Chapter 171-2: Mutual trust

“Hey, you drive such an expensive car, don’t you know you should lock it when you get out?” A voice came from the passenger seat.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly raised her head and looked beside her. Yang Chen who wore a peaked cap smiled at her.

“Why are you……”

“Why what?”

“You……” Lin Ruoxi wanted to ask if Yang Chen was hurt, but seeing his relaxed smiling face that was the same as ever, Lin Ruoxi became speechless.

Yang Chen looked at the woman who had messy hair and red eyes. He sighed, then pulled a tissue from the tissue box in the car, and wiped away the tears at the corners of Lin Ruoxi’s eyes.

The tears very quickly dampened the tissue, and was like a spring that had no end.

Very quickly, Yang Chen pulled out another three tissues, but Lin Ruoxi’s tears flowed out like an unlocked dam, there seemed to be no end to them.

Yang Chen frowned, “Why are you still crying!? If you keep crying I’m leaving! Weeping endlessly, do you intend to even stop!?”

Hearing Yang Chen say that he was going to leave, Lin Ruoxi immediately rubbed her eyes, and choked with sobs to stop her tears. Her cute and wet mouth slightly pouted, and she stared at Yang Chen pitifully while staying silent.

“Phew.” Yang Chen sighed in relief, it turned out that this woman’s tears could be stopped with fright, this could be considered to be a good experience. Smiling, he said, “Hey Boss Lin, don’t you know that you could’ve given me a call? What did you drive here in panic for when nothing happened? You even wanted to force your way in? This isn’t the style of the wise and calm Boss Lin.”

Lin Ruoxi grabbed the corner of her pants with both hands and softly said, “I… was too worried.”

Yang Chen blankly stared at her. Too worried? Worried about what? Worried for me?

Worried to the point that she couldn’t make rational decision, to the point of forcing her way in and confronting the police.

The scenes which gave him the impression of her being silly had now become so cute.

As he thought of that, Yang Chen felt warmth inside. This was an unusual feeling of warmth, and Yang Chen didn’t know if it was a concern for a lover, or concern for family. However, he suddenly took pleasure to Lin Ruoxi’s current sobbing sounds, because this made him realize his place in her heart.

No matter how capable someone is, the things they do are so that the people they care about appreciate them, and value them. Narcissism is just senseless self-consolation.

“Yang Chen…… Are you alright?” Seeing Yang Chen maintain silence, Lin Ruoxi thought that he was physically unwell or had an injury somewhere, so she asked immediately.

Yang Chen shook his head, “I was just thinking, after how I treated you yesterday, why are you so worried about me?”

Lin Ruoxi lowered her head, and after a moment of silence she said, “I’m sorry, it was my fault. I was too much, too stubborn, I apologize.”

Although he was mentally prepared, when Lin Ruoxi lower her pride and said such words, Yang Chen was still shocked, he smiled and said, “Boss Lin, your sudden change has made me your humble employee feel overwhelmed by favor from you.”

Lin Ruoxi pouted, “You aren’t willing to forgive me, right?”

“I’ve never truly hated you, your temper was brought about by your living environment since childhood and your working experiences. It’s not like I can’t understand why you did what you did.”

“No, you aren’t willing to forgive me.” Lin Ruoxi said with certainty as she looked at Yang Chen grudgingly.

“Why?” Asked Yang Chen.

Lin Ruoxi grumbled and said, “In the past… you don’t… don’t call me… Boss Lin……”

Yang Chen zoned out for a moment, and broke into laughter, “My sweet sweet wife Ruoxi, so you enjoy being addressed like that by me. How can I put this, so it turns out that you’ve really suppressing your emotions!”

“You’re the one suppressing emotions!”

Lin Ruoxi’s cheeks were dyed red in a split second, the large rock weighing on her heart had finally been put down. She had finally believed that Yang Chen had never truly hated her.

Seeing the woman’s satisfied expression, Yang Chen said movingly, “Ruoxi, have you noticed it yet? We’re becoming more and more like a normal couple.”

“Huh?” Lin Ruoxi raised her head, evidently confused by what that meant.

“We have given each other the cold shoulder, bickered, argued, interacted, and reconciled. You felt anxious for me, and I’ve considered your needs…… Actually, these things are matters that that ordinary couples experience in their daily lives. No couple could be together and remain harmonious and loving forever. Small fights between couples always bring about a feeling of freshness and comprehension about the other partner. But of course, we are still missing some elements, like talking to each other sweetly, or helping each other, or understanding and forgiving……” Yang Chen slowly said, “However, I think that we are progressing to the most beautiful finish line. Someday, we can also possess the feeling of happiness that ordinary couples possess. As long as there is mutual trust between us, this day won’t be too far. Look, hasn’t the current you already accepted me calling you dear little Ruoxi and darling Ruoxi?”

Saying that, Yang Chen winked at her.

Lin Ruoxi was rather charmed, she nonchalantly smiled and nodded, “I will work hard to change. The next time you go for a business trip, I will call you to ask how you’re doing.”

Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, it seemed like this girl had understood what he said as her needing to give him a call when he goes overseas for a business trip. Therefore he quickly explained, “Not just on this matter, many small details in life are great ways for us to be closer. For example, we could occasionally send each other gifts, or go out to walk on the streets, or watch a movie, or go to a restaurant to try some foods that we usually don’t get to eat. I believe that that kind of life would be a good experience for the both of us.

Lin Ruoxi’s face was red as she said, “I don’t really know about those……”

Seeing his ice-cold wife suddenly seem like a teenager in love that was full of innocence, Yang Chen found this fresh, and also felt playful. He moved his hand to cover the left side of his chest, and pretended to be suffering. He even grunted like he was in pain.

Sure enough, Lin Ruoxi became nervous, “Yang Chen, what happened? Are you hurt? Didn’t say you were fine earlier!?”

“Hehe, I wanted to conceal it from you. I was a little grazed by a bullet, but luckily, it isn’t serious.” Yang Chen “painfully” said.

Once Lin Ruoxi heard “grazed by a bullet,” she urgently asked, “What should we do then? Let me send you to the hospital right now!”

“There’s no need……” Yang Chen earnestly said, “Put your hand right here on my chest, touch around it and rub it, and I will feel a lot better……”


Lin Ruoxi didn’t think much of it. She just reached out her fair and slender palm, and placed it on Yang Chen’s chest.

Suddenly, Lin Ruoxi’s movements came to a stop, her watery eyes which were filled with worry suddenly had suspicion mixed in it. Gradually, the suspicion thickened, and her deeply concerned face had restored to its usual cold countenance, and was even colder than normal.

Lin Ruoxi sneered as she asked Yang Chen, “What kind of gun wound is it that all I need to do is rub it for you to feel better?”

Yang Chen knew that his little trick had been seen through by Lin Ruoxi who regained her calm, and could only curry favor with her by laughing.

“Yang Chen! You just talked about mutual trust! You… you lied to me so quickly!!!”

After a screech, the car shook, and under the astonished gazes of the people in the surroundings, Yang Chen scurried out of the passenger seat. He didn’t even close the door, and fled the scene with his tail between his legs! Copyright 2016 - 2023