Keeping a Secret

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After that night, Lin Ruoxi dressed herself in an ordinary black coat and black pants after waking up. She also used a black hairband to tie her hair.

When Wang Ma saw Lin Ruoxi’s clothing, she stunned for a while. Carefully, she asked, “Miss, are you going to visit the funeral of an old folk?”

Lin Ruoxi seemed like she hadn’t had a good sleep. Her eyes were rather red. She explained Lin Kun’s situation to Wang Ma without hiding anything.

Since Wang Ma was an old person of Lin family, after hearing the news, she quickly sat on a chair as she got absentminded for a while.

Looking pale, Wang Ma’s expression turned weird for a very long time. She then said, “I’ll go with Miss and Young Master to send Master Kun off for the last time. Since he’s dead now, resentments should be let go already.”

After having a simple breakfast, Yang Chen drove his own BMW and fetched Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma to the hospital where Lin Kun did his yearly checkups and checked for sickness. His dead body was sent there as well.

Handling the death procedures as a family member wasn’t an easy task that could be dealt with in a short time.

Seeing Lin Kun for the last time, Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma both looked particularly gloomy. As they cheered each other up, they signed various documents under the guidance of a nurse.

As Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma felt downhearted, a tall, righteous-looking doctor wearing a white coat who looked around fifty years old walked to the side. After glancing at Yang Chen and the other two, he asked Yang Chen politely, “Is this Miss Lin’s husband?”

Yang Chen was dazed. After looking at Lin Ruoxi who was still signing documents without reacting, he nodded at the doctor.

“My surname is Bao, I’m Mr Lin Kun’s former main doctor. There’s something I need to discuss with his family members. Since Miss Lin is busy, can I invite you over to my office as you’re his son-in-law?” Doctor Bao asked.

Yang Chen saw that Lin Ruoxi didn’t have any objections, and since he wouldn’t want to further exhaust her, he followed Doctor Bao into the office.

Upon entering the huge office which brought the smell of medicines, Doctor Bao asked politely, “May I know your surname?”

“Yang,” Yang Chen said after sitting down.

Smiling, Doctor Bao walked to the water dispenser and poured a cup of pure water for Yang Chen before getting back on his seat and taking out a folder from his desk.

After flipping the folder a while, Doctor Bao took out a stack of photostated information and placed them in front of Yang Chen.

Frowning, Yang Chen asked, “Doctor, what are these?”

“Medical history,” Doctor Bao said with an odd smile. “This is my patient Lin Kun. Ever since he came here for treatments, his medical record had always been kept. However, this isn’t the original folder, but merely one of the photostated ones.”

“Why are you showing me this?” Yang Chen had a bad feeling about it.

Doctor Bao moved his lips as he pointed at the documents. “Mr Yang can take a look at it, especially the second page. You’ll understand after you finish reading.”

Yang Chen lifted the medical records and slowly flipped them open. When he arrived at the second page, his face immediately turned expressionless as his eyes shone.

“Doctor Bao, what do you mean?” Yang Chen squinted at Doctor Bao who was grinning in an exceptionally weird manner.

“Mr Yang, you’re really a man people would get envious for. You have such a beautiful wife who happens to have a net worth of tens of billions as well. I guess Mr Yang mustn’t be anyone ordinary as well. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to get such a woman as your wife,” Doctor Bao complicated.

Smiling coldly, Yang Chen said, “Tell me what you truly think.”

Doctor Bao sneered. He said, “Actually, I don’t think about much. I’m just wondering what effects would such a beautiful and wealthy married couple have, if the details in this medical report are known to the world. I believe the company and the society would also…”

Yang Chen more or less guessed the reason he was called in for. Frowning, he asked, “May I know what amount does Doctor Bao have in mind, to make sure the medical records aren’t leaked?”

“Mr Yang is indeed understanding! I like your boldness!” Doctor Bao laughed before raising his hand and lifting one figure. “Just this amount.”

“One million?” Yang Chen asked.

Doctor Bao shook his head.

“10 million?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

“For the CEO of Yu Lei International, 10 million would be insulting to her,” Doctor Bao said as he shook his head smilingly.

Yang Chen tapped on the medical report in his hands before saying, “Then do you mean 100 million?”

“It’s not too much nor is it too little, it’s only a 100 million, I just need a 100 million Chinese yuan. It won’t bring Mr Yang’s family any financial burden, but will grant your entire family the peace of living quietly for the rest of your lives,” Doctor Bao said with an evil smile.

It couldn’t be seen whether Yang Chen was happy or sad. “100 million… to buy peace. Hehe, it’s really affordable.”

“That’s right, it is very cheap. Comparing to the information on this medical report, the amount really is nothing,” Doctor Bao said before sighing. “Actually, the reason I asked Mr Yang over is also because I didn’t want Miss Lin to get overly sad. Mr Yang, please understand my good intentions.”

Yang Chen nodded his head repeatedly in agreement.

Seeing that Yang Chen didn’t say anything, Doctor Bao asked eagerly, “Mr Yang, can I know if we can make a deal?”

Yang Chen looked like he was troubled. “Doctor Bao, I would really like to give you 100 million, and settle this matter in a peaceful manner. However, you need to know that in my house, my wife is in charge of the money. If you want me to take 100 million out, I really can’t do it.”

Doctor Bao then looked displeased. Keeping the medical record into the folder, he said, “It sure seems like I invited the wrong person. I’ll have to invite Miss Lin herself inside.”

