Chapter 208-2: I’m not human

“I can’t deny that I’m appreciating you more and more, Broken Blade.” Judy enchantingly giggled, “Pluto, it’s eight versus one, you have no chance of victory. I advise you to hand over the God’s Stone, if it isn’t on you right now, we absolutely have enough time to help you retrieve it, no matter where it is.”

Yang Chen tapped on the pockets of his jacket, and took out a small pill bottle. He walked over to Leaf and said, “Hold on to this for me, I want to eat it later.”

“What’s this?”

“Don’t ask, just hold on to it properly. I’m just worried that it might get ruined by accident.”

Yang Chen stuck the pill bottle into Leaf’s hands, then walked to the front of High Lama Dan Zeng and the other Blue Storm members and said, “There’s one thing I’ve wanted to say to Broken Blade ever since last night, but I held it in because there were too many things I didn’t understand. However, I can tell you now.”

For unknown reasons, Broken Blade felt a chill down his back. He stared fixedly at Yang Chen, and doubtfully asked, “What is it?”

“I, hate being, threatened, the most…..”

The moment he said that, Yang Chen’s body moved like lightning, leaving an afterimage. He had already moved from where he stood and charged towards Broken Blade!

Broken Blade already had his guard up, but he was still surprised by this terrifying speed which he couldn’t read. Forcing himself to see through Yang Chen’s movements, he saw that there was a hand about to grab onto his neck!

“Don’t underestimate me!”

Broken Blade raised both of his arms with the intention to block Yang Chen’s attack, but he didn’t expect that when his arms came into contact with Yang Chen’s hand, the bones inside them easily fractured like an egg!


Broken Blade miserably shrieked. Both of his arms broke at almost a ninety degree, while Yang Chen’s arm held onto his neck immediately after!

Everybody looked at this scene with astonishment for they weren’t able to react in time. The first thing the four Blue Storm members thought of doing wasn’t to help Broken Blade, and was instead to subconsciously move a few steps back. They nervously looked at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen lifted Broken Blade off the ground with arm, and Broken Blade was unable to breathe properly. Broken Blade’s face turned red, the pain from his shattered arms already put him into unbelievable pain. Even if he wants to faint, he’d just be awoken by the pain!

“Let me tell you a secret.” With his head lowered, Yang Chen said with a dull smile, “I was suspecting whether this whole plan was just you acting on your own initiative from the moment you used poison to compel me to help. This is because the leaders of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade know very clearly that I hate being threatened the most, that can be called my biggest pet peeve. Furthermore, they also wouldn’t make such assumptions to my abilities like you did.

Previously, I intentionally let you threaten me because I wanted to confirm that this was all just a plan made by you, and that the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade wasn’t trying to wage war against me. Next, I inquired your members, and found out that communications with headquarters were only done through you. All intel, including the number of people Blue Storm sent was confidently declared by you. How could you receive intel about something that can’t even be detected!? These are all loopholes. For such an important mission, how could you be the only decision-maker? Now, it is apparent that I guessed correctly. The Yellow Flame Iron Brigade’s leaders aren’t so stupid as to use such tactics against me. Anyway, when it comes to ridding a treacherous pest for the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, I’m very happy to help……”

Yang Chen began to tighten his grip, which made Broken Blade’s throat create noises like gears rubbing against each other. His eyes began to bulge, and became bloodshot.

“Other than telling you that I hate being threatened, I also want you to know that you’re way too annoying, I’ve wanted you dead for a long time.”


With the sound of his neck breaking, Broken Blade’s head tilted to a side, and he was dead.

From beginning till end, nobody dared to interfere with Yang Chen.

The Yang Chen of this moment wore a smile as if nothing had happened, but when they saw this image, it made it difficult for them to budge.

Hui Lin who was supporting the unconscious Abbess Yun Miao watched all of this and couldn’t help shutting her eyes, but she then opened a tiny crack, and she saw Yang Chen casually toss Broken Blade’s corpse out of the temple. His body landed right in front of the grievously hurt Cannon.

The expressions of those on Yellow Flame Iron Brigade’s side became more cheerful. Sky Dragon sighed in relief as well. The death of Broken Blade made them feel a lot of better, and the way they looked at Yang Chen now embodied reverence.

This man had considered so many things from the very beginning, and didn’t reveal any traces of it. In a way, he was a lot more terrifying than Broken Blade who meticulously plotted everything.

Yang Chen turned around and smiled at them, “Don’t look at me like this. You guys were in a position to be tricked, so it’s understandable for you to be tricked. However, I am someone who holds on to my grudges. Although you guys unknowingly became Broken Blade’s accomplices, I still wanted to let you guys suffer a little so that I feel better. Just look, Abbess Yun Miao who was creating the most trouble for me is hurt the most, hehe. But don’t you worry, you guys won’t die, the only one that deserves it was Broken Blade.

Sky Dragon and the others bitterly smiled. So that was why he remained seated by the doorway and just watched, he intentionally let them get hurt.

“Alright, it’s you guys’ turn.” Turning back to High Lama Dan Zeng, Yang Chen spoke with a demonic smile, “Hey monk, bring out the Buddha statue and obediently go to jail. It’s boring to stay on a plateau day after day, there’s no Buddhist nuns or Daoist nuns to be found there. If you sit in a plain prison, you might actually be more happy, since there are a lot of people pretending to be nuns these days.”

“Dan Zeng, do not hand over the Buddha statue! He’s alone, while there are seven of us, Broken Blade may have slipped up and died, but how could his power compare with ours!? Let’s join forces, there’s no need to fear him. This is the best chance to acquire the God’s Stone, we mustn’t let this slip through our fingers!” Carlos shouted.

Dan Zeng’s white brows furrowed. He put his palms together, “Sir Pluto, it’s difficult for a single person to change this situation, please do not force me to join forces with them to deal with you.”

Yang Chen’s smile gradually frosted over. His gaze seemed to become increasingly gloomy, as he softly sighed and said, “You guys don’t seem to understand. It’s true that a single person can’t change anything in this situation…… However… I’m not human……”

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