Chapter 139-2: Tricked

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With that said, Lin Ruoxi continued upstairs, but she only took a few steps before turning back again in a natural manner to say, “By the way, after you left last night, Senior and I agreed to a collaborative project. It will become the main assignment for the coming year. For this reason, I want to make a business trip down to Hong Kong next week, and meet the other investor who’s in on this collaboration. I’m letting you know beforehand so as to avoid you from doing something rude like you did yesterday.

Impolite? It looked like Lin Ruoxi had thought that he had acted that way on purpose last night to anger Zeng Xinlin. That was good anyway, it saved him from having to explain some things he didn’t want to explain.

Wait a minute! Collaborating with Zeng Xinlin! Lin Ruoxi is going on a business trip herself!?

Yang Chen felt that something wasn’t right and immediately questioned: “Why are you the one going? Don’t tell me that you have to personally connect with Zeng Xinlin on this project?”

Lin Ruoxi nodded, “The investment is rather large. I have a plan, but I haven’t put into practice yet. I won’t be rest assured if I left it to someone else, so I’m going myself.”

“Wouldn’t that mean that you would have to meet Zeng Xinlin often in the future?” Yang Chen asked, feeling incredibly uncomfortable with it.

“Why, you have an opinion about it?”

Yang Chen nodded without hesitation. Wasn’t this sending the sheep right into the wolf’s jaws? How could he just allow something irreversible happen?

“But this project is really important, furthermore, the opposite party is an Italian investor. In our company, the only person proficient in Italian in the executive level is me.”

“Isn’t it just Italian? I can speak Italian too!”

Having said so, Yang Chen abruptly realised that something wasn’t right! It seemed like he was digging a hole for himself!

As expected, Lin Ruoxi’s frosty face revealed a dull playful smile, she smiled like a little white flower, it was extremely cute.

“Since you’ve already said so much, it looks like I definitely have to give you a chance to volunteer now. I’ll let you take on this arduous task for me. We’re a married couple after all, I do have at least this much trust in you.” Lin Ruoxi smiled as she said.

Yang Chen’s expression turned bitter, “Ruoxi, my good wife, how can you leave such an important business deal to someone like me who doesn’t know anything? How about you send someone else? Yu Lei possesses quite a number of capable people, I can just interpret for them.”

“No way, this project isn’t public. I need someone who can execute the plan in secret. If you’re not going, then I’ll be the one going.” Lin Ruoxi threatened.

Yang Chen gave in, this was forcing a choice between “wife” and “laziness” onto him!

“Let me think about it,” Yang Chen took out a cigarette and lit it. While smoking, he paced around the room.

Lin Ruoxi wasn’t in a hurry. Her arms were crossed on her chest, as she watched Yang Chen from the higher ground, the corner of her lips brimming with pleasure.

Yang Chen pondered. Though he needed to relax his mind as much as possible due to his sickness, doing more work shouldn’t increase his psychological burdens by much. All he needs to do is to avoid getting too attached, and there shouldn’t be a problem. But if he doesn’t do it, his wife would run to Zeng Xinlin’s side, that would be the end! He can’t possibly kill Zeng Xinlin for real, right!?

Stubbing the cigarette in the ashtray, Yang Chen raised his head and said: “Fine, since I already said what I said, I’ll go, but don’t blame me if the negotiations turn awry!”

“No way!” Lin Ruoxi looked grave, “You have to do this well. This affects the progress of the company for the next five to six years. I won’t allow failure!”

“But… this is my first time going out on a business trip for negotiations.” Yang Chen smiled bitterly.

“Don’t worry, it’s not going to be difficult, as a whole, this cooperation is pretty much set, all you need to do is follow through with my instructions, fight for the greatest possible benefits, and invite the opposite party to Zhonghai to finalize the deal. As for signing the document, I’ll handle that.”

Yang Chen hesitated and asked: “It won’t just be me alone right? There should be someone who’s going to help me with consultations and the like, right?”

“I’ll let Qianni accompany you. You can discuss it with her if you’re unclear about anything. This time, you’ll be the lead on this project, she won’t give you any problems.” Lin Ruoxi said.

Yang Chen’s legs turned soft. Great, my relationship with Mo Qianni just turned for the worse last night, now I’m being sent overseas along with her, when we meet together it’d be worse than not meeting at all.

“Why? Is there a problem with having Qianni go with you?” Lin Ruoxi feigned ignorance as she asked.

Yang Chen hurriedly waved his hand, and smiled deprecatingly, “No problem at all. It’s great that I’ll have a beautiful woman as company, hehe… I was just overwhelmed by the tremendous favor…”

Lin Ruoxi actually had no other choice, though Mo Qianni had already made an indirect confession that she had feelings for Yang Chen, Lin Ruoxi believed that the rational Mo Qianni wouldn’t do something that lets her down. Besides, this collaboration was incredibly important, and she had to send someone she trusts, therefore, sending Yang Chen who was proficient in Italian along with Mo Qianni was the best choice.

Regarding personal feelings and professional considerations, Lin Ruoxi’s thoughts were way ahead of Yang Chen’s.

“Think about those matters yourself. You don’t have to be cocky in front of me. With your appearance, if Qianni really takes a fancy to you, then I’m truly speechless.”

Lin Ruoxi felt powerless and sighed, it was truly tiring to think about such matters with her EQ. In the end, she glanced at Yang Chen, then walked back up to her study. Copyright 2016 - 2024