Chapter 29: The Chirpy PR Department

Yang Chen greeted his passionate new colleagues while slowly walking towards his seat, the moment he sat down, he was once again surrounded by several ladies with outstanding looks, each of them with radiant eyes staring at him.

“Hey handsome, let me introduce myself, my name is Zhao Hongyan.” This was a lady with big wavy curves in a beige suit and red phoenix eyes(eyes with corners that incline upwards) that werere exceptionally charming, at this moment she warmly stretched out her white hand, and introduced herself.

“Big sis Hongyan, our new colleague just arrived and you’re already stretching your hand, aren’t you afraid of scaring him?” Another lady wearing a baby blue outfit made a ‘gege’ laughing sound, her face was a little round, and she has quite a plump body, she laughed and said: “Your name is Yang Chen right? From here on in our PR department, you have to be most careful of big sis Hongyan here, when she eats up men she doesn’t even leave the bones!”

Zhao Hongyan doesn’t blush, makes a ‘hmph’ sound, and stretches her hand to pinch the plump lady’s outstanding bottom, “Save it Zhang Cai, who doesn’t know that your demands are the highest? You’re unable to even sleep without a man at night.”

“Hmph, that’s not the case, big sis Hongyan look, our big sis Mingyu hasn’t gotten married yet. No matter what we can’t snatch him from her!”

Following Zhang Cai’s gaze, Yang Chen looked towards a quiet lady, this was a tall lady in a pink outfit, with shoulder length hair that was dyed with several streaks of purple and beautiful facial features that revealed a distinctive office lady style.

Liu Mingyu sweetly smiles and says, “What are you guys staring at, I’m just welcoming our new colleague, and am not as vile as you guys make me out to be.” With that said, Liu Mingyu extends her arm and says: “Little brother Yang Chen, you wouldn’t mind a handshake right?”

“Oh, of course.” Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t mind having close contact with a beauty like that, it would be even better if he could pinch her butt like Zhao Hongyan did to Zhang Cai though.

The moment he came into contact with Liu Mingyu’s slender hand, Yang Chen felt Liu Mingyu’s playful pinky gently rubbing on his palm. As he raised his head, Liu Mingyu as expected gave him a saucy wink.

Just this simple and dubious action made Yang Chen feel like he was on cloud nine. No wonder so many men struggled so hard to enter Yu Lei International, the average quality of the ladies here is so high, and even more importantly they are extremely “friendly”!

Following the welcome from the three ladies, numerous ladies from the office also welcomed Yang Chen, of course without missing out and adding in some dirty jokes.

Only after 10 minutes did Yang Chen spot another man in the office. This was a considerably short male with fair skin wearing a white shirt, he looked like a college student that had yet to complete puberty, and had a delicate face with a shy expression.

Noticing his only male comrade not coming over to greet him and instead having a consistently shy look, Yang Chen finds that funny, how is it possible that a man is less outgoing than this bunch of ladies? So, Yang Chen took the initiative to extend his hand and said: “I’m Yang Chen, seems like you are the only other guy in this office, let’s get along well in the future.”

The pretty boy immediately shook Yang Chen’s hand and was a little red in the face, he lowered his head and said: “Erm…….Erm….. I’m Chen Bo, welc……welcome to our department.”

Chen Bo? Morning Erection? What a name to choose, but that aspect of his don’t seem to be able to get erect at all!

(TL: The name Chen Bo sounds the same as morning erection in chinese, morning erection pfft)(ED: Hahaha, I’m dying too.)

Yang Chen couldn’t help but laugh and say: “This name of yours, it’s pretty meaningful, very manly.”

Once Chen Bo heard that, he shyly lowered his head even more and softly said: “Thank you.”

That’s right, he’s shy, a man named “Morning Erection” is as delicate and shy as a girl!

The surrounding ladies came over, and the plump lady name Zhang Cai ‘gege’ laughed and said : “Yang Chen you may not know this, Little Bo here is a scholar from North University, before you came, he was the only male in our department.”

“Things are better now, with big bro Yang here, the balance of Yin and Yang in our office has returned a little.” A younger female PR member has already started calling Yang Chen “big bro”.

