Chapter 230: Daughter

Fifteen minutes later, Yang Chen arrived at the safe place Chanel chose.

It was a revolving restaurant situated at the center of Zhonghai at the top floor of a skyscraper. From here, one could see most of Zhonghai’s central business district.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but admire this fellow’s guts, because it’d be impossible to flee once he’s discovered in a place like this,. The police would immediately seal off the whole building, and he wouldn’t be able to escape even if he had wings.

But if he uses tactics like bombing the building and taking everyone in the building as hostage, that would be a pretty good plan as well.

When he entered the Western cuisine restaurant, Yang Chen immediately found the “graceful” figure sitting by the window looking at the skyline of the city. Although it was weird to say this, Yang Chen had to admit that Zhou Dongcheng’s appearance as Chanel was more pleasing to the eye than his appearance as a man.

Chanel wore a Northern Ireland style red and black checkered skirt, a lady’s hat with a feather on it, and a small Gucci handbag. She wore a wig of red hair like an Irish lady, which complemented her fair skin and bright eyes. With this sort of get-up, it was impossible for anyone to notice that this was actually a man.

In fact, quite a number of men in the restaurant have been looking at him with fiery gazes of desire.

After Yang Chen sat down, Chanel gave him a sweet smile.

“Sir, what would you like to have?” A graceful waitress walked over and asked Yang Chen.

Chanel answered, “Give this man a cup of Blue Mountain, with milk, no sugar.”

Yang Chen watched as the waitress walked away, then asked with a smile, “Why did you order for me?”

“I’m going to leave the country, I hope that I could see a man I adore have a cup of coffee that suits his character. Can’t you agree to such a small request?” Chanel grudgingly said.

Yang Chen reached his palm out as a stop gesture. He seemed to have a headache, “What did you say? A man you adore?”

“That’s right. Since I’m already in this situation, there’s no need for me to beat around the bush anymore. Yang Chen, I’ve fallen head over heels for you a long time ago.”

Yang Chen rubbed his forehead, he found it a little difficult to breathe. In this lifetime, he has heard various women say that they like him or are interested in him, but this man who was more ladylike than a lady was saying he likes him, and Yang Chen found this hard to swallow.

“Aren’t you afraid that I’d scurry away?”

“You won’t, you’ll at least finish that cup of coffee before leaving.” Chanel confidently said.

Yang Chen felt uncomfortable all over. He didn’t know how to describe this feeling, so he looked out of the window and at the city and kept silent.

Chanel pursed her lips and smiled, “Do you know that the first time I noticed you was when you were on the road, saving Secretary Fang’s daughter during the car accident incident? That was actually planned by me, and I was in the vicinity watching. Your charisma when you acted as a hero rescuing the beauty had touched my heart.

Later on, I sent that car to tail you so as to investigate you, but I didn’t expect that my good subordinates were led to the outskirts of the city and were disposed of by you. The car exploded, leaving no evidence. At that time, I was wondering why you were like Superman…… After that, at Maple Forest Leisure Centre…… Do you know how enchanting you were when you smoked and played tennis at the same time? The most impressive part was the strength you used when you hit the ball out of the court. At that time, I was tired beyond belief, but I consider that the greatest game of tennis I’ve ever played.”

Yang Chen felt goosebumps all over his body. With a stiff smile he said, “Could we change topics? I don’t think you called me just to say these things.”

“I know that you won’t accept me, but I just wanted to share my feelings. Now that I’ve said it, I feel a lot better.” Chanel rolled her eyes at Yang Chen resentfully. If someone unrelated sees this, they’d think that Yang Chen was heartlessly abandoning this incredible beauty.

“You were the one who killed your father, right?” Yang Chen suddenly asked.

Chanel was taken aback by what he said, and finally became a little more serious. He looked at Yang Chen weirdly, “How did you find out?”

“I guessed. You were going against your father back then during the banquet. Your father has died and even died by the hands of those on his side, yet you’re still in the mood to confess to me here? I guess that the one who killed him is most likely you, his son who he would be least wary of.” Yang Chen had also just thought of this.

