Chapter 209-2: Vajrapani Indestructible Divine Skill

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“The stupidest thing about you Blue Storm people is that you guys always try to borrow the specialties of other organizations, and keep imitating and modifying them. You try to copy Europe’s espers and heretics, copy Japan’s Takamagahara, and even copy Huaxia’s ancient kung fu. However, the abilities generated from your genetic modifications are just like counterfeit lighters, it all breaks after a few uses. If you guys stayed within your bounds and just used high tech methods, you may actually be stronger. This is my advice to you, but I know that you guys definitely won’t listen to me anyway……” With a grin, Yang Chen swung his right arm, splattering blood all over the floor.

In the blink of an eye, another has fallen, and those present didn’t even understand how he managed to do it.

Judy, Punk, and Carlos exchanged glances. They became aware that the enemy was way stronger than they had anticipated, especially Punk. His ability was practically the same type as Andy, so Andy’s instant death gave him despair!

High Lama loudly recited a Buddhist phrase, “If I don’t enter hell, who would enter hell!? Great Treasure, Great Compassion, my junior brothers, join forces with me to stake all we got!”

“Haha, old monk, you know that Blue Storm’s people can’t be depended upon and finally want make your move?” Yang Chen sneered.

High Lama Dan Zeng calmly got into his Dragon Claw stance, and seemed very imposing. Great Treasure and Great Compassion mustered up their internal strength. The three of them formed a triangle surrounding Yang Chen, and they attacked!

Yang Chen stood there motionlessly with his eyes shut, quietly waiting for the three of them to hit him!

“Heh!! You impudent youngster, receive my Vajrapani Dragon Claw!”

High Lama Dan Zeng shouted with rage as his Dragon Claw whirled like a forceful horned dragon, and he aimed at the top of Yang Chen’s cranium!

Great Treasure and Great Compassion both executed their special skills, one used the eighth form of Arhat fist, aimed at Yang Chen’s solar plexus, while the other swung his Exorcism roundhouse kick right at the weak spot on Yang Chen’s back!

“Be careful!”

“Big Brother Yang quickly dodge!”

When those in the doorway realized that Yang Chen didn’t intend to dodge at all when facing attacks from the three who were using maximum internal strength, they couldn’t help shouting.

Their three attacks landed on Yang Chen’s body at the same time, and they hit so hard that each attack was sounded like thunderclaps!

High Lama Dan Zeng was initially very happy that his Dragon Claw landed on Yang Chen’s cranium, but that his happiness was replaced with dread immediately after!

“This… this… this is not possible!”

Great Treasure and Great Compassion both both took a step back in shock, for the areas they struck were perfectly undamaged!

If an ordinary person received such attacks, even if their bodies doesn’t break apart, it would at least cave in deeply!

“What’s impossible?” Yang Chen stretched his neck with a queer smile on his face.

High Lama Dan Zeng staggered as he took three steps back and only managed to prevent falling with help from Great Treasure and Great Compassion. Beads of sweat covered his skinny face, “You… you cultivate in the Vajrapani Indestructible Divine Skill!? No… that’s not right, the Vajrapani Indestructible Divine Skill requires the body of a virgin man, while you’ve lost your original Yang body a long time ago, how can this be……”

“Old monk, you’re so perverted. What original Yang body? I’m still a virgin boy……” Yang Chen lazily smiled as he slowly closed in on High Lama Dan Zeng.

High Lama Dan Zeng and his two lackeys didn’t know what to do, their all-out attack hit this guy squarely but he wasn’t hurt the slightest bit, how is this different from and egg smashing into a rock!?

Sky Dragon and the others who stood by the doorway were all stupefied, what happened earlier was beyond their scope of understanding regarding martial arts!

“Could it truly be Vajrapani Indestructible Divine Skill?” Squall mumbled.

Sky Dragon shook his head, “That’s not possible. Even if he used Vajrapani Indestructible Divine Skill, it’s theoretically impossible to face a maximum powered Dragon Claw and come out unscathed!”

The three of them who were retreating had ashen faces. If it wasn’t because they still had a tinge of True Qi left, they would probably have peed in their pants. The murderous intent released from Yang Chen’s body constantly tortured their consciousness, it was more excruciating than death!

*Bang bang bang!!!”

Suddenly, three consecutive gunshots were heard. High Lama Dan Zeng, along with the two Dharmarajas Great Treasure and Great Compassion limply fell onto the ground with their eyes wide open. On each of their foreheads was a gunshot wound, where red and white substances were being secreted.

Behind them was the blonde woman named Judy whose gun was still emitting smoke. She had a grave expression, and there were a myriad of emotions in her eyes.

“This unforeseen change startled everyone from the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. They looked at each other for they didn’t understand what Judy was trying to do.

Yang Chen also stopped in astonishment. He looked at Judy and the other two, “You guys can’t possibly be that naive to think that I’d let you live just because you helped me kill them a little earlier, right?”

“Of course not.” Judy took a step forward, while Carlos and Punk behind her didn’t dare to make any rash moves, “Sir Pluto, we had committed the taboo of offending a god. Now, I just want to earn your forgiveness through my actions to let the three of us live!”

Yang Chen playfully smiled, “Actions? Just by killing them?”

“There’s also this.” As Judy spoke, she forcefully suppressed the fear in her heart, took a deep breath, and took out a well-hidden leather bag. From it, she took out a small ball-shaped object that was the size of a thumb. It was smooth and bright, and looked like it was a crystal. Inside the ball was an obvious cavity. From far, it looked just like a bubble in water.

When this item was brought out, everyone other than Yang Chen couldn’t make heads or tails of what it was. Yang Chen who had a relaxed and ruthless smile gradually had his expression turn solemn…… Copyright 2016 - 2023