Yang Chen joked along with the other ladies for a while and did not hold-up much time in the office, he returned to his desk and started tidying up the various documents and office tools.

The closest desk to Yang Chen’s belonged to the first who shook hands with him, Zhao Hongyan. Zhao Hongyan happily asked: “Handsome do you need any help? If there’s anything you don’t understand just ask me.”

Yang Chen thought for a minute, and asked: “Even little Bo who is this shy can join PR? Doesn’t a PR have to interact and make business deals while receiving customers? Is he really that outspoken?”

Zhao Hongyan stared blankly for a moment as she did not expect Yang Chen to ask that, she covered her mouth and softly said: “Little Bo is said to have entered through the back door, everybody sees his shy demeanour and gives him some clerk type of work, we usually don’t let him go for things like business deals.”

Yang Chen nodded, everything makes sense now.

Suddenly thinking of something, Yang Chen ‘heihei’ laughs and says: “Actually I’m not good at speaking, and don’t really know how to talk business, I think in the future you guys could also give me miscellaneous work to do, making coffee, brewing tea, sending water and such is more suitable for me, and I could do more physical work, what do you say?”

Surprised, Zhao Hongyan couldn’t resist making an erratic tremble and a ‘gege’ chuckle, even the two plump mountain ranges on her chest shuddered, “Handsome Yang truly knows how to make jokes, I heard that you are a scholar who graduated from Harvard, in our entire company there are very few who have that level of education. You say you want to do odd jobs like brewing tea and sending water? Who’s going to believe that?”

“I’m serious, believe me.” Yang Chen wrinkles his brows in distress, why is it that nobody believes him when he speaks the truth?

Seeing how Yang Chen doesn’t seem to be lying, Zhao Hongyan could only raise her hands in surrender and say : “Alright alright, I’ll believe you. Actually, you’re still on trial, there isn’t much work for you to do in the first place, I will let our sisters know, in the future you will be responsible for buying us breakfast, brewing coffee, moving things and so on. In the past we took turns to do these, but from here on out you will do these alone, what do you think?”

“Seriously?” Yang Chen happily exclaimed. Buying breakfast, brewing coffee and moving things around, these actions suited him perfectly.

Seeing Yang Chen’s excited expression, Zhao Hongyan doesn’t know how to salvage what originally began as a joke, she whispered to herself “what a weird person”, then nodded.

“Good, this is set, remember to let everybody else know. Tomorrow I will buy breakfast for everybody, things like money can be paid after.” Yang Chen turned back in satisfaction, and continued to tidy up his desk, ignoring Zhao Hongyan lifeless face.

Five minutes later, when Zhao Hongyan once again turned to check what Yang Chen was doing, she was completely shocked……..

She noticed Yang Chen had already dumped all of the documents on the desk into the cabinet under the table, the only thing left on the desk was the computer. While on the computer display, an image familiar to the point it cannot be more familiar was shown——Pokemon!

[TL: Yes Yang Chen is playing Pokemon but specifically this flash game]

This guy! Is he really planning on becoming a “gopher”? On the first day of work, he has already started to play video games. Zhao Hongyan felt a headache incoming.

Right at this moment, an old-fashioned and plain-looking lady, wearing a close-fitting black dress and white stockings suddenly walked into the PR department. She calmly asked: “Is today’s new recruit Yang Chen here?”

Upon seeing this lady, quite a few employees let out a surprised expression and then looked strangely at Yang Chen.

Regretting that he could not finish his game, Yang Chen raised his head, “I’m here, what is the purpose of elder sister’s visit?”

Elder sister!? The employees around almost couldn’t hold back their laughter.

As expected, after being addressed like this the lady in black’s brows contracted, and her tone turned a little hostile as she said: “I am the CEO’s secretary and assistant Wu Yue, the CEO wants to see you, you are to come with me immediately.”

CEO? This is my first day, why does the CEO want to see me? Puzzled, Yang Chen stood up. However, without asking any questions, he followed behind the plain lady, and exited the office.

The moment Yang Chen exited, the whole office erupted in gossips, everybody felt that this was unbelievable.

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