“You’re wrong, I’m not his son, I’m his daughter.” Chanel corrected.

Yang Chen smiled, then took a sip of the bitter Blue Mountain coffee, “Alright then, Miss Chanel. Though I don’t know why you hate your father so much to the point that you chose a time like that to kill him, I have to thank you. If it wasn’t for the fact that you got rid Zhou Guangnian from the inside, last night’s battle wouldn’t have been so easy.”

Chanel sneered, and there was a little cruelty in his eyes, “Yang Chen, do you know why I dislike dressing up as a man and prefer pretending to be a woman?”

“Why……?” Yang Chen had been curious about this.

“Because of my mother.” Chanel squinted his eyes and said, “My mother is the most gentle, kind, and beautiful person in the world. She loves me the most, and was the one who raised me. Back then, she and I lived in the countryside. The old fox Zhou Guangnian waited till I was thirteen years old to come to the countryside to look for us, all because of his underworld career.

However, the one he wanted was just me, because all of the other children he had with his other women were daughters.

He didn’t need a daughter. He needed a son to be his successor, but he didn’t want my mother who had aged due to all her hard work she had to go through to raise me. What he needed was a young and beautiful woman who could give him a sense of accomplishment. Therefore… behind my back, he had my mother take poison to commit suicide……”

Hearing Chanel’s narration, Yang Chen could feel the hatred Chanel had for Zhou Guangnian. It was a kind of hatred that wouldn’t scare other people, it only made others feel how incomparably pitiful, lonely and helpless he was.

“This was the reason you killed your father?” Yang Chen did have some understanding that Zhou Guangnian was a little off mentally.

“Isn’t this reason good enough…… Hmph, he always thought that I was young and ignorant, so he didn’t know that I saw and heard the goddamn deal he made with my mother!

But back then I was young and was no match for him.

Therefore, I chose to return to Zhonghai with him, and became the Young Master of Dongxing. However, the more he wanted a son, the more I chose not to give him a son. Since I’m so beautiful, why can’t I be a woman……

Ever since then, my greatest desire was to become a beautiful woman like my mother……”

Chanel stroked her wavy hair, and immediately attracted ardent gazes from all over the restaurant.

With a haughty smile, Chanel languidly picked up her cup of coffee and took a sip, “See, I did it. I have such a powerful feminine charm……”

“What are you planning to do next, leave the country?” Yang Chen felt that this… lady in front of him was pretty charismatic, he also admired Chanel’s straightforwardness.

Chanel’s face turned bright thinking of the future, “That’s right, thanks to the opportunity you presented, I had Zhou Guangnian kneel in the direction of my mother’s grave and beg for forgiveness before killing him. Do you know… just how relieved I felt at that time? I had been waiting for that moment for so many years……

Next, I will leave Huaxia, and go to a place where no one could find me. When the dust settles, I may return…… But who could say for sure? Mr. Yang, let me tell you something, women are fickle.”

Yang Chen bitterly smiled. He had experienced this himself, and didn’t need Chanel to tell him about it.

When Chanel left, he didn’t allow Yang Chen to send him. According to him, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from crying, so Yang Chen happily didn’t follow.

It was almost noon, so Yang Chen drove the car back to Dragon Garden. To be honest, it had been a long time since he last ate with Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma, and he missed doing that.

But when he got off the car, Yang Chen noticed that there was a yellow Audi TTS parked by the house. Yang Chen didn’t think that this belonged to Lin Ruoxi, because despite the fact that it was a high performance car, it was at a relatively cheap price-level, and definitely wasn’t something that would appear in Lin Ruoxi’s garage.

Yet, other than Zeng Xinlin who Lin Ruoxi beaten black and blue in the business world and chased out of the Zhonghai, there was practically no one else who would come to visit Lin Ruoxi.

Most of the people who drove this car were women, so Yang Chen became even more curious.

He opened the door and entered the house. On the sofa in the living room, there indeed was a guest with Lin Ruoxi. This person held a porcelain teacup, sat right beside Lin Ruoxi, and they were happily chatting.

When they noticed that Yang Chen had entered, the two women looked over.

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