Chapter 198-1: Ye Zi

The man who was hit groaned with fresh blood flowing down his head. He fell down, rolled on the ground from the pain.

At this moment, everybody turned around and saw that the one who hit that man was a young ponytailed girl who wore an oversized red coat. She looked to be around sixteen. She looked a lot older than she probably was as people in the mountains matured quickly and worked hard on farming chores. She glared at the men with bright dark eyes like an angry lioness.

Yang Chen gave Mo Qianni an inquiring glance. Could this delicate-looking young lady be Qianni’s cousin or something?

Mo Qianni answered with a face filled with confusion, for she didn’t know who this girl was.

When the men returned to their senses, Black Loach was the first to go into a rage. He charged up front, seized the shoulder pole, and pushed the girl onto the ground!

“What the hell, where did this crazy bitch come from!? Why are you so busybody!?”

“Black Loach, Rockery’s blood can’t stop flowing, is this chick trying to kill someone!?”

“He’s finished, but we’ll play with her to avenge him!”

The other men no longer cared about their original target, Qianni. Their eyes were all red as the man named Rockery was helped up to a seat, and they then charged towards the girl.

The girl screamed, and when anyone tried to touch her, she bit on their arm in a crazed manner!

The cabin became chaotic, the girl managed to deter the men from closing in on her, but in the end she still wasn’t strong enough. After struggling for a short while, her arms were caught by two men, and another held onto her head. They let her struggle as much as she wanted, for it was to no avail.

Black Loach panted and shouted, “God damn, we bumped into a crazy bitch. If we don’t knock her up, it’d be a great loss to us!”

Although the girl was contained, her red eyes continued to glare at the men as if she wanted to eat them.

Seeing the girl who came to help them get into a situation where she was going to be sullied, Mo Qianni wanted to ask Yang Chen to save her, for she knew that Yang Chen could easily deal with this.

However, just as she was about to ask, Yang Chen had already walked up to the men.

Yang Chen tapped on the shoulders of the two men who stood the furthest away from the girl, “Hi, excuse me.”

“Don’t irritate me! We’ll deal with the two of you later!” The man shouted.

Yang Chen frowned and spoke no more, then chopped at the back of their necks. Before the two could react, they felt heavy pressure from the back of their necks, which made them go weak in the knees. They fainted on the spot.

This made the four men left, which included Black Loach, to notice that something wasn’t right. They released the girl who was still struggling, then picked up the shoulder poles to thrust it at Yang Chen!

The atmosphere in the cabin became more stifled than ever, and everyone watched this frightening scene didn’t dare to even breathe loudly.

Yang Chen calmly raised his bare hands to block the two shoulder poles, and they both broke upon contact with Yang Chen’s hands!

The two men’s palms were numb from the impact, but before they could retreat, Yang Chen walked up and gave the two a slap on the cheek each, the powerful force sent their teeth flying out along with fresh blood. The two men fell to a side, unable to get up.

Black Loach and the other man who stood the furthest were frightened. They kept moving backwards, until they got to the end of the cabin.

Yang Chen slowly walked forwards, then turned to open the cabin’s door.

An old train of this type moved very slowly. After opening the door, wind sounds were heard along with the sounds of the train’s wheels. However, neither were loud as the train happened to be going up a slope, which made it even slower.

Yang Chen pointed at the door opening and said, “Are you going to jump, or shall I throw you out?”

Black Loach’s tanned face immediately paled from fright, “Big… Big Big… Big Brother! We were wrong! Please don’t……”

Before Black Loach could continue, Yang Chen impatiently grabbed onto Black Loach’s collar, and expressionlessly hauled him out!

Black Loach was thrown out with his shoulder pole and rolled on the grass! After rolling a few times due to the inertia, he was left in the dust!

Yang Chen looked towards the other man whose back was slipping against the train’s walls, then sighed, “Looks like you don’t have the strength to jump anymore.”

Before Yang Chen could continue speaking, the man shouted “no” and practically leaped out of the cabin!

Amongst the men remaining, other than the pitiful man who was unconscious and bleeding from the head left on a seat, the rest were dragged to the door and thrown out one by one. The door was then promptly shut after.

The other passengers in the train saw what Yang Chen did, and subconsciously hid on the opposite side of the cabin. They also looked at Yang Chen with dread.

Mo QIanni had helped the young girl up a long time ago. She had the girl sit beside her, and took out some tissues to wipe away the tears on the girl’s face.

When Yang Chen returned to his seat, the young girl was evidently a little afraid of him. She secretly glanced at Yang Chen, and immediately withdrew her gaze. She awkwardly sat beside Mo Qianni. Copyright 2016 - 2023