Chapter 139-1: Tricked

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Lin Ruoxi had already finished her meal, she put down the chopsticks, and gracefully wiped her mouth with a moist towel. She folded the towel into a square and placed it back down. Then, ignoring Yang Chen who was walking over with a smile, she walked from the dining table to the sofa, and turned on the TV with its remote.

Yang Chen thought about what he should say, but right when he was about to say something, the news program on the TV made him stay silent.

The morning news was in the segment for Zhonghai’s local news, and the title of the piece was “Terrifying bank robbery re-emerges!”

On the screen was a bank in Zhonghai which had its door and several walls bombed open, cordoned off by the police yellow tape. A number of medical personnel carried out bank employees and clients who were hurt. By the side of the road were a crowd of onlookers, and amongst them were relatives who were wailing and scolding the police.

According to the reporter at the scene, yesterday afternoon, at that bank which got bombed, eight robbers took a modified Ford van, and charged into the bank with it. They didn’t just steal millions, they even hurt a large number of employees and customers. In the end, they took advantage of the speed of their modified vehicle and rash driving skills to run off with a hostage, they got to the suburbs of Zhonghai, hoodwinked the police and dodged pursuit.

“There are such brazen bank robberies in the country?” Yang Chen creased his brows, and asked Lin Ruoxi who was watching the TV seriously.

Lin Ruoxi coldly swept him a glance, she didn’t speak a word and continued watching the TV.

Yang Chen didn’t court a rebuff, he shut his mouth and continued watching the news.

A while later, the scene was changed to an interviewing platform for the police, and Yang Chen actually recognized the person on TV who was going to receive the interview!

With a neat head of short hair and a beautiful oval face that was filled with a heroic charm, this person who wore a loose police uniform still had curves of her large breasts show. It was precisely Yang Chen’s longstanding adversary, and one of Lin Ruoxi’s few close friends, Cai Yan.

But come to think of it, Cai Yan was a superintendent after all, as the bureau chief of the West Region Police Station, it was very normal for her to appear on TV.

But Cai Yan seemed to be in a horrible mood. Her brows were creased, her face cold, like she was going to fly into a rage at any moment.

Several reporters didn’t dare to ask any questions after seeing this expression of Cai Yan’s, one of the experienced reporters from Zhonghai TV was pushed up front to ask, “Bureau Chief Cai, this is the second bank robbery case in the last two months. The offenders are the same team according to eyewitnesses, Zhonghai City has never had a bank robbery case for nearly ten years, yet two happened in the span of two months. The leader of the city’s government is extremely angry, what thoughts do you have as the new West Region’s Bureau Chief?”

Cai Yan was silent for a moment, then said, “These criminals possess enough arms, proper equipment and meticulous planning. The robbers are very professional, and should be a criminal gang belonging to an organization. For them to suddenly appear in Zhonghai, it’s very possible that they illegally immigrated by sea, as vestiges of their crimes have been found on other provinces that border the sea, but they have never been apprehended all this time. For them to have managed escaping twice consecutively is the failure of us police. On behalf of the West Region Police Station, I apologize to the masses who suffer.”

“What use is there apologizing!? What about our money!! What about the people who died!!!”

“Just what are the police for!? Get lost and put someone else up there!!”

The scene was rather chaotic, a victim’s family loudly shouted from outside the interviewing platform, and quite a number of people followed suit to scold the police for their incompetence.

Cai Yan had a pained expression ,but she remained resolute and said, “I Cai Yan will pledge to everybody here, I will definitely bring these criminals to justice. If it happens again, I will take the initiative to resign and never be involved with policing again!”

This piece of news was from yesterday afternoon, but was only released today. Obviously, the city government also made serious considerations, as such an event would lead to panic in the masses. But they knew that paper can’t cover fire, there were too many spectators, so this could only be released to inform the masses.

After watching this piece of news, Lin Ruoxi suddenly chose to turn off the TV, then picked up the cordless phone beside her and dialed a number.

“Hello, Yanyan, I’m Ruoxi.”

“Yeah…… Are you alright?”

“That’s great, take care, and send my regards to Uncle Cai too, bye bye.”

In less than fifteen seconds, Lin Ruoxi hung up the phone, got up and planned to go upstairs.

Yang Chen suddenly felt regretful, for this woman was this cold to even her close friends. Despite being worried, she was only willing to speak a few lines, could it be that this was a psychological problem in terms of verbal communication!?

Seeing that Lin Ruoxi was about to go upstairs without a word, Yang Chen couldn’t help but ask, “Darling Ruoxi, aren’t you going to ask me, your husband, where I went last night, and why I didn’t I call home?”

Regarding Yang Chen’s intimate ways of addressing her, Lin Ruoxi was no longer as disgusted as she used to be, she was completely numb. Hearing Yang Chen’s question, she stopped in her tracks, turned back and asked with a poker face, “If I asked you, would you answer with the truth?”

Answer with the truth? Say that he accompanied Mo Qianni at a roadside stall for the third time, say that he returned home with her, say how Mo Qianni wanted to kiss him, say how he pretended to be asleep while waiting for her kiss? Or should he say that he feels really guilty to Mo Qianni right now?

Yang Chen finally understood how Lin Ruoxi could be a CEO and manage such a huge company. She hadn’t even asked, yet she already knew that he wouldn’t speak the truth!

“That… I won’t speak the truth this time, but I’ll do it the next time. However, I’m actually really good at lying, it’ll even sound like the truth. Do you want to try listening to one?” Yang Chen suggested.

Lin Ruoxi’s lips formed a smile, with a sneer she said, “You should save that for other women, I don’t need it.” Copyright 2016 - 2024