Chapter 176-1: You are still you

Yang Chen quietly watched Liu Mingyu cry with her head leaned against the table. In a noisy bar, a scene like this was commonplace.

The men and women who lived in cities live with tremendously stressful lives, and always need an avenue to release said stress.

Yang Chen was curious as to why Liu Mingyu was so good at crying. After the table opposite them had been occupied by three different groups of guests, she still remained leaning against the table and refusing to get up.

Cao Xueqin once said that women were made of water, and this situation proved him to be right.

[TL: Cao Xueqin is the famous author who wrote Dream of Red Mansions]

“Mingyu-jie, it’s getting late, let me send you home.” Yang Chen suggested to Liu Mingyu. Honestly, he should go home as well as he had just patched up with Lin Ruoxi, and shouldn’t suddenly spend the night out again.

When Liu Mingyu finally lifted up her head, her eyes were red and swollen. She forced a dazed smile and said, “Let me drink one more glass.”

After she spoke, Liu Mingyu poured herself another glass of Chivas and drunk it all in one go. She then stood up shakily, and grabbed her handbag. “Let’s go.”

Yang Chen looked at the remaining half a bottle of wine on the table. Good grief, this woman drank three bottles of forty-percent alcohol all by herself and still hasn’t collapsed. It’s no wonder that she was able to become the department head of Public Relations.

However, it was apparent that Liu Mingyu had difficulty walking. It was worrisome that her slim waist might cause her whole body to bend and collapse like a fragile flower.

“Let me help you.” As Yang Chen said that, he supported Liu Mingyu’s arm.

Liu Mingyu didn’t reject an intimate action like this. Since she no longer had to use furniture as support, her body softly leaned against Yang Chen’s side, and she limped out of the bar.

Outside the bar, the autumn winds were cold, Liu Mingyu buttoned up her shirt, and got into the car with support from Yang Chen.

Yang Chen got into the driver’s seat and asked, “Mingyu-jie, where do you stay?”

Liu Mingyu stared at the colorful neon lights out of the window, and after a long while, she turned to look at Yang Chen, “What time is it?”

“It’s eleven in the evening.” Yang Chen checked the time on the car’s dashboard.

“Don’t send me home, find me a hotel nearby. If I return like this, my parents would worry.” Said Liu Mingyu.

This reason didn’t hold up, it’s worrisome that she got intoxicated, but won’t her parents worry even more if she didn’t return home at all?

Yang Chen didn’t expose this. While feeling puzzled inside, he still nodded in agreement.

Yang Chen found the closest four-star hotel, and it had a pretty refined name, it was called “Maple Hotel.”

After parking the car, he helped Liu Mingyu into the lounge. The hotel employees who saw Liu Mingyu unsteadily walking in Yang Chen’s embrace reacted indifferently as they had seen such matters often.

“Sir, what kind of room would you like to have?” The front desk lady asked.

Yang Chen glacned at Liu Mingyu who had no opinion on this, then pondered and said, “A single room is fine, it’s just for this lady.”

The same thought resonated in the employees in the surrounding: How stingy! You’re already about to sleep together, yet you still choose the cheaper room with a smaller bed righteously!

But she couldn’t blatantly say something like “you should choose one with a bigger bed to do that kind of thing,” so she just gave Yang Chen a single room with a smile.

Yang Chen brought Liu Mingyu up the elevator and into the single room.

Liu Mingyu had now become thoroughly intoxicated and dazed, she was practically hanging onto Yang Chen’s body to keep herself standing.

Yang Chen carried her well developed body and placed her onto the bed, then turned on the bedside lamp.

Under the dim light, Liu Mingyu’s dreamy eyes were slightly open, and had a drunk charm. Her cherry lips breathed out the scent of alcohol and her own fragrance. Due to the heat in her body, Yang Chen was able to smell the rich fragrance of her body, and was affected by her bewitching pheromones.

Yang Chen saw that she didn’t have any intention to make herself comfortable for sleep, and since he had already helped to this point, he might as well help all the way to make it better for her.

Thus, he walked to the end of the bed to help take off her short-heeled leather shoes. Liu Mingyu wore skin-colored stockings, and her toes looked smooth, round, and flawless.

With her shoes taken off by Yang Chen, Liu Mingyu’s legs unnaturally curled, then relaxed, she seemed rather nervous and cute.

Yang Chen pulled up the blanket over Liu Mingyu’s chest, then stood up straight. He looked at Liu Mingyu’s face, and found her slightly blushing, perhaps she was conscious enough to know what had happened despite being intoxicated.

“Mingyu-jie, I’m going home now, give me a call if you need anything.” Yang Chen said and turned to walk out.

“Yang Chen……”

Liu Mingyu suddenly spoke, and softly pleaded, “Don’t go… would you please accompany me… just for tonight……” Copyright 2016 - 2023