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The person who came was no other than Cai Yan, also known as Chief Cai, the one who would cause countless troubles for Yang Chen almost every time they met.

However, Cai Yan wasn’t wearing a police uniform today. She wore a white, knitted coat with a wide, round neck that revealed the snow-white skin on her bosom, making her look rather seductive. A pair of jeans wrapped around her pair of firm, long and beautiful legs. Her short hair was delicate as ever. However, due to her pale coffee-colored high heel boots, she didn’t look like the heroic woman police officer, but an independant white-collar worker in a city.

Comparing the simple dressing up of Lin Ruoxi, it was obvious that Cai Yan spent much effort on her makeover, making her originally inferior look to Lin Ruoxi seem extraordinarily attractive.

“Chief Cai, erm… it’s rare to see you here…” Yang Chen said with an unnatural smile. He was worried that Cai Yan came to look for his trouble once again. He didn’t want to be arrested to the police station for recordings on a Sunday.

When Cai Yan noticed Yang Chen’s defensive expression, grief could be vaguely seen on Cai Yan’s face. She said palely, “I came here to look for Ruoxi, to talk about Gao Guoxiong.”

Yang Chen paused for a while to recall who Gao Guoxiong was. He was the wealthy Singaporean business who tried to harm Lin Ruoxi two days ago. Currently, he was still being locked up in the police station.

“What is it? What does he want to do again?!” Yang Chen wouldn’t forgive the disgusting man who tried to hit on his woman.

Because of what happened in the morning, Lin Ruoxi started treating Yang Chen a little better. She asked gently, “He wants his lawyer to sue me. Yanyan and I will be discussing the legal procedures.”

“To sue you?!”

Frustrated, Yang Chen slapped the sofa forcefully. “It’s at his advantage that he’s not executed by a rifle team yet! If he dares to sue you, I’ll kill him in prison!”

Deep down her heart, Lin Ruoxi felt pleased when she saw Yang Chen get this angry. Retaining a serious expression, she said, “What are you talking about? Killing? Killing in prison? Are you in a science fiction movie now?”

Cai Yan looked at Yang Chen with a strange expression. Through the conversations with her elder sister Cai Ning, she had a brief understanding towards Yang Chen’s character. She had a feeling that if Gao Guoxiong really dared to sue Lin Ruoxi, he could really die in jail.

“Rest assured, his lawyer rejected his request. Right now, he needs to hire other lawyers from Singapore if he really wants to sue Ruoxi. Now that this case is having this much exposure, I bet no one in China wants to work for him,” Cai Yan said smilingly.

“Then why did his Singaporean lawyer reject him?” Yang Chen asked, confused.

Without filtering her thoughts, Cai Yan said, “Don’t you know that your wife is a super wealthy woman?’

“Yanyan! The title sounds so horrible!” Blushing, Lin Ruoxi twisted Cai Yan’s arm.

After thinking for a short moment, Yang Chen came up with yet another question. “Babe Ruoxi, did you bribe his lawyer?”

Lin Ruoxi got rather embarrassed after being called out by Cai Yan in front of Yang Chen. Lowering her head, she said, “Lawyers need to pay their bills too! Since I’m paying a lot, he’s of course listening to me.”

“You completely screwed Gao Guoxiong!” Yang Chen said excitedly. Lin Ruoxi definitely had the ability to hire other lawyers, but she deliberately picked Gao Guoxiong’s. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Gao Guoxiong spat out blood in his prison room.

“No one asked him to betray the trust I have towards him! When Yu Lei International was still under Grandma’s control, he’s already had a partnership going on,” Lin Ruoxi said angrily.

Yang Chen suddenly thought of a saying. In this society, money is the only driver to win a legal case.

When the three were chatting, Wang Ma finally finished making lunch and started serving the dishes out.

Cai Yan was also really familiar with Wang Ma. She enthusiastically rushed to the kitchen to help.

“Sigh, Miss Cai, don’t help out anymore. Since you came here, you’re our visitor. How can I still bother you for help?” Wang Ma said politely.

Smiling, Cai Yan asked, “How can I let you do all the work yourself? It must be tiring!”

“Hahah, don’t worry about it. I’m merely a maid. Why can’t I be exhausted?” Wang Ma said smilingly.

Cai Yan leaned forward and whispered to Wang Ma’s ear, “Wang Ma, did that person come by recently?”

When Wang Ma heard ‘that person’, her expression got really unnatural. She said bitterly, “Miss Cai, let the past be the past. Let’s let go of whatever that has taken place already. I’m getting older and older each day. My memory isn’t reliable anymore.”

Cai Yan nodded obediently and said, "Women always get the short end of the stick when it comes to these things."

That statement of hers seemed to be directed at Wang Ma, as well as herself. Even Cai Yan herself wasn't too sure.

Seeing Cai Yan and Wang Ma chat in such a friendly manner with each other as they walked about at the kitchen and dining hall, Yang Chen looked at Lin Ruoxi and said, "Ruoxi my dear, look at Chief Cai, she really knows how to behave well. You're a fellow woman too, why don't you go help Wang Ma out?"

