Chapter 175-2: Begin and end

After Qi Kai scolded her, he left Wang Yue whom he had slapped behind, and under the gazes of the many guests, he left the restaurant in a flurry.

At approximately the same time, Liu Mingyu who ran out of the restaurant had already caught up to Yang Chen, and the two were already in Yang Chen’s car.

Liu Mingyu seemed worried, and anxiously asked, “Yang Chen, you were too reckless. Qi Kai’s family has contacts with the government, he might really call the police to arrest you!”

Yang Chen looked at Liu Mingyu with a slight smile, her confident and charming face was now fraught with worry, “Mingyu-jie, I feel very gratified.”

“What?” Liu Mingyu couldn’t understand him.

“I beat up your boyfriend, yet you’re concerned about me. Should I set off some firecrackers?” Yang Chen joked.

Liu Mingyu lowered her head, and solemnly said, “He isn’t my boyfriend, I’m just a silly woman who has been making a mistake for years.”

A beautiful woman wanted to live together with another man till they both grow old since her college days. Even though that man suddenly enlisted in the army and told her to wait for him at the train station, the woman still abided that simple promise without any second thoughts. There was no written proof and no witnesses, but the woman still quietly waited, and spent the peak of her beauty in loneliness by relying on her conscience and hope.

But when that man showed himself again without any warning, he told the woman that it was simply ridiculous for her to wait, the man had never truly thought about meeting her again. He even did his utmost to twist the truth and hurt the woman just so that he can shirk off the blame……

Yang Chen felt that if this happened to someone else that wasn’t for Liu Mingyu who had ample experience in society and magnanimous nature, that person might already be contemplating suicide.

“Mingyu-jie, you’re a lot stronger than I thought you would be.” Yang Chen sincerely said.

Liu Mingyu made a sad smile, “If I don’t be strong, do you expect me to cry right there and then…… What use is there to cry, all it does is entertain others more, and make women like Wang Yue happy. I’m not that stupid, isn’t it just eight years of time? I can afford to lose that……”

Despite what she said, sparkling tears still flowed down her beautiful cheeks.

Liu Mingyu took out a tissue to wipe away her tears, she sweetly spoke while sniffling, “Since I’ve finally been released by the senseless shackles that held me down, and to thank you for the stomp that you gave him, let’s celebrate by going to the bar, please do me the honor, Sir Yang Chen.”

Yang Chen nodded with a grin, at a point like this, he had no reason to reject the hurt woman’s small request.

Being reserved for so many years has practically left Liu Mingyu with no friends, although she could easily get a bunch of men who covet her for her looks, she basically had no male friends.

Yang Chen drove the car to the nearest decently sized bar. The two entered the dimly lit bar and chose to sit somewhere close to the corner.

Liu Mingyu directly ordered four bottles of Chivas Regal. After filling both their glasses, they began to heartily drink that amber-colored Chivas like it was water, and it streamed from the woman’s mouth into her throat.

Yang Chen didn’t let loose and drink. Firstly, he was afraid that he might lose control of his mind. Secondly, he knew that what Liu Mingyu needed was a companion, so that she wouldn’t feel lonely.

Gradually, two bottles of Chivas were emptied into their stomachs. Liu Mingyu’s charming eyes looked as clear as spring water. The alluringly soft and well-developed figure underneath the office wear, exuded charm that made the men in the bar look over repeatedly.

A woman with fiery passion wrapped up in such a thick shell usually wouldn’t have as much attractiveness as a ripe and juicy peach.

Yang Chen watched as Liu Mingyu gradually become intoxicated, but he didn’t stop her, because it was better to let her heartily drink than to admonish her in this situation.

“Yang Chen……” Liu Mingyu’s voice was sultry and indolent, she already sounded rather lispy, which made her all the more delicate and captivating.


“Do you know why I always bring you to that Cantonese restaurant?” Liu Mingyu asked with her head slanted.

Yang Chen shook his head, for he truly didn’t know.

Liu Mingyu pursed her lips and smiled, “Because… during college, that person frequently brought me there…… That is also the place we met……”

A place originally made her happy had now become a place that left her heart-broken.

Yang Chen picked up a bottle, filled Liu Mingyu’s glass, and said, “It began there, and ended there, that’s pretty nice.”

“Yeah… pretty good……” Liu Mingyu reached a hand out to grab the glass, but there was no strength in her hand, so the glass slipped out of her hand in midair and fell onto the ground!


The sound of glass shattering was heard.

Liu Mingyu stared at the whisky that flowed on the floor in a daze, then rested her head on the table, and cried her heart out with shuddering shoulders. Copyright 2016 - 2023