Chapter 200-1: Perhaps not human

Mo Qianni’s home was made of wood, it had a total of two storeys, with Japanese creepers grown on the walls.

Once they got in and put down their luggages, Ma Guifang called out to Yang Chen, “Son-in-law Yang, you’re completely soaked! You should dry yourself first and change into clean clothes. You may sleep with Ni-zi in the right room on the second floor tonight.

“Mom,” Mo Qianni quickly interjected, “Let me sleep with you.”

After all, the two hadn’t progressed to that stage yet. Once Mo Qianni thought of sleeping with Yang Chen, she became so shy that she immediately sounded a bugle call for retreat.

Ma Guifang retorted with a smile, “What are you saying! You’re already an adult, how could you be sleeping together with your mother?”

Before Mo Qianni could come up with a counter, Ma Guifang amiably asked Ye Zi, “Ye-er, my home is small, would you be okay with sleeping in my room tonight?”

Ye-er gave Mo Qianni a “I’d love to help but my hands are tied” expression, then happily nodded.

Mo Qianni blushed and looked like a spoilt child towards her mother, but Ma Guifang pretended not to see it, and asked Yang Chen, “Son-in-law Yang, you should have clothes to change into, right? Change out of this outfit and I’ll wash it for you, it will be clean after drying in the sun tomorrow.”

Yang Chen appreciated this mother-in-law that he just met, he believed that she had great insight, for sending her daughter to him was definitely a decision that couldn’t be more wise.

Men are always quick in changing clothes in comparison to women. Yang Chen went up to the room on the second floor, and began changing into clean clothes while observing the aged furniture in the room. He put on a long-sleeved shirt and trousers. Although he didn’t feel cold, he would appear more ordinary by changing into clothes like these.

When he went downstairs, there was the smell of oil and smoke. Mo Qianni had finally returned to her mother’s side, and naturally had countless topics to chat about with her. On the other hand, the young lady Ye Zi prepared the wild vegetables, and occasionally participated in the conversation. The three ladies were enjoying themselves.

It didn’t seem right for a grown man like Yang Chen to participate in their conversations, so he pulled over a bamboo chair and sat in the courtyard. Looking out into the endless rain, he lit up a cigarette, and leisurely waited for dinner to be ready.

Mo Qianni who was busy dealing with the furnace with the fire fork caught Yang Chen relaxing in the courtyard with his legs crossed. She cursed this fellow for not showing good behavior to his mother, and immediately shouted, “Yang Chen, come and help my mom with slicing vegetables!”

Unexpectedly, before Yang Chen could stand up, Ma Guifang immediately told him to sit, then said to Mo Qianni, “You silly girl! How can you ask a man to come into the kitchen!? Insensible!”

Being rebuked by her mother, Mo Qianni silently pouted.

Watching the strong career woman Mo Qianni act like a bullied child was incredibly entertaining to Yang Chen, he sat there laughing.

“Mom, he’s laughing at me!” Mo Qianni softly grumbled towards Ma Guifang.

Ma Guifang looked at Yang Chen and laughed with satisfaction. She said to Mo Qianni, “I was worried before as to what kind of person my son-in-law is, but now I’m relieved. Son-in-law Yang is a good man, I am at ease with him being together with you.”

“Really?” Mo Qianni was surprised by how quickly they passed the test, she bashfully and joyfully asked, “Mom, how are you able to tell?”

“Just from the way you guys came. He carried so many luggages alone, and didn’t even cover himself with an umbrella. At the entrance of our village, he stood there completely soaked, but didn’t mutter a single word of complaint. He didn’t try to curry favor with me, and didn’t act high and mighty. A man like this is simple and reliable. Therefore, Ni-zi, I’m very satisfied with the man you chose.”

Hearing this, Mo Qianni looked at the gloating Yang Chen, and felt sweetness inside. She suddenly felt like there was nothing to be unhappy about.

The heavens were kind to him. Yang Chen didn’t expect Ma Guifang to like him so much. Things like carrying luggage and getting soaked in the rain were nothing to him, so there was no reason for him to grumble! As for boot-licking his mother-in-law, it isn’t that he didn’t want to, but he really didn’t know how, he’s afraid he might lick the wrong spot!

The three ladies chatted while cooking with great efficiency. A short while later, they carried six dishes out of the kitchen, and Mo Qianni suggested moving the square table to the entrance so that they could enjoy the breeze.

Thus, they sat under the eaves, and the 40 watt tungsten light bulb provided a dim and consistent warm light. On the table was a mountain chicken, wild plants, and some ordinary mountain vegetables. At a time where other people were asleep, they had their dinner.

Ma Guifang brought out a large soda bottle, and said with a loving smile, “Here, this is the rice wine you guys’ mom, I brewed last year. It tastes pretty good. I was close to finishing it, but when I found out that you guys were coming, I deliberately kept some.”

Yang Chen couldn’t help but gloat inside. Isn’t this great, she’s already considers herself “my mother!”

Mo Qianni was astonished, “Mom, you drink? I remember that you didn’t drink in the past though?”

“Oh, it’s been over a decade. Ni-zi, you’re already a grown woman, can’t your mom, I change too? When a person has nothing to do, drinking some alcohol can help to deal with boredom.”

Ma Guifang’s words sounded very casual, but when Mo Qianni heard it, her heart ached. She felt that she had failed to accompany her mother, and gloomily said, “Mom, I’m sorry.”

Ma Guifang smiled and tapped Mo Qianni’s forehead, “Silly girl, what is there to be sorry about? Now that you’re successful in Zhonghai, you’ve made so proud. Other people have also praised me for having a good daughter. I’m just a little bored living here alone, it’s not like I’m lacking food or clothes.”

Ye Zi didn’t drink, so she quietly ate while Yang Chen and Mo Qianni both poured a cup of rice wine for themselves. Copyright 2016 - 2024