Chapter 28: I Am Proud Of Selling Mutton Skewers

Due to Yang Chen’s performance at the examination, the attention of all Yu Lei International Headquarters employees were on him. Even women that he was going to work with looked at such an intelligent man as a popular discussion topic over tea time. Even before officially starting work, he has already been recognized by a vast majority of people.

After signing the contract, Yang Chen was led by Mo Qianni over to the PR Department located on the 18th floor of the Yu Lei building. This whole floor belongs to the PR Department.

Entering the workplace, Yang Chen found a group of people standing up and clapping for him. Since the absolute majority of the people there were women, when a man is capable enough of joining, the women all become excited.

After having Yang Chen make a simple self-introduction, Mo Qianni has him enter her department head’s office.

In the office, other than a few pots of carefully placed Scarlet Kaffir Lilies, the rest of the room was extremely simple. The desk was neat and tidy, while on the wall there were several plaques, declaring the owner of this room as someone who has great accomplishments and efficiency in her style of work.

Towards his new superior, Yang Chen did feel admiration. This woman may appear beautiful and seductive, but she is even more confident and witty. One cannot feel any inkling of wrongdoing from her, it can be seen from the fact that she got to such a position at such a young age and all of that is not possible just by being beautiful.

“Please take a seat, would you like a drink?” Mo Qianni politely smiled and asked.

“No thanks, I’m not thirsty.” Yang Chen responded.

Mo Qianni laughs at him while shaking her head, and continued with pouring a cup of water for him. “The reason I asked you what you want to drink is not to help you relieve your thirst, it is a hint to you that I want to have a long talk with you. By saying you’re not thirsty, aren’t you rejecting a lengthy talk with me? From here on out, you are a member of our PR department, don’t miss simple hints such as this.”

Yang Chen feels a little conflicted, he only just entered the company and was already receiving a show of superiority, he helplessly says: “Erm…… Miss Mo, I’m a boorish person, being an errand boy is fine by me, but this type of business is not something I’m adept with.”

“I don’t believe that a man who is fluent in Italian, German and is able accurately identify the workmanship of an Italian-made handmade designer clothing with a glance can possibly be considered a boorish person.” Mo Qianni bright and pretty eyes stared straight at Yang Chen, leaning against the table, she looked slim and graceful.

“This……” Yang Chen had no counters to Mo Qianni’s sharp words, and could only raise his hands, “Miss Mo, believe it or not, I’m only here to look for a job, in fact I’m not even sure what work is done in the PR department. But of course, since I have signed the contract, I will give it my best, I just want to lay down the truth first.”

Seeing that Yang Chen didn’t seem to be lying, Mo Qianni changed topics: “I have just looked over your resume, the information you provided is very limited, there is only a Harvard University Market Management Master’s Degree. However among all the applicants, you are the only one that possesses a Master’s Degree from an American Ivy League school, which was why you were the sole exception that was directly entered into the final examination list. Right now it seems we didn’t make a mistake, since at least in terms of foreign languages and fashion you seem to possess exceptional attainments.”

“All thanks to luck, luck…..” Hearing the lady superior in front bombard him with such praises, Yang Chen who wouldn’t even frown if countless number of guns were shooting at him suddenly felt somewhat guilty.

Mo Qianni felt unsatisfied with Yang Chen’s unrefined excuses, she returned to her seat and after maintaining her silence for a while, she asked: “Yang Chen, since you say you don’t understand anything about PR, why did you apply?”

“You want the truth?”

“Why would I possibly want to hear a lie?”

“I think you might prefer to hear a lie, the truth might be too much for you to handle.” Yang Chen said while feeling somewhat embarrassed.

“The truth, I want to hear the truth.” Mo Qianni was getting pretty angry, this new employee seems to have zero respect for his superior.

Yang Chen took a deep breath, “Alright then, the main reason I came to apply, is because my wife wants me to find a dignified office job.”

