Chapter 149-2: Li Family brothers

Being praised by everybody, Li Muhua didn’t get too happy, he tactfully said to Li Deshen, “Father, I feel that Big Brother is a good person inside, but he just hasn’t understood your pains and efforts. Once he understands them in the future, he will naturally turn over a new leaf, and put in effort to work for the company. Father, you should give him a chance.”

“Hmph!” Li Deshen sneered, “Give him a chance!? Do you think I didn’t give him any chances? Three years ago, I let him participate in an investment project, and it made a completely loss! If it wasn’t because I personally stepped in, who knows how much losses we would’ve made! All he knows is to indulge in debauchery and pleasing women, what maturity is there to be seen from him! You treat him as your elder brother, but what has he ever done for you since you were a child!?”


“No buts! I’m very expectant of you, you better not disappoint me!” Li Deshen sternly said.

Helpless, Li Muhua could only nod and remain silent.

Yang Chen silently picked up a piece of snake meat and ate it. While watching the Li Family’s commotion, there was a slightly bewildered look in his eyes, but it passed in a flash.

After the welcome feast, the people from the Muyun Corporation also stayed in Twilight Villa. This was afterall a leisure and entertainment centre. Furthermore, there were other high ranking officials and rich businessmen in the resort, which meant that they wouldn’t get bored, so they went their separate ways to have their own fun.

Yang Chen and the others first went to the luxurious rooms assigned to them. Yang Chen and Mo Qianni each had a room beside each other, while Lu Tao and his assistant was also the same. However, after the assistant received her key, she still left her luggage in Lu Tao’s room, there’s no need to even explain the meaning behind that.

As the person in-charge of the talks this time, Li Muhua amiably waited for the four to settle their lodging, then brought them for a tour around Twilight Villa, introducing their many entertainment facilities. There were facilities like hot spring, sauna, gym, tea ceremony, dojo, and other facilities that were expected. There was even a squiggly racing track behind the resort, and they provided sports cars that weren’t permitted on ordinary roads.

When they reached the last stop of Twilight Villa, the casino, it was already night time. Lu Tao and his assistant went off to spend time with each other, and there was only Yang Chen and Mo Qianni following Li Muhua to tour the casino.

The casino evidently had more guests than the other attractions. Though Hong Kong wasn’t Macau, the casino business was still hot here.

Yang Chen had never been interested in gambling, the reason being excitement. The greatest joy one gets from gambling, is the joy of receiving a large sum of money all of a sudden, and the mental shock it brings. To Yang Chen, it was far from being as exciting as other things he does.

Li Muhua smiled and explained the history of the casino, and the interesting things which happened in here. While walking, he even greeted some familiar faces in the business world, seeming very amiable.

When the three walked into the mahjong area, a familiar figure entered their view.

Li Mucheng who wore a gaudy suit and had a cigar in his mouth was actually playing mahjong with several big-bellied middle-aged men, while his personal bodyguard Li Meng silently and expressionlessly stood behind him .

Li Muhua didn’t seem to look down on his elder brother like others. When he saw his brother, he immediately went up, “Ge, how’s your luck?”

Li Mucheng slowly turned around to look at his younger brother, and unhappily said, “It was good the moment before, the tiles I get now are as shitty as they can get. I was wondering what happened, so it turns out that you came.”

Hearing Li Mucheng speak to Li Muhua like this, Mo Qianni who had a good impression of Li Muhua throughout the day frowned, “He’s your younger brother. Aren’t you being too rude, speaking to him like this?”

Li Mucheng noticed Mo Qianni, and a light shone in his eyes. He greedily sized her up, then said, “Miss, what’s your name, where did you come from? How much for one night?”


Seeing Mo Qianni get angry, Li Muhua quickly tried to mediate, “Ge! Don’t be like this, Miss Mo is an important guest sent over from Zhonghai’s Yu Lei International, she’s not that kind of woman.”

“Tch, is that for you to decide? Women like her are mostly sluts, it just depends on whether you can afford it. I’ve seen plenty of women like you, what are you pretending to be pure for?” Li Mucheng had a complacent look as he shook his head in disdain.

Due to Li Muhua mediating the situation, it wasn’t right for Mo Qianni to flare up, but even so, being called such a woman in front of that many people was still very hard for her to take. With a flushed face and clenched teeth, she said goodbye and left the casino.

Li Muhua quickly called two bodyguards to keep up with Mo Qianni to protect her, and had them lead her back to her room. It had to be known that Twilight Villa was huge, and it’s difficult to navigate for someone who came here for the first time. It could be seen that Li Muhua was thoughtful and considerate.

Yang Chen quietly walked up to Li Mucheng, patted on his shoulder and smiled towards him.

“What do you want? I’m not gay!” Li Mucheng vigilantly kept his distance.

Yang Chen grinned and said, “I think you’re more dashing than your younger brother, but I don’t know how good your gambling skills are. Do you dare gamble with me?” Copyright 2016 - 2023