Chapter 197-2: Lecher on the train

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The stink and noise woke Mo Qianni up. She drowsily opened her eyes, looked at the people who came up and those who smoked, and frowned.

After leaving this place for so long and returning to see them unchanged, she felt rather unaccustomed to this.

It was at this moment that the boorish men took notice of them, and the lecherous ones fixed their gazes on Mo Qianni.

Women who lived in the mountains were usually unladylike and dark-skinned due to laboring out in the sun for years, how could there be a fashionable and beautiful woman with tender-looking skin like Mo Qianni here? Furthermore, because she wasn’t feeling uncomfortable at that moment, her brows were slightly furrowed, and she looked fragile like Lin Daiyu when she caught a cold. This turned the men on very much.

[TL: Lin Daiyu is a fictional character from the novel, The Dream of Red Chamber]

There was finally a tanned man who couldn’t hold it in anymore. He got off his seat, and went over to sit beside Yang Chen. While looking at Mo Qianni’s slightly nervous face, he smiled towards Yang Chen, revealing his yellow and black teeth, “Friend, where are you guys from?”

Yang Chen was in the middle of looking at the scenery out of the window. The changes in the cabin did not affect him at all.

Hearing the tanned man’s thick Sichuan accent, Yang Chen smiled back, “We’re from Zhonghai.”

“Zhonghai?” The tanned man gave them a queer look. He sized Yang Chen up, “No wonder, looking at your clothes and your faces, you guys are totally different from us village people. The buildings in Zhonghai keeps getting shown on the TV, the floors go up so high. Geez, aren’t you guys afraid that the building will fall when you live that high up?”

Hearing such a brainless question, Yang Chen didn’t know how to reply, “I don’t know, and never thought about it before.”

Another village man spoke up with ridicule, “Black Loach, why are you beating around the bush? If you have something to say then go straight to the point!”

Black Loach glared back at them, then continued speaking to Yang Chen, “Friend, you’re going into the mountains? What for?”

“We’re going to see a very important person.” Yang Chen vaguely said.

Watching Yang Chen actually chat with that fellow named Black Loach, she helplessly turned to gaze out of the window as if she was oblivious.

Black Loach laughed, “Friend, your wife is so pretty. Our mountains hasn’t produced a girl as pretty as her in hundreds of years. The women here all have hands that are more coarse than us men, and the hairs on their legs could be mistaken for hair on their heads!”

Yang Chen smiled without implying any agreement or disagreement. He noticed that Mo Qianni’s shoulders trembled for a bit, and realized that the mountain girls this man had insulted included her and her mother. This definitely pissed her off.

Black Loach suddenly moved to Yang Chen’s ear, and whispered, “Friend, us brothers all want to try a delicacy. Have your wife help us out and give us the pleasure of a lifetime in this cabin, alright?”

Although he had already intentionally lowered his voice, he was still boorish as hell, and Mo Qianni seemed to also have heard it.

Mo Qianni who had been disgusted by these people all this time finally couldn’t help smacking the table in anger. With a flushed face she chastised, “Hoodlum! Get lost!!!”

Mo Qianni had an outburst, but she obviously hadn’t realized that the men had already talked over this!

The other six boorish men who were at their seats all got up and crowded around them with malevolent smiles.

Black Loach also stood up, and spoke loudly with an unhappy tone, “Married lass, who are you calling hoodlums? Have we said anything or done anything to you!? You think we as mountain people are easy to bully?”

The other passengers in the cabin had all noticed that something was going on here. Some of them just needed a glance to figure out what was happening, and looked at Mo Qianni with sympathy, while others seemed entertained and interested to watch what happened next. It seemed like this wasn’t the first time they did this.

“You… you people……” It was at this moment that Qianni realized she had fallen into a trap. Looking at the bunch of men crowding over where she sat, she couldn’t say what Black Loach had just said earlier. Besides, it was useless even if she did, because these people were out to get her, and wanted to take advantage of her!

Yang Chen stood up, held Mo Qianni’s hand, and kneaded it.

Mo Qianni was reminded that she had Yang Chen with her, and was relieved. She knew Yang Chen had a terrifying side to him, and that these people wouldn’t hold a candle against him. However, it was no easy task for her to let go of the anger inside.

“Friend, your wife is so rude, she has disrespected me, Black Loach in front of so many people. If I can’t get a satisfactory answer, this’ll be a stain on my honor.” Black Loach spoke with an upright tone.

The other men agreed with him, and they flagrantly stared at Mo Qianni’s body.

Yang Chen had Mo Qianni sit, and he considered whether to beat these people up, or to throw them out of the train and let them walk home through the mountains themselves. However, the situation changed again.

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