“No, don’t,” Yang Chen advised with a smile. “Why do you have to trouble my wife for such a small matter? She’s tired enough now.”

“Humph,” Doctor Bao snorted. “This isn’t a small matter. To me, keeping this as a secret is extremely important. I’ll feel sorry to myself if I don’t get some benefits out of it. Mr Yang, if you can’t take the money out, don’t waste my time anymore.”

Yang Chen shook his head as he sighed. “Although I don’t have money to pay you, Doctor Bao, I have another way to make you keep this secret.”

Frowning, Doctor Bao asked out of curiosity, “What way?”

Yang Chen let out an evil smile as his eyes shone cold light. “Doctor Light, actually, as long as you’re dead… this matter will be covered as well.”

Yang Chen’s sudden change made Doctor Bao to jump up from his seat as a result of being frightened!

However, before Doctor Bao screamed in fear, Yang Chen slightly moved from his seat and immediately appeared behind Doctor Bao’s back!

Reaching an arm in front, Yang Chen used two fingers as thin as nails to lock Doctor Bao’s throat!

Although Doctor Bao was tall and strong, because of Yang Chen’s sudden surge in killing aura, he got horrified as he felt a helpless fear!

“You can try shouting. I’m confident that I can directly crush your throat before you do so. Don’t think that I don’t dare to do it. I can’t endure blackmails…” Yang Chen whispered beside Doctor Bao’s ear as he let out a violent and cold grin.

Doctor Bao forcefully tried to calm himself down. Since he was just an ordinary man, he naturally couldn’t bear with Yang Chen’s bloody path which produced a turbulent killing intent. As a result, the more he wanted to calm himself down, the more nervous and terrified he got. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he’d piss or shit himself at any moment.

Yang Chen took away the folder easily from Doctor Bao’s hands before taking a piece of A4 paper out.

Under the situation where Doctor Bao trembled in fear, Yang Chen’s left arm pinched the A4 paper and flung it like a poker card, shooting out the piece of thin paper more than ten times the size of a poker card!


Just like a metal disc, the piece of paper followed a straight trajectory before slotting into the cement wall!

Doctor Bao stared in shock as his mouth subconsciously opened. He even forgot to breathe!

Legend says that wuxia experts can harm people using a leaf. Did the man beside me just turn a thin piece of paper into a weapon more horrifying than a knife?!

[TL note: Wuxia (武俠 wǔxiá) – literally means “Martial Heroes”. Regular humans who can achieve supernatural fighting ability through Chinese martial arts training and internal energy cultivation.]

Yang Chen was very satisfied with the stunning effect. “Doctor Bao, if the piece of paper earlier suddenly flies towards your direction when no one is paying attention, would anyone think I’m the culprit?”

“Mr Yang, please… please don’t kill me… I… I don’t dare to ask for money anymore. I definitely won’t dare to leak this out…” Doctor Bao noticed that he had provoked someone that he definitely couldn’t displease. Although money is great, how can I use it without being alive?!

Furthermore, can I even blackmail someone like him who can do pull up such an act?!

Yang Chen didn’t want to truly kill him. Since killing a doctor in a hospital was something difficult to cover. He only wanted to use some brutal way to dispel his greed.

Letting Doctor Bao go, Yang Chen patted his shoulder. However, he instantly fell onto the ground upon making contact with Yang Chen!

Smiling, Yang Chen said, “You can keep the medical records. If you want to die someday, feel free to leak the information inside. I’ll give you a good way of dying.”

Doctor Bao’s smile was uglier than a cry. Quickly, he said, “I won’t, I won’t. I’ll deal with every single copy of it today.”

“You’re such a great doctor. If I get diseased one day, I’ll definitely come back to you,” Yang Chen said before winking at him and walking out of the office relaxedly.

Upon leaving the office, Yang Chen’s expression turned serious. He sighed as he thought of the things in the medical report again. Things always changed. If it was shown to Lin Ruoxi, a great disturbance would undoubtedly arise. At the very least, nothing good would happen.

Yang Chen decided to keep whatever he’d seen today to himself, and bring it into the coffin. This should be the best option.

When he walked into the room where Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma were in, Wang Ma raised her head and asked, “Young Master, did the doctor say anything?”

Yang Chen smiled. “It’s nothing major. He only talked to me about his past medical records, and why he couldn’t be saved this time. Let the past stay in the past.”

Wang Ma nodded before turning to Lin Ruoxi. “Miss, if things are settled here, let’s go back first. You don’t look very energized, go and rest at home.”

Lin Ruoxi stood up weakly and raised her head to look at Yang Chen. Softly, she said, “Thank you.”

“What for?”

“Since we met, that guy has been causing you trouble. Now that he has left, it’s still you who told me,” Lin Ruoxi said gloomily.

Yang Chen sighed in his heart. Although she hates Lin Kun, she still hasn’t completely let him go in her heart. Just like although she hates Lin Zhiguo, she still listened to his order and followed the house rules of Lin family, to endure the pain of marrying me.

Thinking of these, Yang Chen felt like the decision to keep the information in the medical reports to himself was right.

When the three walked out of the hospital, Lin Ruoxi’s phone rang.

When Lin Ruoxi saw the number, she let out a rare and gentle smile. She looked at Yang Chen and said, “It’s Jingjing, the girl you met when I brought you to the orphanage earlier. She’s calling.”

Yang Chen got rather shocked as he looked at Lin Ruoxi who picked up the phone with a much improved mood. Copyright 2016 - 2024