After hearing what Yang Chen told her, given that she hadn't done anything similar before, Lin Ruoxi said, "Why don't you go do it yourself?"

"Cause I'm a man," replied Yang Chen.

"Tch, you darned patriarch," commented Lin Ruoxi softly. However, she didn't make herself heard and stood up to help Wang Ma prepare the dining table.

Shocked, Yang Chen thought, did she actually listen to my advice?

During lunch, the four that dined together didn't talk about much. As they didn't have any alcohol, they quickly finished the meal.

Cai Yan still had to return to the police department for overtime after lunch. After all, the matter at Dongxing had just been dealt with and there were many underground syndicates at Zhonghai that had to be rebuilt. Thanks to the cooperative effort between the government and the Red Thorns Society, Cai Yan's schedule was rather packed.

The moment she wanted to leave, Cai Yan hesitated for a bit before she said, "Yang Chen, can I talk to you in private for a short moment?"

Yang Chen was just about to go upstairs for a nap. But when he heard what she had to say, he nodded and agreed.

Ling Ruoxi had just bid Cai Yan farewell. Seeing that Cai Yan wanted to talk to Yang Chen without her presence, she couldn't help but feel suspicious. However, she didn't put in on her mind and started cleaning the table with Wang Ma. Even though she was a little clumsy at her job, that gesture made Wang Ma incredibly happy.

When Yang Chen and Cai Yan both stepped out of the house, he asked, "Chief Cai, did I cause any trouble again?"

Cai Yan retained a calm expression and said solemnly, "Yang Chen, even though we've had some disagreements in the past, I hope you can accept my sincere apology. I know that it was me who blamed you wrongly. Considering that we experienced a life-and-death event together, and the fact that I'm a good friend to Ruoxi, can you accept me?"

"Accept you?" Yang Chen said as he began to smile, " Chief Cai... What did you mean by that?"

As if noticing that her words sounded a little suggestive, Cai Yan couldn't help but blush. "I... What I meant was... Could you not call em Chief Cai all the time? It sounds really formal and distant..."

"Well..." Yang Chen felt that Cai Yan was being sincere with her request, so if he continued to address her that formally, that would be a little unnecessarily cruel. "Alright, I'll call you Cai Yan then."

"Thanks," Cai Yan said as her eyes brightened, "Then, we're friends, right?"

"Yeah. Friends we are." Yang Chen suddenly realized how cute Cai Yan could be. Had it not been for her family background, she might've been unable to become a police chief given her innocent personality.

Cai Yan began to smile as she said, "I still have to thank you... Well, for saving me without regard to your own life back then. Had it not been for you, I would've been caught between the crossfire and shot dead already."

"Chi-- Oh, I mean, Cai Yan, don't over exaggerate the matter. I didn't save you from no crossfire, alright? It had nothing to do with me," said Yang Chen as he blinked at her.

Understanding his intentions, Cai Yan stifled a laugh and said, "I understand. I'll act as if nothing happened."

As if one of her deepest troubles had been resolved, Cai Yan felt much better already when she left with her yellow Audi.

Just as Yang Chen was about to enter the house once more, he saw Lin Ruoxi walk out with a black-colored leather bag. Looking around, she asked, "Did Yanyan leave already?"

"That's right. What's wrong?"

"She left her bag beside the sofa. It seems she forgot to take it back with her," said Lin Ruoxi with a furrowed brow.

Yang Chen looked a little suspicious and thought, was she that happy that she forgot to take her precious bag with her?

"Check if she has anything important inside it.”

"That... wouldn’t go down too well, would it? How can we just dig into her stuff like that?" asked Lin Ruoxi.

Letting out a bitter laugh, Yang Chen thought, oh, now she plays coy... "If you're not doing it, I am."

"No way!" Lin Ruoxi said as she retracted her hands, "I guess I'll do it. Let's contact her immediately if there's something really important in there."

After she searched the bag, she breathed a relieved sigh and said, "Good thing there's no important documents or phones in there. Let's give this back to her next time. Or, maybe she'll come back for it later."

After the two entered the house once more, Yang Chen watched some TV for a while. Just as he was about to go get his nap, Lin Ruoxi showed up in a new, white, autumn-season dress with a light brown bag slung over her shoulder. It seemed that she was going to head out.

Based on what she wore, Yang Chen guessed that she wasn't going to the company. But thinking of the matter with Gao Guoxiong, he couldn't help but ask, "Where are you going?"

As she put on her slippers, she said, "I am going out with someone at a nice place. I won't be coming back tonight either. You'll have dinner with Wang Ma."

Going out?! thought Yang Chen with dissatisfaction, it's Sunday, so why didn't she ask me out instead?

Just before Lin Ruoxi stepped out of the door, she suddenly stopped and said to Yang Chen, "It's with a girl," before scooting off like a hurried bunny. Copyright 2016 - 2023