Chapter 208-1: I’m not human

Yang Chen’s unexpected reaction to request to make a phone call shocked everyone present.

What the hell does this fellow want to do? There’s no use even if he notified the army, so don’t even consider the police! One only needs to run for about fifteen minutes to cross the country’s border. No matter what request for help he makes, it’d just be to distant waters that won’t arrive to stop the fire!”

“He is Pluto?” Judy asked Broken Blade. She sized Yang Chen up, and seemed unsure.

Broken Blade nodded and said, “I have confirmed it, he is indeed Pluto. However, he’s been called Yang Chen ever since he returned to Huaxia.”

“How can one of the twelve gods of Olympus look like this? He doesn’t look like anything special.” Andy spoke with disbelief.

“Hey hey, I asked you to resume the signal, what are you chattering on about?” Yang Chen scoffed, he was getting impatient.

Broken Blade glared at him, “Pluto, you had better carry a more respectful tone, unless you want your woman to become a human vegetable!”

Yang Chen indifferently smiled, “We can talk about all that after my phone call.”

“Fine. Since you want to make a call so much, I’ll let you.” Punk was totally relaxed as he pulled up his sleeve to reveal his huge watch. There were various buttons on the watch, and after Punk pressed a few of them, he said, “I have lifted the electromagnetic interference in this area. You can make your call to whoever you want, I’m very curious as to what that can change.”

“Thanks.” Yang Chen leisurely dialed a number, and put it on speaker.

The phone rang once, and was immediately picked up.

“Yang Chen! Is it you? Where are you? Are you alright? When are you coming back!?”

This seemed to be the voice of a woman. It was full of anxiety, and many questions were immediately thrown.

Once this voice was heard, the expressions of Leaf and Broken Blade immediately changed!

Broken Blade’s reacted with panic and doubts, while Leaf reacted with surprise and joy, there were tears in her eyes.

“Little Qianqian, relax. I am quite far from your right now, but I think this matter should be settled pretty quickly. What you need to do is eat well, sleep well, and await my return.”

The recipient of the call was precisely Mo Qianni.

Confirming that Yang Chen was alright, Mo Qianni calmed down and agreed, “In that case, stay safe, Mom and I will wait for you to come back. She is also panicking, I have to let her know that you’re alright.”

“Haha, tell Mother-in-law not to worry, I will bring her some yak meat back!” Yang Chen playfully spoke as if there wasn’t anyone around him.

“Annoying guy, always joking about. I’m hanging up, return home early!” With that said, Mo Qianni hung up the call.

Confirming that it was indeed Mo Qianni, Broken Blade’s face turned pale. He was distressed by the fact that he didn’t understand what was going on, “You… she… how did she wake up!?”

Seeing Broken Blade’s expression, Judy and the other Blue Storm members were bewildered. Judy asked, “Broken Blade, what’s going on with you? Who was that woman?”

Broken Blade frowned, then turned his head to ask High Lama Dan Zeng, “Living Buddha Dan Zeng, did you give me the wrong drug!?”

“That’s absolutely impossible.” High Lama Dan Zeng didn’t seem to understand either, “If that lady was the one who took the poison, she’d be unconscious, and it’d be difficult for her to wake up again after ten days without the antidote. As far as I know, there’s practically nobody in this world who can cure that poison.”

Leaf and the others were also filled with doubt. They knew that the biggest reason why Yang Chen came with them was because Mo Qianni and her mother was poisoned and he needed the antidote. However, now that it’s revealed that Mo Qianni was safe and sound, why did Yang Chen put himself through all of that!?

“Do you feel like everything isn’t as you thought it was?” Yang Chen put his phone back in his pocket, and dully smiled towards Broken Blade, “Do you think that I still have any need to maintain respect towards you?”

Broken Blade swallowed his saliva, and calmed down. He confirmed that his side had an absolute numerical advantage, while there was practically only Yang Chen who could fight on the other side. Thus, he wasn’t too afraid, “Pluto, even if your woman is alright, don’t you dare think that you can break away from the eight of us.”

“Broken Blade, has the bargaining chip you used to threaten him lost its effect?” Judy seemed to understand a little of what was going on, and asked.

Broken Blade nodded, “But so what if it lost its effectiveness? Now that the victor has already been decided, he can’t change much all by himself.”

“You’re right. We were planning to fight him from the very beginning anyway. Now that it’s eight versus one, there’s nothing inappropriate about it.” Said Punk.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but ask with a smile, “Despite hearing what you guys are saying, I still don’t understand why you’re dragging me into this.”

“You need not feign ignorance. Fact is you know better than anyone what it is we want.” Broken Blade said with an evil smile.

“I think it’s better if you tell me.” Yang Chen shook his head and said.

“God’s Stone, we want the God’s Stone!” Broken Blade shouted.

When “God’s Stone” was mentioned, the eyes of the Blue Storms members and even High Lama Dan Zeng harbored intense desire. The way they looked at Yang Chen became filled with greed.

Those on Yellow Flame Iron Brigade’s side looked at Yang Chen with astonishment. They also seemed to know some information regarding the God’s Stone, but they didn’t know that the God’s Stone was in Yang Chen’s hands.

Vexed, Yang Chen scratched his head, “Why do you guys keep thinking that the God’s Stone is with me like those Japs?”

“Although there was no news of the God’s Stone after the old Zero was destroyed years ago, anyone who has researched that event would easily come to the conclusion that it’s in your hands. There’s also only you who understands the God’s Stone best that would know how to keep it.” Said Broken Blade.

Carlos evilly smiled, “Broken Blade, I didn’t expect that you planned to bring the God’s Stone back to the US along with the Buddha statue. Looks like before you’re trying to gain even more achievements before you depart Huaxia.”

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