Chapter 172-1: Li Jingjing’s new friend

A day later, Yang Chen had finally withdrew this million dollars at another branch of Huaxia Bank into his bank account.

And with that, Yang Chen had finally become a millionaire since he had returned to the country. Looking at money from the perspective of a commoner was pleasurable to Yang Chen.

On Wednesday afternoon, Yang Chen and Li Jingjing met up at Zhonghai’s furniture mall to help Li Jingjing purchase some furniture.

Li Jingjing appeared in a pale yellow dress, with a white handbag. Her beautiful face was adorned with makeup, making her look lovably cute.

“Big Brother Yang. Actually, we could’ve come during the weekend, today is a working day, and isn’t good to take leave for this.” Li Jingjing casually said while they walked towards the furniture mall.

“You’re already moved in, how can you keep dragging buying furniture? Isn’t it just not teaching for half a day? Your students can’t be so stupid that they’ll fail to enter university because of you’re gone for half a day.” Yang Chen indifferently said.

Li Jingjing was rather proud as she said, “A student in my class scored first in the monthly papers for last month, they’re really smart.”

Yang Chen recalled that brat who was also Li Jingjing’s student, “How is TangTang’s results? That brat is really sneaky, did she have fun avoiding studying?”

“TangTang has been obedient recently, it seems like her mother has been rather strict with her. Her results are in the top ten of her whole cohort, I believe that she has a lot of potential. If she could be more conscientious, she might enter the top three.” Li Jingjing became enthusiastic when her student was brought up.

Yang Chen was rather surprised. It was no wonder that brat didn’t look for him to play for such a long time. When he occasionally played Warcraft with Yuanye, even Yuanye said that TangTang hadn’t gone to look for him for a long time. It turned out that she was putting in effort towards her finals.

“Big Brother Yang, you seem to care a lot about TangTang?” Li Jingjing asked with a sour tone.

Yang Chen stared blankly at her for a moment, then rubbed his nose and said, “Jingjing, I’m not hungry to the point of eating anything I can grab my hands on.”

Li Jingjing pursed her lips and nodded, “Seems like Big Brother Yang has really high taste. At the very least, TangTang and I don’t qualify to be your food.”

Yang Chen felt bitter inside. This girl was too much, she became so good at talking after becoming a teacher. Pretending not to understand what she meant, he said, “What food? We’re here today to buy furniture for you, don’t play word puzzles with me.”

Li Jingjing looked downcast as she glanced at him, then said “Oh okay.”

According to what Li Jingjing said, the apartment only lacked a sofa and a dining chairs, so the two directly went to the sofa department first.

When the sales lady introduced them to various high-class mahogany and leather sofas, Li Jingjing was completely dumbstruck by their prices. Although she thought of buying a sofa set, she had no idea how much they costed, as her family had never bought one before.

When she saw the string of numbers, Li Jingjing carefully tugged on Yang Chen’s sleeve, “Big Brother Yang, let’s forget about it, we should just go to a smaller shop to take a look. I find even one piece of these sofas expensive.”

“Today I’m gifting them to you, this is something you deserve.” Said Yang Chen.

Li Jingjing firmly shook her head, “That will not do, Big Brother Yang. I still haven’t returned you the money for when you bought me clothes, I can’t accept such an expensive present from you anymore.”

“I’ve said it, this is something you deserve.” Yang Chen seriously said, “Back when I returned to the country, I wasn’t used to the life here. If it wasn’t because you trusted me and allowed me to be acquainted with your family, I wouldn’t have been able to assimilate into society so quickly. You may not know of this, but when I had just returned to the country, I had some problems psychologically, it was all thanks to you that I was able to recover to normality so quickly. I’ve never told you this before, but now I’m saying it so that you wouldn’t feel too guilty. Reciprocating with this bit of money can’t come close to what you helped me with, Jingjing.”

Although Li Jingjing didn’t know how she had helped specifically, hearing that Yang Chen was just paying her back made the feeling of guilt inside subside, but a feeling of loss took over.

In the end, he was just paying her back for a reason, and it wasn’t because he had any feelings for her……

Yang Chen saw the sadness in Li Jingjing’s eyes, but couldn’t say a thing. Li Jingjing was different from the other ladies who had intimate relationships with him. Her parents, Old Li and his wife were friends of his. If he regarded Li Jingjing as a lover, perhaps Li Jingjing would happily accept it, but he wouldn’t be able to face Old Li and his wife.

He could only look after her like a little sister, showing her care and concern in her life. But it was impossible for Yang Chen to accept the feelings Li Jingjing had without any qualms. Copyright 2016 - 2024