“Your wife wants you to find a dignified job?” Mo Qianni feels that she’s about to faint, creases her eyebrows and asks: “What was your former job?”

“Erm…… I’m a mutton skewer seller, right at the west region’s market, perhaps you’ve seen me there before, I’ve set up stall for half a year now.” Yang Chen straightforwardly said with a smile.

Mo Qianni felt she was going mad, mutton skewer seller!? The only qualified member pedantically chosen from a huge pile of elites is a mutton skewer seller!?

“I don’t find this joke funny, Yang Chen, I hope you stop mocking me as that is merely mocking yourself.” Mo Qianni tried her best to calmly speak.

When Yang Chen heard this, he felt puzzled, how was this mockery? And so he made a serious face and said: “Miss Mo, you may look down on my job, but you can’t look down on my character. I may only be a mere mutton skewer seller, but I have no reason to joke about my employment. I am proud of selling mutton skewers!”

Mo Qianni’s pretty face turns pale as she gnashed her teeth and says: “You still say you aren’t mocking me!? A man who is a Harvard graduate, extremely fluent in at least two foreign languages and able to accurately identify a handmade Italian product’s origin, is a mutton skewer seller!? Then what about the other applicants, and all the other people in society, what are they? Are all of them veggie sellers!?”

Unexpectedly, after this outburst of anger, Yang Chen makes a look of serious thought, lowers his head for a moment, and replies: “Miss Mo, I’m not sure if they have sold vegetables before, but you could ask them.”

“You….. you…….” Mo Qianni felt the sky spin and earth twist. How was this brute’s brain grown? Is he really a human being from earth!?

Seeing his new superior’s face bubbling up with anger and ample chest repeatedly undulate, Yang Chen is aware that he has gotten into trouble, as even before he formally started work he has made his superior this angry. But Yang Chen truly doesn’t know what to do, he wanted to lie but she refuses to hear it, he spoke the truth and she gets angry, what is he to do? Therefore he could only brace himself and stay silent.

Mo Qianni is considered a hero amongst women, she may have burst with anger, but she also managed to calm her emotions quickly. However, the way she looked at Yang Chen was no longer as kind as before, seemingly looking at Yang Chen as if he is a playboy here to look for her and make himself happy. Once she thought of things this way, Mo Qianni made a cold smile and said: “Alright, I’m not going to speak much more with you, your desk is outside at the back of the third column, it’s already cleaned up. There will be someone who hands you work. You may leave.”

“Oh, thank you Miss Mo, I shall take my leave now.” Yang Chen said as though a burden had been taken off of his chest. Just as he stood up, he suddenly remembered something as he turned his body around, picked up the cup of water, and downed it in a single gulp. Upon doing so, he used his sleeve to wipe his mouth, and left her office.

Upon seeing this, Mo Qianni’s eyebrows once again furrowed. She felt that she did not want to pay another glance at Yang Chen, but he had already signed the contract. If she wanted to fire him early, the company would have to pay quite a steep penalty. Actions such as this must attain the approval of the CEO, or it could not be done. After all, even though this is only a trial period, he is now a member of the headquarters, and not under the jurisdiction of a department’s management.

After thinking it over, Mo Qianni still decided to make a phone call….

“Hello.” The lady on the other side of the line gently said.

Mo Qianni hesitated for a moment, then said: “CEO, I would like to dismiss the new male trial PR member, he has some serious attitude problems, integrity problems and capability problems, there are many specific reasons, I wish to receive your approval.”

The lady addressed as CEO remained silent for a while, then replied: “You have always been cautious with your work, since you have signed the contract, why are you immediately regretting? Send me all of his data, I will make my decision after taking a look.”

“Yes, CEO.” After Mo Qianni hung up the phone, she helplessly sighed, then opened up the data storage, and via the company’s intranet, she sent Yang Chen’s information directly to the CEO’s office. Copyright 2016 - 2024