses disappeared out of thin air, having read various scrolls passed down by my family which recorded some information regarding gods, I could roughly guess the truth, not to mention your appearance and your angry reaction I saw.” This time, Lilith wasn’t acting carefreely anymore. The topic she was talking about was rather serious.

Looking dull, Yang Chen said, “Your guess is more or less correct. However, regarding how it happened specifically, I’m still perplexed. It definitely wasn’t done by someone I know.”

“I know. That’s why I came today with the hope of discussing another thing with Your Majesty Pluto,” Lilith said with a smile.

Yang Chen signalled her to continue speaking.

“Your Majesty Pluto, as far as I know, you came to China for personal reasons. However, I’m sure that you don’t wish your peaceful life is disturbed. For example last night, China didn’t look too safe. Especially since you’re here as well, the protective umbrella Yellow Flame Iron Brigade became exceptionally important. At least, their existence would free you from worrying,” Lilith said. “However, since the Vatican stepped in, Yellow Flame Iron Brigade seemed to have stood on our opposite side.”

“What do you want to say? Be straightforward,” Yang Chen said.

“We at Camarilla have always followed our seclusion treaty, but the people from the Vatican appear to be unappreciative towards our endurance. Therefore, after our elders at Camarilla discussed, with me being the representative, we decided to form an alliance with Your Majesty Pluto to stop Yellow Flame Iron Brigade from siding the Vatican when we fight in the east.” When Lilith finished speaking, she looked at Yang Chen with high expectations.

Yang Chen kept quiet for a short while. “I’m not against your idea, but ask Molin to hook you guys up. I don’t want to have too many interactions with you guys at Camarilla. I live in this country after all.”

“That’s more than enough. We only need a form of deterrence,” Lilith said happily.

After hesitating for a while, Lilith asked, “Your Majesty Pluto, I still have a question. Since it concerns the security of our blood race, I want to make a confirmation with you.”

“Do you want to ask if Mobses’s disappearance last night was because of his blood race origin or the Holy Grail?” Yang Chen asked.

“That’s right. Also, can the Holy Grail really grant people eternity?” Lilith asked the biggest question shrouded in mystery. Copyright 2016 - 2023