Chapter 210-1: Protective talisman

Everyone at the doorway noticed Yang Chen’s strange reaction, and all revealed curiosity.

“What is that?” Squall asked Tsunami who was beside him.

“Tsunami shook his head, “I don’t know, I’ve never seen that before.”

“It looks like soap bubble, could it be a crystal ball?” Leaf guessed.

At this time, Yang Chen stretched out his hand and took the ball. He gently toyed with it.

“You’re acquainted with Aphrodite?” Yang Chen softly asked.

Judy’s eyes that were filled with nervousness, worry, fear, and anticipation revealed excitement when she felt that she had an opportunity to escape death, “Is this… is this really a protective talisman from that madam!?”

“What, you don’t even know where this thing came from?” Yang Chen creased his brows.

“No… no, I… I never got to confirm this. I coincidentally helped that madam in the past. She really liked me, so she gave this to me as a souvenir, but I never dared to believe its use.” Judy’s spoke with anxiety, “Fact is I never dared to confirm that madam’s true identity.”

Yang Chen gently smiled, “Your luck is pretty good, this bubble talisman indeed belongs to Aphrodite. I can feel her unique power contained inside.”

When this conversation were heard by the others, they were at a loss as they didn’t know what was going on. Only Leaf seemed to have picked up on something, and she was lost in thought.

“Aphrodite? Who is that?” Sky Dragon was the most bewildered, so he asked the people around him.

Leaf softly whispered without confidence, “I think she is one of the twelve gods of Olympus. She represents love and beauty and is also known as Venus. Her ancient greek name is Aphrodite.”

“Venus?” They became even more confused. It was already hard to believe that there’s Pluto. If it’s Venus who is an existence equal to Pluto, who would she be?

Leaf slowly nodded and said, “That’s right, if it’s truly Venus, then that ball may very well represent a bubble in water, because in legends, Venus was born from a bubble in the ocean.”

Everyone found this outrageous, but considering the situation, it seemed so much like reality!

Yang Chen sighed, “Since you brought out this, you should know that this item can only do one thing. Furthermore, once this talisman is used, it will lose its significance.”

“I know. I never believed in all of this before, but meeting you today has convinced me that it’s all true. According to the 《Treaty of Gods》, the talisman of a god can give the owner a one-time waiver from punishment, or obtain a one-time protection from a god.” Judy humbly took two steps back, and lowered her head, “I hope that you could let us go, Sir Pluto. We will immediately leave Huaxia’s territory.”

Although they didn’t know what the 《Treaty of Gods》 was, hearing that they had a way out, Punk and Carlos were both ecstatic.

“Them?” Yang Chen coldly swept a glance at Punk and Carlos who were behind Judy, “The talisman can only protect one person, they are not within the scope of protection.”

Judy clenched her teeth and said, “Sir Pluto, could you please accomodate a little?”

“Woman, do not challenge my bottom line, I do not celebrate life, I represent death.”

Yang Chen’s eyes began to turn red again, the bone-chilling atmosphere once again returned.

The sudden rejection nearly broke Punk and Carlos. They couldn’t muster any emotions to resist when Yang Chen resolutely said he wanted them dead. There was only one thing on their minds; run!

Taking advantage of the fact that Yang Chen was alone while those of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade couldn’t stop them, they were willing to die for that miniscule chance of survival!

There was a tacit understanding between the two. After they exchanged glances, Carlos abruptly lifted his leg, and shot two erratic blue electric currents towards Yang Chen!

Punk pressed a button on the watch, and he stretched an arm forward, causing the air in his surroundings to move. He visibly began to turn translucent!

“Don’t! Carlos! Don’t run!!”

Seeing that the two wanted to run and that she couldn’t stop them, Judy shouted in panic.

But it was still too late, the moment the electric current reached Yang Chen’s body, Yang Chen had already raised one hand to block the kilovolt attack. Then, his body shot towards Punk and Carlos!

The two initially wanted to make Yang Chen just pause for a moment to give them an opportunity to run, but they didn’t expect that Carlos’ max output electric shock wouldn’t have any effect at all!

“You guys are too naive.” When Yang Chen had finished this sentence, he was already beside Punk who was fleeing!

Punk widened his eyes from fright. The density of air particles around his body was several thousand times thicker than usual, but there didn’t seem to be any impediment to Yang Chen’s hand at all when he stretched it over to Punk’s head!


It was too late for Punk to dodge, so his head received Yang Chen’s smack. Like an exploding watermelon, his head was blown into smithereens!


Carlos witnessed Punk’s terrifying death from the corner of his eyes. He ran at his fastest, and in a blink of an eye, he had already run out of Coiling Dragon Temple’s main door!

Yang Chen didn’t chase after him, and instead stared at the distant sky……


After the sound of air being torn through was heard, Carlos who was running at incredible speeds tripped and rolled on the ground several times. He appeared to be dead! Copyright 2016 - 2024