Chapter 149-1: Li Family brothers

Li Deshen who was still calm and relaxed a moment ago suddenly burst in fury, shocking everyone present. Several executives of Muyun Corporation quickly asked the chairman what happened.

Li Deshen had a displeased face and didn’t speak, while Li Muhua who sat beside him frowned, as if he had thought of something.

Right at this time, a man in a flowery shirt staggered into the room. His face was flushed from alcohol, and was blabbering something unintelligibly. The stench of alcohol on his body could be smelt from afar.

The man’s facial features matched closely with Li Muhua, but he was slightly shorter and seemed very drunk. He couldn’t even stand stably. The moment he entered the private room, he fell onto the ground, and seemed to crawl to Li Deshen’s side. He hugged onto Li Deshen’s leg, and began wailing!

This scene was awkward to everyone present, this was afterall the Li Family’s internal matter. No matter who this man was, this sort of action was enough to embarrass Li Deshen.

“Bastardly thing!”

Li Deshen’s body wasn’t very healthy initially, now that his anger welled up, his face was flushed. As his leg wasn’t in good condition, he directly used his hand to push away the young man’s head.

The young man was pushed onto the ground, but he didn’t turn sober because of it, he continued to wail and hugged Li Deshen’s leg again, crying even louder than before.

“Uwaa… Dad!! My life is so bitter… Dina doesn’t want me anymore… Dina has run away with another man… waa……”

The people from Muyun Corporation present naturally knew who this man was, while Yang Chen and the others only now realized that this person was actually Li Deshen’s other son.

Li Deshen was embarrassed in front of everybody, and was extremely angered as he should be. However, this no matter how disappointing this bastard in front of him was, he was still his son. He couldn’t possibly call in the bodyguards to drag him away, so he could only hold his anger in and say to everybody, “My apologies, this is my elder son Mucheng. I’ve never educated him properly since he was young, so he has always been loafing around. I’m also helpless in this situation, and have become a joke to everybody.”

“Chairman, you need not brood over this, every family has its own problems. I think that the Eldest Young Master only ran in to wail to you because he has been hurt by love.” An executive tried to console.

At this time, Li Muhua stood up, walked to Li Mucheng’s side, and supported him up, “Ge, whatever the problem is, we can talk about it later, don’t hug onto Dad’s leg like this, there’re guests watching.”

Li Mucheng instead reacted by turning around to hug Li Muhua’s leg, “Oh Didi! Your Gege, I am very sad… I gave everything Dina wanted… why did she leave me… wuwu……”

[TL: For those who still might not know, Didi – younger brother, Gege – elder brother, Jie – elder sister, Mei – younger sister.]

“Ge… don’t cry, we can talk it out, shall I help you find a solution?” It was as if Li Muhua had become the elder brother as he placated Li Mucheng in a helpless and pained manner.

Yet, Li Mucheng was like a child refusing to budge as he continuously wailed “Dina don’t leave me” and “let me die” along with other drunk drivel.

This scene would be horrific for any eldest son of a powerful family, not to mention this situation where there were guests present.

Right as everybody were feeling awkward and silent, a black-clothed man entered the room. He had a well-built body and sharp face, when the man saw Li Mucheng, he immediately went up to support him, and stop him from moving around. Next, he calmly bowed towards Li Deshen and said, “I’m sorry, Chairman. I wasn’t able to stop the Eldest Young Master from running in, this is my failure.”

Li Deshen’s expression slightly relaxed, he asked, “Li Meng, I asked you to take care of this bastard, why has he become like this again!?”

“Chairman, after England’s Earl Scott’s daughter Miss Dina had completed college here, she chose to return to England to get married, so she broke up with Eldest Young Master. Young Master spent the entire night drinking himself into a stupor, until he became like this.” Li Meng replied with an expressionless face.

“For a foreign woman, just how long will he continue to be an embarrassment!?” Li Deshen coughed several times from anger, causing Li Muhua who stood beside him to caringly console him.

Seeing Li Muhua’s caring gaze, Li Deshen felt slightly comforted. He waved his hand and said, “Bring that brat back to his room, don’t let him continue to lose face here! Tell him this after he is sober, if he dares go drunk and insane because of a woman again, I will have him grounded for three months!”

“Roger, Chairman.” Li Meng was extremely strong, and Li Mucheng wasn’t able to get away this time. While shouting intelligibly, he was forcibly dragged away.

Li Deshen stared at the door in a daze for a while, then forced himself to make a depressed smile, and said, “Sorry to startle everybody, not educating my eldest son properly is my biggest regret in life. Fortunately, I have my second son, Muhua. He can be my successor, and this could be considered the heavens taking pity on me.”

Hearing Li Deshen say that, several Muyun Corporation executives immediately began singing praises about how outstanding Li Muhua was in the company, and even Lu Tao who was a guest added a few praises. Together, they praised Li Muhua to the point that it sounded like he came from the heavens and was a rare find on earth. Copyright 2016 - 2023