Chapter 199-2: Swallow returning to its nest

The temperature was high when there was daylight, so when rain came pouring down in the evening, there was a lot of mist. Luckily, there wasn’t much traffic along the way, so the bus managed to safely arrive at Kunshan Village’s bus stop after much hardship.

Yang Chen first got off to open the umbrella Mo Qianni brought, then supported the two ladies when they got down. As the ground was muddy and slippery, they were extremely careful.

After getting off the bus, Mo Qianni realized that there was only one umbrella for the three of them. The rain wasn’t going to stop, so they couldn’t all remain sheltered under it. Helpless, she looked towards Yang Chen.

Yang Chen understood what she meant, and handed the umbrella over to Mo Qianni without any hesitation. “You and Ye-er stay under the umbrella while I carry the luggages, it’s ladies first. In any case, my body is robust, a little rain can’t hurt me.”


“But what? I can’t bear to let my Little Qianqian get in the rain, but if I let Ye-er get soaked, you’d strangle me to death.” Yang Chen joked.

Mo Qianni blushed. Feeling sweet inside, she spoke no more.

Ye-er watched the intimacy between the two, and was a little envious.

The three walked along a narrow path with many bends and slopes covered with weed and stone as they advanced towards Kunshan Village. Yang Chen followed behind the ladies, carrying all of their luggages. A route like this was considered difficult to travel for ordinary people, but to Yang Chen, other than the annoying feeling of rain falling on his clothes, it was no different than walking on flat land.

Gradually, the village began to reveal itself within the mist. Houses were built at varying altitudes, which was common in rural areas. This was a place where people of multiple ethnicities lived together, so there was a myriad of housing styles.

It had been over ten years since Mo Qianni was home, but she didn’t need to figure out where her house was despite the various changes in the village, because there was someone here to lead the way.

At the end of the path, there was someone holding a black umbrella in the rain. This person was looking in their direction.

Mo Qianni’s feet came to a halt. Like a weathered rock, she stood upright, staring at that person, and her eyes reddened.

The person standing ahead seemed to have noticed something, and shouted, “Are you Ni-zi?”

It was a very ordinary woman’s voice, but it made Mo Qianni lose control of her emotions. She tossed the umbrella aside, ignored the filthy path of mud and stone, ignored the pelting rain, and even forgot about the pitiful Ye Zi who needed the shelter as she ran over.


Joyful and thankful like a baby swallow returning to its nest. This was a way of describing this rainy scene.

Who could have known that despite the rain and nightfall, Mo Qianni’s mother, Ma Guifang would be waiting at the entrance of the village? It seemed like she had been waiting for quite a while, she was truly a doting parent.

When Yang Chen and Ye Zi caught up with them, Mo Qianni and her mother was already sobbing while embracing each other.

Ma Guifang didn’t drop her umbrella like Mo Qianni did. Her arm was still upright, sheltering Qianni from the rain. Although her face was wrinkled, it was apparent that she was beautiful when younger. Her tears flowed down, but it was impossible to distinguish between which were tears and which were rainwater.

Ma Guifang who wore handmade purple clothes hugged her daughter who wore fashionable sportswear. Yet, it was this ill-fitting combination that made them look all the more harmonious at that moment.

Yang Chen held the umbrella that Mo Qianni dropped, and used it to shelter Ye Zi and himself. Actually, it made no difference whether he covered himself or not, for he was already soaked all over.

When the mother-daughter pair were done hugging, over ten minutes had passed. The two separated and stared at each other for a while, there was nary a word from them. They just smiled at each other knowing that they had so much to talk about, to the point that they didn’t know where to begin.

Ma Guifang wiped away her tears, and awkwardly smiled at Yang Chen and Ye Zi. “This is embarrassing, we forgot about you guys. You must be Son-in-law Yang, Ni-zi has spoken about you to me on the phone, you’re very handsome.”

Handsome? This seems to be the first time that someone says I look good, could it be that I look more and more pleasing to the eye as time passes to this mother-in-law? But this was the first time they met.

Yang Chen didn’t expect this mother-in-law to call him her son-in-law so easily, but as a thick-skinned person, he accepted it with a laugh.

It was instead Mo Qianni who rolled her eyes at him with both anger and joy.

Noticing the confusion Ma Guifang had when looking at Ye Zi, Mo QIanni explained, “Mom, this is a girl from the southern part of the village. She journeyed with us,but since it’s dark and raining, I want to let her stay over for the night. Her name is Ye Zi, you may call her Ye-er.”

Ma Guifang understood the situation, and cordially held Ye Zi’s hand, “Don’t be shy, young lady. Follow me back, dinner is just about ready as well.”

“Thank you Auntie.” Ye Zi was still a little reserved, but she still thanked with a sweet smile.

As a result, Mo Qianni held hands with her mother as the four of them walked to her house. Compared to earlier, Mo Qianni was obviously a lot happier, it was a feeling of joy when reunited with family, which made Yang Chen rather envious.

However, Ma Guifang would turn to glance at Yang Chen from time to time with a smile, and it was the kind of smile that made it seem like she was liking him more and more. This made Yang Chen’s scalp itch.

I don’t think I’ve given this mother-in-law any gifts yet. Could it be that she has already noticed my “loyal, dependable, pure, and kind” nature, my quality of being more like a virgin than a virgin, and has taken a liking to me!? Copyright 2016 - 2024